May 1st, 2007

Heart, Looking out

Bear and the Princess

This is the first post/picture and my first outfit put together. The photos were taken about six or seven months ago. I haven’t had time to post them or anything. I think they turned out quite nicely. I hope you think so too. Sorry, it is not very dial-up friendly.

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question about putumayo cutsews lol

I know at least a few of you like to wear Putumayo tanks with lolita skirts. How long are they usually on westerners, and how well do the bottoms fit over the skirts, especially girls with a 32" waist? The tanks look kinda long, like they'd look lumpy or sloppy with a serious cupcake skirt, and I'm not trusting the mannequin coordinate photo. (and obligatory question of should I even try to wear one with a 32" waist lol or should I give up and stick with parkas for now)
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Oh no she didn't!

So you know... usually when you post pics in an outfit you get comments like "you need a fluffy petticoat!" "wear a blouse!", "it's a sweet outfit so wear white shoes" etc etc. Usually when I post on egl or go to some event i try to religiously do it right but on my daily life i just mix everything up to suit my needs and personal taste. How about you?
Do you ever break these rules on purpose?

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No. 2

Despite being sick for most of the past week (and still having no voice-fortunately talking and sewing aren't mutually exclusive), Dress no. 2 (part of an ongoing project, more info and the first dress is here) is done! It's grey (another little-used lolita color). The photographer wanted a solid, neutral color to anchor the "centerpiece" of his photo, a very tall model (5' 10 1/2"). This dress it more classic; in the photo it will be flanked by "sweeter" outfits. The girl also has a *very* long torso (28" from clavicle to crotch), so I gave the dress a high waist to lengthen the legs and make her torso appear shorter.

So anyway, here are some poorly framed and focused shots of Dress 2 (without a petticoat, because i was too lazy to go upstairs and get one):

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I can tell that gothic lolita is taking over my life, because I see it in everything that I do, and everywhere I go!

For instance:
- I have a GLBT(gay, lesbian bisexual, transgender) literature class and everytime I talk to anyone about it, I always end up saying EGL instead of GLBT and don't even realize it until I get a bunch of raised eyebrows. Honest mistake, right?...RIGHT?!?

Also: In my biology class, when learning about ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) I always, ALWAYS think Alice and The Pirates when I see the abbreviation! And I'm sure there's tons more!

So...anyone else have crazy obsessive slip-ups all the time, or is it just me? ^_^

Best Deal Ever?

So out of curiosity (and for more discussion), I've decided to post!

So we're aways thinking to ourselves when we buy something (lets say on sale or on auction or here), how much we saved on a great item. And this leads me to wonder: What is the best deal you've ever gotten buying something lolita?

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