May 13th, 2007

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Contacting a Member


Does someone have any means to contact inspiredcat?
I am trying to reach her already for 1,5 weeks and it stays silent. So far I tried the email that came with Paypal and a comment in the LJ. But so far nothing happened.
It's urgent (with the paypal 45 days and such)..

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thank for your help, the issue has been resolved
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Baby Doll

In search of.....or.....

Hey all...I just joined this community and I really love EGL stuff so I am hoping to meet a lot of folks who buy/sell outfits and just love EGL stuff in general. =)

My request is sort of crazy, though, I found this dress on the chat program called IMVU. Someone designed it for the 3D avatars to wear but I just fell in love with the design. I really want one in real life, but finding that gray and black checkerboard fabric may be near impossible!

I noticed that this dress from "In the Starlight" looks very close to it though:

I guess the real challenge is finding the fabric, right? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

PS: I am also selling some stuff I bought ages ago at, dare I say it, Hot Topic. If anyone is interested, drop me a reply, but I get the impression a lot of people wouldn't be too interested unless they like punkish clothes. One of the skirts is sorta EGL-esque though so I may upload a photo of it soon.

Double Deckers anyone?

Hi all,

I am needing a pair of shoes from Double Decker and I was wondering if someone  would like to go in with me for the combo deal. ( 2 pair for $100 + shipping).  If anyone is interested please e-mail me at

♥ Thanks!!
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Lolita hair & make up problem

Hello ladies and genltlemen of egl,
                                                                I'm in need of help once agian, above is a picture of myself and I have bangs but they have been brushed to the sides. My question is does anybody have any recommened styles or tips for lolitaish hair or make up. Any help would be highly apprciated thank you for your time,
                                           Ms Emma

sakura l'arc

Butterflies and jewels: loli-able fabric?

Newbie here! *salutes* I picked up about 1.5 yards of this really cool fabric a little while ago, and am trying to decide what to do with it...

Collapse )

I'm not desperate to make something Loli out of it(I already have a half-done Classic Lolita dress I'll be asking for help on later), but I'm curious to hear what y'all think. :) Thanks for reading!
  • ayameh

Closet Child Sizing Question?

Am I reading this correctly? >.< On CC here, the sizing is listed as:

which, in a translator, came up as:

Size inscription: M shoulder length: Approximately 42cm body width: Approximately 48cm arrival height: Approximately 47cm sleeve length: Approximately 61cm

Everything seems all right. When I divide the body width by 2.54 to get in inches, I get approximately 19 inches. I'm assuming this measurement was taken flat because no one but a[n almost] dead person or a young lady of the Victorian era could possibly be that small. When multiplied by two, I get 37 inches. Now I don't know about you, but that seems awfully large to be considered a Japanese medium considering the normal sizing of Japanese clothing besides those like Baby and Meta who accommodate for their curvier customers.
Am I correct to assume that I guessed this all wrong, or am I right in my calculations? o.o;
Thanks for any help!