April 30th, 2007

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Photo post. . . Tea Time

 Well. . Because
  posted her photos of my tea party I figure I might as well post mine as well. . .  XD (is a shy loli)  We had our Fairytale themed Tea Party (a week ago was it?) a little while ago. . and I've negelcted to post any pictures~! (oh noes!) so I figured It's about time to share it all with you!

Warning. . lots of pictures!

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I was so happy to have so many pretty lolis in my house~!
if anyone wants their pictures down just let me know!!
LA Weekly

show me your fanplusfriend loli clothing!!

I'm doing a general picture call for lovely loli's of all shapes and sizes to post themselves in their F+F clothing here in this thread. I've heard/read many reviews about them, and it seems to be generally good with more often then not happy results. But I'm not satisfied, I want to you see YOU flashing your off brand loli cloths-bling with joy (i think i'm going a bit mad).
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Searching for a member of the community

I'm trying to get in touch with hitsuki   or anyone that knows her.

Over a month ago I bought a Meta skirt from her. Everything was paid promptly for and she promised to send out the skirt the very next day. Unfortunately I haven't yet recieved this skirt.

I have been trying to contact her via email, asking for a tracking number of any sort but without any response. The last email I sent her was not one of my best sides talking but I can assure you, all I want is what I've paid for. Please, hitsuki , if you are reading this - contact me via email or just anything.

EDIT: Also it seems like I am not the only one, as seen in the original sales post. Be careful with dealing with this girl.

Topic title undecided

For me, Lolita = Love...i actually feel happy, and really pretty when i wear it...unlike pants...i have a pants problem, skirts, especially with petticoats are lovely ^^

anyways, i've seen topics about how people react to you in public, i went out the other day with turbo_san and the reactions were the typical ones i guess, although no one asked if we were homeless today *still cant get over the nerve of that lady*

my question today would be, "how do your friends and family react?" i ask this because ....
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No seriously - this summer I'm taking a few courses at Cambridge (UK) for two weeks. And. I was wondering if any loli's in the area would be interested in meeting up on one of the weekends? I'll be getting there August fifth, and staying until the 19th. I never paid any attention in geography, so, I'm afraid I'm a bit ignorant about the area. But. Yeah. I get lonely really easy, and I'm too shy to just randomly make a lot of friends while I'm there (pathetic, I know) so I figure this might be a nice way of meeting some of you?

Ps. What's the weather like in August?

Loli pet stuff

In Ikea of all places!

Well I thought it was loliable at least, probably mostly punk loli.

I saw this in Ikea Zaventem (Belgium) so I'm not sure whether or not it's available in an Ikea near you guys, but I think it will be :)

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Direct Sale - Brand items

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  • Items will be shipped from Japan
  • Please add the paypal fee, depending on where you live!
  • If you have some questions about the items, please wait for me to ask my friend who lives in Tokyo, sorry ^^


Measurements: bust max 88cm, waist max 70cm

55$ including shipping with airmail + paypal fee


Measurements: bust max 85cm, waist max 70cm

45,50$ including shipping with airmail + paypal fee


more pictures:

Measurement: bust max 88cm, waist max 75cm, hips free

195$ including shipping with EMS + paypal fee

Me and my friend are also about to start a small shopping service in Tokyo! ^^ This is our LJ page:

^__^ thank you! <3

I was forgetting I maybe won't be able to answer immediately tomorrow, I'll stay out all day long!