May 12th, 2007

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Question about a shop ? Maybe...

Hi everyone !
I just received the Gothic and Lolita book ( which i love very much ), and i saw that few of the girls are wearing wonderful tutus.
The book says the brand is "Rowapa" but i can't find anything on the Internet.

Anyone has heard of their tutus ? Anyone who went to Japan or living there know it ?
( and sorry if it's not a brand or anything else... >.< )

For example, this girl is wearing one :

Thanks in advance !

Picture Requestz~

Okay =3 This may seem like a weird request.. But chef loli outfits? I know they have one in Gosu Rori vol2 ~ But I actually want to see pictures (I have gosurori2) of different kinds of chef loli. Being a chef and a lolita, I find this very interesting =D I wanna see somethings I might be able to wear to work when I open up my own little cafe/teahouse (with loli themes!)
*lol* I know that sounds pretty weird, but yeah.. Chefish loli? Any pictures? 

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Meta church series and a small sale...

I've been going through search but ended up with nothing. Is there someone out there who has saved pictures from the Meta's church series skirts? I am looking for the pink, white and black, since I can't make up my mind which one to get..;) I know they all sold out on reservation.. But a friend of me is so lovely to help me out! :)

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Sunday May 27th- Fanime Off-Site Lolita Tea Party

This is a Northern California Meet Up located in the San Jose Area ^^!

Just a quick friendly reminder that the RSVP and Prepayment deadline for the May 27th Fanime Tea Party  is May 19th
(at this point I think I can only accept paypal prepayments now)

*the dresscode has been made a bit more lax for secondary parties that wish to attend-accompanying guests can wear semi formal suits or dressess*

More info and a list of the RSVP/Prepayment list below =)

Hope to see you there! For reservation purposes please let me know if you will be attending ASAP!

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I'm not sure if this has been posted, but today I went to Target and found the cutest cherry socks!  It's by the brand Nick & Nora.  They have two different kinds: one that has cherries all over and goes up to your calf, and one that is knee high and has a pair of cherries on the top of the socks.

C&C needed...

Edit 2: Question answered, thanks. :)

Thanks to my strategically leaving out GLBs for my mom to find, she agreed to make me a skirt. It's almost done, but the fabric choice is making me kind of worried now.

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Edit: Alternatively, is there any way to save this thing other than tossing it out?