May 9th, 2007

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Has anyone ever bought a headdress and not worn it for its specified purpose? Like maybe instead as a belt or a choker? Or is this just an utterly retarded idea?

I love headdresses. They're beautiful, but I think I would look pretty obtuse wearing one myself. Just wondering if there is any other way to incorporate one into my wardrobe, or if anyone maybe has pics of such a thing.

Lolita dreams

So, in light of needing cheering up (is that grammatically correct? lol), I decided to post a (small) dream that I had:

I decide to spend my lovely day out in a wonderful gray JSK (I think it was ETC) and called up my friend(s) to go out with me. My friend(s) came over, already dressed up to go, and I was prepping myself up with socks to match my dress. As we mosey along in a garden, my friend points out my socks. I mention to her that I adore my socks so very much and that they are the only socks I have♥ (the heart is relevant—you'll see in a second XD).

When I look down at my legs and feet, I notice that my socks are made entirely of bad lace! I am horrified beyond belief—and my friend notices, not knowing what to do—and I have no idea what I can do to change my socks.

Then I remember I have wonderful AP socks sitting in my drawer. I take off the lace-of-doom socks and carefully put on my AP socks. And then my dream ends.

Anyone else want to share their nightmares turned better? Or just nightmares in general that they've had with Lolita themes? It'd be fun to read everyone else's ^_^.

AP Taiwan and Florida

1)For those who were interested in the shopping service my friend was going to do in May...
Weeelll.. he stopped by the location, and it is no longer there! The new tenant is not sure if they moved or are completely gone.
I'm sorry about that guys :(

2)I will not be going to Florida from the 18-23 anymore. I will be spending a week around September, so maybe we can plan something then
Deal with it.

Picture Request

I was hoping someone had scans of the patterns they've included in the two most recent bibles. I'm just curious as to what they are and I want to know before I buy.

I don't want the actual pattern scanned or whatever, I just want the picture of what it is for.

Thank you!

More stupid questions! -About BTSSB Blouses-

I want to buy a short-sleeve blouse...and my preference is most definitely BTSSB. So first and foremost, are these (one) (two) blouses free-size like the fully shirred jumpers or are they smaller? I don't care about wearing them alone because I don't have any skirts, so will they look fine under a jsk?
Also, do either of them even have detachable sleeves?
Please help meee. Je veux acheter quelque chose.
<3 James May <3

Icon: LOliTA asks A NIN-JAH!

Yeah I'm bored of sales posts and deep and meaningful discussion... so I made one very silly Icon for you all, inspired from watching too much 'Ask a Ninja' on youtube. A question that has plauged Lolikind for eons....


And if so... would it be called a "Lolinja"
credit and comment sweetphaex
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Like BTSSB? Like Super Dolfies?

Got $1,600?

Check this out!


Not my auction!

Edit: I didn't know enough about Dolfies to realize this was the going rate... I learned something today! /South Park Kyle voice

Edit 2: After more comments and a request I do this, I'll also put in that people have had trouble with the seller and not everyone feels this price is normal for this doll.

(Though I will ask if people who buy a doll of this price would actually carry it around like I've seen people do?)

Casual Lolita

Since I'm bored, I decided to change up the posts a little and do something that you can all join in on!

Casual Lolita. A few people have talked about this over the past few weeks, and I have noticed that everyone seems to have a different perspective on what this means. Some people think it's incorporating lolita acessories into everyday clothing, and some people think that it would be a skirt with a tee shirt, ect. 

Here's where the community participation comes in:
-what do YOU think casual lolita is?
-you could post photos if you'd like

Again, I'm just bored, ignore this if you want to XP.

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