May 11th, 2007

Sexy smokin Zerick !
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freakin bow help please !! T____T

Hi hi !!!

I have made search on the community and on google but I CAN'T FIND A FREAKIN WAY to tie bow on skirts, jsk, etc !! HELP MEH !!!

I got this lovely Meta dress here :

And I simply absolutely can't redo the bow correctly at the back so now it looks BAD !! How the hell can I manage to make a bow exactly like on the pic ?!?!??! I have looked for some tutorial and they all sucked, I found tons of "knot+bow" tutorial but there's a difference between shoelace and big velveteen ribbons !! >_< ! I've tried for about an hour to make the bow back to what it was and I failed miserably until one of the button to attach the belt/ribbon fell off and then I almost morphed into a giant angry godzilla and gave up !

I'm SURE there's like "THE" way to make those bow, I mean damn ... almost every freaking loli clothes have these bows but goddamn I just need to learn how to make it once and my life will be saved !!! PLEASE do you have any tutorial or whatever about it ?!?!? I need something with picture or even drawings to tell me how to proceed because I have read some in English and I'm French so I obviously read something wrong because I NEVER MANAGED TO MAKE THAT DAMN BOW !!!!!

Help please T______T !!! <3
Thanks XD !!!!



is finally out of beta mode.
It took some time to fix all the small bugs.
I have made a new forum as well.
I have a design contest to make a new design on Lolitasnap, and we will soon have a picture contest with great prizes.
I hope those of you who aren't members already will come and have a look.
white lolita

Kuro picture spam

I just got my new MAM blouse so it needed some pictures ^^
I am wearing my new MAM blouse and a VM skirt, special for Riona I am wearing the blouse in my skirt LOL
I love the blouse it is without shirring but still it fits perfect!! Normally my blouses have the pupping bust button syndrome.

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Postcard Exchange :)

Thanks to everyone who has signed up for the 'International Loliday Postcard Exchange'! We have 47 participants! Phew~

Since there are so many signups it's going to take a bit more time then I thought to pair you all up, but you'll have your partners by tomorrow evening ^__~

Some people asked if it was ok to put their postcard in an envelope. Yes, it's perfectly fine with me~ As long as you send something!

Also, if you didn't receive a reply back from me, it means I didn't receive your email! Make sure you resend A.S.A.P.~

Thanks <3

Art Post :)