May 3rd, 2007



I was thinking about different styles of lolita. I've heard about casual and gothic and sweet. But some1 had said something to me about my icon and it made me wonder, has any1 done any animal inspired loli dress?


<lj-cut text="Example: Piyoko's panda inspired dress"/>

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Contacting F+F

Anyone else having trouble reaching F+F? I'm trying to get in contact with them about my lost package, and I am not getting a response. I wanted to see if they are not answering because they are very busy(con season), or if they are avoiding my emails so they don't have to give me a refund.

Anime Expo Lolita Tea Party

I've seen a few posts asking if there is going to be something Lolita related at Anime Expo (in Long Beach, CA) this year so here's what I know.

From the Anime Expo Message Board -

Q.Can you come to the event if you are not competing?
A.We hope that you do come even if you're not competing.
Lolita/Aristocrat wear is requested. This is a social event and snacks
and tea will be served. Please only sign up if you or your team is

I don't know any more about it sorry XD

Otherwise like last year I will be hosting a Lolita Tea Party ^^ Information under the cut!

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Questions: long!

This is going to be long, so I apologize in advance!

I'll start this off by saying I've read the FAQ and the memories and the lolihandbook community and probably a hundred posts in this community in an attempt to get a feel for the Gothic Lolita (hey, I've learned not to say EGL unless it's Mana's brand! ;) ) fashion and the general idea of what it encompasses.

Mainly I wandered in here originally because I think a friend would look really good in the Sweet Lolita style, and I want an insane sewing project to keep me busy. :) I personally find myself drawn to the Aristocrat fashion(I'm trying to avoid saying EGA), in part because everyone I know has told me I would look really, really ridiculous in Lolita anything. Aristocrat also overlaps nicely with my more tailored gothy fashion tendencies.

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A question on the Baby store in paris

Hello ladies & gentlemen of egl,
                                                           I'm fairly new to this community & have a question to ask you knowledgeable lolitas. I am taking a trip to paris in september for my birthday & I have been wondering where abouts in paris their baby, tssb store is? Any knowledge on it's where abouts woulsd be highly appreciated.  Also any other recommened places to visit during my stay are welcome:DThank you for your time, 
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Leaving Lolita

For those of you who have stopped dressing lolita ( but still appreciate the fashion and visit the community), how hard was it for you to leave the fashion? When did you know it was time to leave, and how did your opinion of it change.
(P.S. keep a look out for a mega sale this weekend)
puking mickey

About Emily.T.C, Jane Marple, Milk??

I know that a community of emily temple cute exists and that sometimes they upload the prices and meassures and stuff... but is there another way to know about their availability and other stuff??

for example I would love to ask for shopping service and buy myself something of emily temple cute or jane marple... but I dont know anything about their sizes and price... help plese ^^

Favourite Closet Child Store?

I am going to Japan in less than 3 weeks, and am going to be staying in Awaji for over 2 weeks on vacation. I'm probably going to spend a lot of time in Osaka, but if I'm not mistaken, there are no Closet Child stores in Osaka (are there second-hand lolita stores there for that matter?).

I am going to go to Tokyo for a few days while I'm in Japan, and noticed that there are a lot of different stores listed on the Closet Child website. So I was wondering, what are the best ones? Which are the not-so-great ones? If I'm prioritizing, where should I go?

I have read all the guides in the memories, but I noticed the guide to Tokyo shopping is from 2004, has any of the locations of stores seriously/drastically changed from then? I'll have time to get lost and wander around Osaka but my time is going to be more seriously scheduled in Tokyo. ^_^;
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