May 7th, 2007



I just started this on a whim about 20 minutes ago (right before I started perusing the community...). There were a bunch of letters I couldn't think of...then I was like...COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION = WIN.

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What can you add?

I will probably have to explain some of "urban" lol. (Lolitas exist mainly in cities, like Tokyo and Osaka...and Chicago :o I mean, do you think you'll find Lolita shops way out in the boonies??)

EDIT: I should have known you guys couldn't take a joke! Fashion is just an urban thing for me, lolita or otherwise. Because people in the heart of the city dress WAY A MILLION TIMES BETTER than anyone else. (That was also a joke...kind of.)
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A few quick pics

I wasn't sure whether I wanted to post this since there are so many goregous photo posts today that make my own look like crap but I took a few webcam pics of what I wore for Toronto's annual Clothing Show. My camera died on me so these photos I took before I left the house are all I have.

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mini picture post

on saturday i finally took one picture of the first dress i bought a while ago, its a peace now one piece i purchased from closet child, actually i was broke but i fell in love with this dress so much that i raised all the funds i (didnt) have *smile* and got it for me, i really love it to pieces. so i thought id like to share this quick shot with you cos ive never been posting a pic of me before on egl. its my first lolita-outfit ever ^^

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hair-bow (barely visible due to my pitchblack hair ^^): modified claire's
ear-clips: gift
dress: peace now
ring: gift
socks: baby
shoes: yosuke

i forgot to put on my necklace, unfortunately as i wanted to take another pic the battery of my camera died *sobs*

On the topic of tattoos....

Im planning on getting another tattoo on my left hip. I have one on my right that i did myself when i was 13-14 and it represents who i was back then. I want one to balance it out on the other side of something loli-eque and something that i like that will represent me now.
Im going to get a peppermint..
But i want it dolled up a little to be kind of lolita (at least just a hint)
So I need help.
Add bows or something?? Maybe make the wrapper cute??
And my favourite brand is AP, so if you can incorperate that its a bonus XD
Anything so long as it doesnt include the colour yellow.


Missouri lolitas?

~*~Hello~*~ I live near Springfield, MO and would like to have a meetup here one of these days. There's a Japanese Stroll Garden and a few cute Tea Houses that sound promising. I was just wondering if there were any lolis anywhere near here?
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Tiny question about Y!J Auctions

Am I going crazy, or can the end times of the Y!J auctions change without notice?  I could've sworn that one of the auctions I was bidding on was ending say 9:11pm, and then when I checked, it has changed to 9:16pm.  Is this to allow more time for people to bid or something?

Confused me.

Lolitas with tattoos.

I'm planning on getting a crown tattooed on the back of my neck (along with my sister who will be getting the same tattoo). It'll be a long while from now but it's definitely going to happen. I have yet to see any lolita girls with tattoos and would like to see some pictures of them. =) Also if any of the lovely people here have any. That'd be wonderful. I know tattoos aren't a big thing in the lolita community and that some will probably think it's a horrible idea. I don't want to hear anything bad you have to say about it. Just people who, 1. Have pictures of lolitas with tattoos, 2. Have tattoos themselves, 3. Are supportive or can contribute some good ideas to this post.

I am planning on having a lolita/Alice In Wonderland-ish themed sleeve done when I'm older too. So if you have any ideas on what should be in it I would really appreciate it! Thanks. =)
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Shirley Temple - blog?


Firts of all, I have searched trough the community but I can´t seem to find anything.

So anyway, does ST have any blog like ETC, AP and so on..? Beacuse it´s seems to me that they have alot more clothes then those on their website. Ore is just me who can´t navigate right, ore do I have the wrong website :S

Kind regards
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Favorite Length for Bloomers?

So, I'm curious. For all of the girls out there, what's your favorite length for bloomers? For the most part, I mean short or knee-length -but I've seen a few that are mid-thigh as well. Why is your favorite length your favorite?

And, because no one ever posts photos of how bloomers look while worn, why not post some photos of that, too? :)
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