May 4th, 2007

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GIANT LIST of spring/summer shoes for the budget-conscious lolita!

It's a well-known fact among my friends that when I get bored on the internet, I go shoe-shopping.

Well, I was bored tonight.

So I went through a few of my favorite shoe sites of some great spring/summer shoes for lolita outfits.

The best part is that most of them are under $30!

I don't know how many of you agree, but I'm a BIG fan of peep=toe or sandal-style shoes with lolita (not like flipflops or strappy sandals, more along the line of Baby's new shoes). After all, sometimes it's just tooooooooo hot to wear socks or tights. I'd say  it's worth bending the "modest leg covering" rule to avoid heatstroke, amirite?

Anyway, on to the shoes. I've included pictures and links to all of the shoe listings!

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That's all for now, as I'm entirely too tired to continue. I hope you see something you like! <3
Still the Prettiest

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I did a search for this in the memories and came up with nothing so figured I might as well ask . . .
Are there any lolita shops in Kanazawa? I'm having trouble making my mind up between two different schools to study at this summer and it's come down to this as a deciding factor since I don't want to have to jump on a train every weekend just to get some shopping done. So any shops in the city or in a near by area?
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

For anyone who has this or the AatP original, what proportions is the asymmetrical overskirt following in relation to the underskirt? Or to rephrase, in the F+F pic it looks like the very longest point is the same length as the underskirt and the shortest point is about half as long. True, false? Also, I'm assuming that the skirt is cut from a rectangle or square to get that shape. Anyone have one and say otherwise?
This looks super easy to replicate and I already have a black three ruffle underskirt I could wear with it so I think I'd like to make this one of my summer sewing projects.

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to ask if anyone had used yinyincs on ebay? Need a cardigan desperatly really and they're overall price is pretty ok, but im a bit concerned because they're an ebay commissioner and ebay commissions just arent always reliable/good enough quality. If you have used them let me know! =D

Thanks ^^
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Hello ladies & gentlemen of egl,
                                                           Its Emma agian I have been interested in lolita for 8 months or so and shall start dressing in lolita within the next three weeks. I have yet more questions to ask so here they are: What can I expect  while walking in a high street  or generally in public?
I have read lolita handbook & 101 lolita lifestyle tips but can anyone give any other advice?
                   Thank you for you time love me:D
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A points of interest

Being the dork that I am...

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I also found it interesting upon reading many comments and entries, a lot of you confessed to have been tomboys (or still are). I must admit, although never being a full blown tomboy myself, I've liked a lot of "boy" things (legos, actiony shows and movies, sports...although I like sports because it's the only thing on TV I can knit to and not miss anything).

Lolita kind of being the antithesis of tomboy...what on earth do you think drew you to it? For was a natural chain of events. I watched whatever my brother watched. He watched Voltron, I liked it. I grew to like anime, then I liked Japan and its culture, then I became enamored with their fashion. I wasn't too crazy about the punk style, but lolita seemed to resinate with me. And I still can't explain why all of a sudden elegance and cuteness matters, but it does (shifty eyes to a certain Queen of a certain kingdom of Dorks).
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Wig Question

This is semi-lolita related. But does anyone know anything about purchasing a heat resistant wig? International Wig® offers a good range of them but I have no idea if they're any good. Is it the same standards as picking out a normal wig?

Edit: Well after doing a little hunting on google I came up empty handed other then to those weary of it's resistant power the UltraLux material used to make the wig. They also make light bulbs out of it.

Edit 2: All previous comments deleted. Why? Because I want to know if anyone could tell me about said product not about how I could style a normal wig or about real hair wigs. So please unless it's about an actual heat resistant wig don't comment. I'm sorry to snap but it's a little frustrating opening my mailbox to find 10 comments of information I'm not looking for.

Review and snaps from Gothic&Lolita

Hey girls. This came in the mail today, so I thought I'd give you a quick review and some snaps.

Quote from the foreword:
These images show an alternative vision of the Gothic and Lolita sensibility. Having removed the darkened atmosphere the Goths envelop themselves in, they become more human and the rich detail of their outfits can be seen more clearly. The Lolitas are recorded not as dwellers of a romantic fantasy but as real women living in contemporary Japan. It is only when we enter their homes and personal spaces that reality and fantasy overlaps.

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Art question

Hello, my dearest lolitas.
I wonder if anyone could help me.
A friend of mine found this picture not so long ago and we're very interested about who's the author and where we can find more art like this.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

There's a signarure, but we can't read it clearly. So we'd be grateful for any help ^^
Thank you very much in advance.

brolita ?

Is there a brolita community anywhere ?

It's one of those things that it's always difficult trying to compete with the fabulous girls in a fashion where make-up is nearly taboo, yet essential for crossdressing to work, or such conundrums as how the hell do you get Mary Janes in a size 11...

I know there are many bois out there in love with lolita fashion, so is there a place to call our own anywhere ?
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Jrock Lolita Inspired Corset for a Japanese Singer

I wanted to share the pics of a semi-lolita, jrock, and ega inspired silk and and mesh beaded corset I (my company Azrael's Accomplice) did for the singer Miyo of the Jpop band Cooya.

Here the photos she sent me from the offical photoshoot in a really cute gothic lolita inspired outfit. I wouldn't call this traditional lolita at all since it's more on the sexy side. However I do think the corset would look cute and much more punky loli paired with something more toned down like a longer lacey skirt with petticoat and perhaps a neck ruffle and some wrist ruffles. pics are big so I am putting them behind a cut:
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Florida Lolitas...

I will be in Florida (ST. Petersburg)from the 18th-23rd. If anyone wants to grab a bite to eat,or go to a night club, let me know
NY lolitas...Im flying in on the 23rd till June something or another. I better meet at least ONE of you (finally)
luvan with parasol

Piccie post!

Took some photos last tuesday. Thought I'd post them cuz I really like how they turned out.
And not enough people combine black with pink!


warning: large images

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sakura l&#39;arc

Are these shoes good for wa-loli?

As a total newbie, my opinion: possibly yes because of the very Japanese-y plum blossom print(your "wa") and the cute rounded style(your "loli"). Possibly no because of the higher, narrow heel and the very bright red of the lace.

What do y'all think? :)

Ebay auction, not mine

(As a small note on the phrase "wa-loli", my research showed a couple of sites saying "wa" comes from Japan being the "land of wa(harmony)." A possible double meaning is also the simple, more boring idea that "wa"(和) is also used in Japanese to distinguish between Japanese and Western(洋, said yoh, not yuu).

"Wafuku/youfuku" - Japanese/Western clothing.
"Washitsu/youshitsu" - Japanese-style/Western-style rooms.

If everyone already knew this, please ignore me. ^^; )