May 8th, 2007


Hello thar...

So. Who all is going to Anime North (Toronto, ON)? And where is everyone staying? It would be nice to do a meetup/foodup/pajama party/tea party  ^_^ Though, I'm still trying to decide what I'm going to wear >< 

? on Innocent World Ribbon Crown JSK & Skirt

Hi there dears!

I know a few of you here own the Innocent World Ribbon Crown JSK and/or the skirt. Am I figuring this up right? Are these the sizes with the elastic stretched?

JSK only goes to a 32 inch bust? (IW page)

Skirt only goes to a 22 inch waist? (IW page)

If you have one of these and know it fits a bigger size, could you be a doll and tell me about it?

I was really hoping to get one of these eventually some how, but now I'm like "oh no WAIT! Ack! Is it to small???"
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I need help about baby sizing...

Ok sorry but i really need help...
I'm dying for this JSK but sizes seems to be a bit too small for me...
I alreday own a really similar one from Baby (an all pink one), the shape is really similar (you know, they made this jsk a 100000000times already ^^'''') pic of mine if you wanna see the exact model

My question is: Do they always use the same pattern with some changes (lace, fabric, removable parts or not ...) ? And so, will this one fit me the same way as mine? Or should i cry and search for another lovely thing with this fabric? (i NEED the black X pink one ^^")

Thank you very much


Am in Tokyo, zomg!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I visited the Baby store at Marui Young yesterday, and they had the unshirred pale blue version of the Sleeping Beauty JSK.

I nearly cried. Why are I fatttyyy?
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The May 26th meetup has been moved to June 2nd. We won't be adding to POTC's opening weekend gross (sad :C though I might go anyway just to help beat out Spiderman3's opening weekend gross lol), but it'll be a little easier to get seats, and on top of that, we'll be celebrating on National Loliday! Hopefully this will also make it easier for redninjawinz and new_xero, our returning heroine and guest of honor respectively, to make it.

The May 19th meetup has some slight changes--we'll be meeting at noon as opposed to 11am, and we'll have more time for shopping. Do your best not to be late.
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LA Kinokuniya?

Has anyone been to the LA Kinokuniya recently? I'd really like to know what BTSSB they have in stock right now. I am planning to go to LA soon and I need to decide on how much money to bring with me. xDD;;
Deal with it.

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I went to an award ceremony this evening to get an award for excellence in excellence because I'm awsome like that. lol jay kay It was for child care completer at school.

Since the event was semi formal I thought it'd be the perfect chance to wear rori~

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