May 2nd, 2007

Mary Jane Feet

Fashion Show Photos

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I do fashion shows with Last month due to an out of town trip I didn't have time to sew for the show. So instead I did a styling show with my collection of egl clothing. The styling isn't in egl fashion but for the most part all of the clothing is brand name. I hope you enjoy my take on egl fashion styling!

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EDIT: Okay there's a lot of comments so I'm going to address a couple concerns here.

I do shows but I am not a professional. Professional implies I am paid. I am not. The girl who runs the shows just happens to like my fashion sense and I'm reliable is all. Also you do not have to like the styling. I did not post this for everybody. I posted this for those that like to play with the egl clothing and try new things. And thank you to those that like the show.

The hair and make-up is over the top. As some people have mentioned the hair and make-up has to be over the top to be seen from the audience. I actually held the stylists back this time too. Usually I let stylists do whatever they want. They are doing me a favor for free. Why should I stop them for expressing themselves and expanding their own portfolio? The make-up is dark because we *are* dark. This is southern Calfornia. I could take a short train ride from the club into Tijuana, Mexico.

Thank you for your time ^.^
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Art Post

I wanted to draw something that I'd never wear/I'm too old to wear.

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I draw like an Otaku because I am one ~ T_T
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A few RazorBladeKisses pics from our Whitby show

Some of you hate us, some of you love us. This much is undeniable. I thought I'd post a couple of pics of our gig at whitby goth weekend for those of you that missed it. Many, many people said we were the highlight of the weekend, which was nice.

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The girls also did a photoshoot for Tokyo Royale (EGL and EGA) at the abbey. All I can say is the quality of the dresses from TR was fantastic. The girls wore them on the second night and managed to scoop a few magazine cover shots, which will no doubt be good for TR :)
Big props to Kira and the TR crew. I'm sure the pics will surface soon.

We are playing in July at the Hard Drive festival in Leicester, be great to see a few of you there.

"Gothic" in Lolita

One thing that's been bugging me for a while is the Gothic Lolita style, and how it differs, in my understanding, from classic/sweet/etc...

Not everything in the bible or on Mana is Gothic Lolita, that's obvious...

Quick reference to:

As a starting point, mana is a good example to high light a few things I think are acceptible in gothic Lolita but not in other strains of the fashion.

first and fore most goth itself is very heavy on the make-up. Lolita is the opposite. To my understanding makeup can be as heavy as goth but must be tasteful... eg. no kiss/cradle of filth panda style (but then that's death metal style not goth).
But really anything like Mana's level of shadow, lippy etc.. has got to be considered Gothic Lolita.

Another big facet of goth fashion is the shoes, often boots. now countless times I've seen Mana and others finish a lolta ensemble with a pair of below the knee boots. Indeed I beleive that this is another aspect that differentiates it from being a sweet lolita dressed in black. bviously the boots shouldn't be OTT erotic or covered in metal panels etc.., but most goth boots, esp. platforms, just add more of the goth into it.

And really there's not much more than that, and that's kinda why I post.
It seems wa-loli is afforded way more flexibility from classic lolita than gothic lolita is.

I know some of you would disagree with what I mention above, but I get the overall impression that the definitions a lot of you go by don't add enough "goth" into gothic lolita, and are simply just "sweet/classic in black".


Hi Lolis! Tell me about them shirololis! :D (I think I'm spelling it wrong. D:)

I'm trying to become a bit more active in the community because summer is coming up which means A) NO MORE CLASSES OMG and B) I'm going to have a lot of time on my hands.

So, chances are, you're going to be seeing a lot of me (Tommorrow is my last exam.)

Anyway, I've been considering putting togeather a shiro lolita outfit for... two or so months. Most of what I wear is Gothic, Punk, or classically influenced gothic lolita. So, needless to say, I'm absolutely terrified of wearing something entirely white!

I'm just wondering if any of you have advice about dressing shirololi.

For example, I wear mostly stockings (I don't like knees. They're gross.) Are there any stockings that are white, and completely opaque?

What are your favorite shoes, skirts, pictures, whatever, of shirololitas?

Do you consider shirololi to be more of a "princess" look, a "sweet" look, or something else?

There's so much more that I'd like to know, but I guess that's enough to start yall off. I want some discussion on any and all aspects of shiro lolita outfits, things to watch out for, favorites, etc. :D
Zorak in a Wig

Sailor Lolita Photo Post

I found a kinda-hideous 80's dress in the back of my mom's closet. I thought the polka dot print had potential, so I gave it some ribbon, cut it up, made it fit better, and added a detachable bow + sailor collar. I wore the result today.

