May 10th, 2007

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Sorry to be absolutely retarded, but I've been loooking at the BtSSB ring ( for ages and it always seems like it's out of stock =_= Can I still order them? Or do I actually have to wait till they're in stock then order them? Thanks for your help! ^_^

Edit: I am so terrible at ordering things, but what exactly is a bank transfer? I was reading the egl memories and came up with ordering something from BtSSB and it was either bank transfer or IPMO.

Where do I get a good petti?

I want to buy a new petticoat with a lot of lift to make a nice bell shape but where do I get one? My current petticoat has NO LIFE in it anymore and hardly lifts up my Baby dress. For the sake of my new Baby jsk I will buy a new petti ^_^. I heard ITS is good but they look WEIRD. O__O suggestions?

A few questions:

1) Once upon a time, I had access to the eBay profile of someone in Japan who was running a reasonably priced shopping service. I was reading that she shut the eBay page down and I lost my bookmark and can't remember her name. Can anyone help me get in contact with her?

2) I love-love-love halter-style dresses, esp. the Angelic Pretty ones. But sadly, I'm Godzilla, so I've got no chance to fit in one. Does anyone know of a pattern, either American or Japanese, that I could use or alter to make something similar?
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Somewhere in the 2nd half of 2006, Baby released a preview of a print with religious figures. I thought the print had some charming qualities and was looking forward to see more of it. However I can't seem to recall if it actually ever was made into an item

I looked through the memories but couldn't find anything with it. If you have some pictures that would be lovely and much appreciated.

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When you were a noob...

Here's a question: what was your reaction when you got your very first piece of your lolita wardrobe?

Now, I've been lurking egl for years and have known about lolita for a while but I only really recently decided to start wearing it. I just got home from work to find a package outside my house. It's my In The Starlight princess petticoat! I squealed and ran inside and ripped it open and OHMYGOD I OWN A PETTICOAT WTF IT'S SO POOFY OMG OMG I LOOK STUPID OMG THIS IS SO COOL tld;r.

That's what I've been thinking for the past 10 minutes amidst flouncing around the house in it. Mini review: The petticoat itself is extremely well made and it fits perfectly; it's actually a lot better quality than I expected. Its completely comfortable and very poofy. I tried it under a dress of mine and I look absolutely weird... in a good lolita way.

I can't stop grinning and squealing and thinking how utterly cool it is I now own a petticoat. This is the first item of my lolita wardrobe so I'm all buzzed about it. So, for those who have been into the fashion for a while, think back to the day you got your first wardrobe/brand piece... what was it like for you?
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By me!


Like a lot of people this year, I've decided to go to my prom all lollied up! And of course, my boyfriend will be joining me, and this brings me to my point.
He's willing to try EGA, but we're struggling for ideas. And pictures, for that matter. So I ask you, does anyone have a any good pictures of what you think might be prom-suitable for a begginer EGA? I'll be making the majority of the outfit, so this will be a great challenge for me ^_^
(Just because this might help, the co-ordinates will be black, white, and my dress is dark purple.)


CUTE EDIT: He said that I'm "One Baby The Stars Shine Bright dress short of a loli meet-up." XD

Looking for pictures of BTSSB Alice Dress

Hello ^^

Like the title says, I'm looking for pictures of a BTSSB Alice-type one piece that is no longer on the site. It had a removeable white squ apron over a blue one piece that had a lace-up front and blue ribbon. The blue one piece also didn't have any white trim, I think.

I'm sorry for the vague description, I'm working from memory here ^^;;. Please post any pictures you have of a BTSSB Alice dress matching this description. Thanks in advance~!

Ciggarette smoke and btssb do not mix :(

I bought a beautiful velvet dress from a seller on the forum...and my only complaint is..
IT REAKS OF CIGARETTE SMOKE!! The horror!! I don't smoke and I have a terribly sensitive nose...but I think anyone would be able to smell it.
Does anyone know what I should do??
I doubt airing it out would help....
And is it possible to get out the smell at a dry cleaners without them ruining the dress?

Any help would be much appreciated!