May 5th, 2007

Still the Prettiest


 Anybody have any experience with Prisila Wigs?
I looked up their website after seeing them advertised in the GLB and am considering buying this :
But I'd like to know a bit more about the quality. T ^ T So if anyone's every ordered anything from them before how was it? Were the fibers on the wig overly stiff and shiny? Poorly made? A dream come true?
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F+F not recieve?

I payed for a dress in ...March I believe, for a dress from F+F, shortly after paying, they sent me an email with information regarding the dress and how long it would take and said in one week they would give me a delivery conformation number.
Well, I have recieved neither number, nor package and its been over a week, by some time. So I emailed them several days ago about it, but I've gotten no reply.
Has anyone had any sort of trouble like this with them?
What should i do if a month goes by with no reply?

Oh and if anythings wrong i cant file a dispute because, it was too long ago :{ I think at least, becuase its not even showing up on my paypal account.
Lonely Steven

Manga:LOSING NEVERLAND: Lolitas,Maids and whores!

Hello dear Lolitas and Dandys out there!^^;;(I hope I don't break any rules here!)

I wanted to tell you about my Manga "Losing Neverland".
For the first times, it is now ready to order IN ENGLISH!

What it is about?
Mainly about the sad life of an victorian London rentboy, named Laurie!
He gotta walk the streets for money, andone day he meets a sweet little boy named Tim. Both become friends (inoccente,sweet brotherly friends! nono shotacon!)and try together to fight for Lauries freedom.
But if this all will come true, and if Laurie can live one day in peace and happyness. that will take the reader 8 volumes to find out!
(right now ,I am working on part 2!)

thats the story so far. Why do I tell you about that?
Cuz its full of victorian fashion and lolita-outfits and maids!
I love to dress my charas in that style! So the manga is full of sweet Lolita dark Lolita and classic elegant gothic artistro-cloth!

If you like sad gothic-stories and lots of lolita-fashion: maybe you wanna take a look?

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The page to find out about the manga:

the page to order the manga (english and german):

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EGL Magazine?

Does anyone know if there is a gothic+lolita magazine that is from the USA or any other country besides Japan? If there is, what do you think of them? Are they better or worse than the Japan based magazines and why?

If there aren't any, would you buy one from your own country if they made one?

soo..I don 't think this has been asked

I know. Yes there have been hundreds, maybe even thousands of the Rocking Horse Shoe questions. But I don't think this one has been asked.
I am almost 6ft tall, I have long narrow feet, and wear about a size 10-11 depending on the shoe. I know that RH shoes are flat, and hence can make feet look bigger, so how do people with big feet feel about wearing RH shoes if they have them? Do your feet look like boats?

Picnic ~few more games added

I'm hosting the fanime lolita picnic, and I'd like to know what games are good at picnics. I want to have games that help us get to know each other, while still have lots of fun.
I hope for card games like go fish, and old maid.
I'm not sure what else to plan for unfortunatly.
I'd like to take any and all suggestions.

Oh and just a note, I have read through all of the memories! 

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jack cute


Hello, here are some photos of me. The weather in Germany was being nice the last weeks and I could take some few pic of me in Lolita. Criticism is welcome but not a must! ;D

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Thanks for looking!
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Alice Book


i made a big picture book for school (graphic design) about alice. I made the alice dress myself. (and the other costumes showed in this book)

I'm Alice and all the other characters are my friends XD

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A-Kon 07?

Hello everybody! ^^ For all I know, I don't think anyone's asked this yet. So I was just wondering if anyone here was going to the A-Kon this year! My friend and I are. And another girl on here who's name I don't remember. ^^; It's so fun to say "OMG! I saw you online!!" xD
Toodlez. :3