May 6th, 2007

Dear Mods...

I know it's the end of the school year, and exams are happening (Ewww I just finished mine!), and this is the time of year that everyone is busy. And as much as I lovelovelove looking at sales posts, I've been seeing an increase of Spammy McSpammersons spamming up the community with repetitive sales.

Maybe I'm just going nutters, but "reducing the price" by a couple of bucks, and posting stuff more then once a week (Hell, I think the rules say only once a month, or something like that.) doesn't seem a good enough excuse to constantly be advertising your goods. If you're willing to take offers, or have flexible prices, just post it in your original post.

Anyway. Sorry for the whine. Just had to put that out there. Summers coming, and that means kids are out of school - looking for stuff to do. And, I don't know about LJ, but all the other sites I'm on seem to have a sudden influx of new members during this time of year. So maybe a reminder for the new people, or those of us who have forgotton would be nice. (Please?)

Oh crap >_

Recently someone bought a sailor shirt from me, and uh... My parents accidentally threw your envelope away, and I accidentally deleted you from my buddy list! >____< So I don't have your shipping information, hahaha!

I know your name was something like "lily____shadows" or something, so if you read this, PLEASE IM me! <3
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Show Me Your Casual Loli Pics!

Hey guys -

I'm starting to very slowly begin my Loli wardrobe, and I'm interested in doing casual loli now and then. So I'm wanting some ideas for coordination and certain looks. Besides, it's fun to look at other peoples' pictures. :] And I'm all for people doing alternative casual loli, like a cutsew or rockinghorse with jeans. Anything at all would be helpful and much enjoyed!
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New Meta School blouse info and Heart E love.

Hi. I know a few of you were waiting for the new Meta tall sized blouses to make it on the site. One of the new blouses was the school blouses. They came in short sleeve and long sleeve. On the reservation page, the description said the blouse had black buttons. I went to shinjuku today and saw it, but could not get pictures and meta messed up my order and shipped mine to the US but the blouse doesn't have black buttons. The whole blouse is white with a white tie on the collar and white buttons. It's very cute. It did sadly sell out in reservations but there were three at shinjuku so if you wanted it and didn't get to reserve it, you should contact meta.

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you guys might remember this post from about a week ago, in which shibahime was looking for hitsuki about a missing item she had ordered from her.

well, i also was trying to contact this person with no luck, and when i checked out the original sales post, lo and behold, it looks like no one else has received their item either, nor can they get in contact with this person.

both shibahime, sakufuu and myself have tried to contact sarah l. by commenting in the original sales post and by emailing her with no response. more than a month has passed without any of the items arriving and with no contact. we managed to find her myspace recently and sent her a message with no response. sadly, i have to conclude that she is a total scammer. avoid her if at all possible! i know she posted at least one sales post after this one in which she sold a blue angelic pretty jsk - i strongly advise that person to file a paypal claim.

luckily, i'm getting my money back - i filed a claim (as did shibahime) and also a credit card chargeback. so hopefully we will ruin her credit. does anyone know what i can do to file for mail fraud? she is in the UK and i am in the US. i'd like to screw her over so she doesn't come back to this community under another name.

sakufuu, i know you had some issues with paypal, but if you paid with a credit card try calling the company and see what you can do. also for everyone who is missing their item, please post negative feedback in loligoth_dbs. i'm going to post in reportthem and reliable_report.

i would like to add that i've had hundreds of transactions as a seller and a buyer on the internet and this is the first one i've ever had trouble with. i really think 90% of sellers are honest, it's the rest that you have to watch out for. personally i find it really sad. i'm pissed that i have to take time out of my day to deal with this mess.

EDIT: if anyone has more info about hitsuki (i.e. alternate journal names, other places where she actively sells or trades, other emails, her address and phone number), PLEASE E-MAIL ME AT SSYHUGHES AT YAHOO DOT COM. thanks!

she's also posted on vwestwood:

and here is her second sales post on egl:

Measurement question


This has always been my fear when buying Japanese clothes: The shoulder width. When they give you measurements for the shoulder, is that from the middle of the arm wrapping to the other mid arm, where the collar bone ends, or right on top of the ball-socket joint? I know this sounds a little silly, but I have *ahem* manly shoulders, so dainty things don't tend to fit me x.x But since so many girls here seem able to buy brand things...