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speial k
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BIG RING DS. $5 and up.

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16. size4 sterling $1032. size8 925 $12
17. size8 925 $1233. size5 925 $10
18. size6 sterling $1034. size6 925 $10
19. size7 925 (damaged) $535. size6 not marked $10
20. size4 sterling $1036. size7 sterling $12
21. size6 925 (damaged) $737. size6 not marked $12
22. size5 925 $1038. size7 sterling $12
23. size8 925 $1039. size10 sterling $15
24. size8 924 $1340. size10 sterling $15
25. size8 925 (bent) $5 41. size6 925 $10
26. size7 925 (bent) $742. size8 925 $7
27. size11 not marked $1043. size7 925 $7
28. size7 925 $844. size6 925 (small dents) $5
29. size8.5 925 $1045. size8 925 $7
30. size7.5 925 $10Amber pendant 925 $15
31. size5 925 $10Rose Pendant 925 $10
Rose studs 925 $10

I will take offers on 16-45, but please do not go lower then $5 (this is all going to college D: )

-------Shipping and Payment----------
Paypal :D
checks are okay too, but I am leaning toward paypal.

Shipping is $3 (USPS)(International: $6 D:)
If you get more then one ring, it is still $3 for shipping.
(The shipping might differ, so I will let you know if it changes)

I will repost this every few weeks, maybe add some more and so forth. I hope I didn't miss anything. D:
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Why I am Lolita

[Note: I typed this up as my first entry to my personal Livejournal. Thus, theres probably alot of content many of you already know pertaining to lolita. I wanted to share my feelings here, and see if any of you feel the same. much love. <3]

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Metamorphose group order

Hey guys,
I am planning on making a small order from meta and was wondering if anyone would like to save some shipping with me.
I do group orders all the time and have a lot of feedback from them.

My feedback: ebay: chirolyn_no_onna
My LJ: 8/03/
loligoth dbs:
mj : peace

Lolita Superhero & Candy Violet Question

Ok, first off, before the entertaining things, has anyone ordered from Candy Violet recently? I'm wondering this because I ordered 2 shirts and a skirt on March 26th and I have gotten nothing. -_- It's probably not a big deal but I just didn't know if they were being slow lately..? I just hate having that mailman anxiety and staring out the window all the time in hopes of seeing the mailtruck filled with oodles of goodies. XD

ANYWAY~ onto more important matters...

I took a computer graphics class for half the year in school and for our final project we had to create an image, using our face, of a made-up super hero. We also had to write a little description of what we stood for and whatnot. Naturally, I came up with... Collapse )

XD Hope you enjoy.

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casual outfit

I went to university as lolita today. Normally I don't wear these clothing in my daily life and I don't think I won't do it again. why should I wear pretty clothing while I'm listening to a professor who talks about medieval literature or migration? *g*
Anyway the pictures, they aren't very good ^^;

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scratch head

Lolita: fashion or subculture?

I was wondering if most lolitas on here consider lolita a fashion or a subculture/lifestyle. Is there a different lifestyle associated with each subset of lolita. I know that lolis on here frequent tea houses, etc but do you consider lolita a lifestyle. I know that most lolis dont wear lolita all the time. What makes someone a lolita, the clothes or a certain lifestyle or both. Just because somewear wears lolita fashion are they a lolita? Is there a whole culture that surrounds lolita fashion? Is there specific music lolis listen to, or create? specific books lolitas read, or write? specific food lolitas make or eat? Specific philosophy? way of life? outlook? What is lolita to you?

I know what lolita means to me but I would like to know what everyone else opinion is. I'd really love if I could get people from every substyle.
Thank You for reading my post. I look foward to reading everyones comments.

edit: definition of subculture

"the study of subculture often consists of the study of the symbolism attached to clothing, music and other visible affectations by members of the subculture, and also the ways in which these same symbols are interpreted by members of the dominant culture."

Are there any ideals, and beliefs that lolis share that is reflected by the clothing.

EDIT: quoted from the lolita handbook on what is lolita?
"Lolita is a very hard style to define, but in my opinion what really defines it is it's childlike innocence and old-fashioned elegance." and "It's something a little bit different to everyone, but what lolitas have in common is a shared desire to lead more beautiful lives."
Two devils

(no subject)

By this time we have all seen lolita themed rooms and homes and coordination and what not.  What about the rooms lived in by those of use whom have enough to get our clothing and not so much for the home decor?  I wanna see the rooms that aren't loli themed but have loli's living in them!

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