April 29th, 2007

Con-crit on a logo design please?

I'm slowly (ever so slowly) working towards setting up a made-to-order lolita brand/website, and tonight I used some spare time to transfer my logo sketch onto the computer! I really like it, but I've spent so long looking at it that I think I need a fresh opinion. Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated - even if you hate it, just let me know why and it'll be a ton of help.
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I was very pleased with today's massive turnout at the Sakura Matsuri meetup! :D In fact, I was ecstatic--NYC hasn't seen a meetup this large in some time!

There was a little misunderstanding of our outfits from time to time, and the cosplayers often crowded us, and we were certainly bullied by photographers, but all in all a good time was had, I think. I know I had fun.

Keep in mind this is only a small part of the photos that were taken--bakaxtenshi took waaaayyy more than I did, and took some video too, so you'll all soon learn what a retarded voice I have, if you didn't know already.

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Moar to come later!

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Rocking horse shoes for VERY small feet?

So, I have small feet - usually fit into a kids' 2.5 US, and looking at a converter, it looks like I'm a 33 European and a 20.5 Japan. I think I'd asked a question about small shoes before, but never about rockinghorse shoes. Are there any brands that make rockinghorse shoes this small, or is it just assumed that "well, kids won't be able to walk in these?"
If it helps at all, I don't particularly care for the ones with the cutout in the heel, but I love the ones that are plain.
I somehow doubt I'm going to find anything...
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Photography Tips?

I was wondering if anybody here had some photography tips. I'm a horrible photographer and my pictures often end up really bad.. my boyfriend is also not skilled at taking pics either.

So I was wondering if anyone had any tips to share.

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Lolita Meetup in Longbeach

ok, so... i dont know how many of you know, but theres this huge Anime Expo in longbeach california june 29-july 2nd. i was wondering if any lolita where attending, and if anyone wanted to plan a meet? better yet, if someone wants to put the foot forward to organize, we can reserve a room and have a tea party if enough are interested. wont that be fun? ^-^

well im just really throwing it out there, its still a bit off, but i would LOVE to meet up with other lolis. please tell me what you think!!! <3

ps, just cause its an anime expo, doesnt mean we loli's hafta be discouraged from grouping. <3

Lolita Bedrooms

I know this was asked before, and I apologize. I had saved all the websites and pictures but that was on my old computer.
So I was wondering if anyone had any links to great (primarily sweet or otherwise) lolita-esq bedrooms, or would like to show their own? Im moving again, and all my furniture is going to be given away, and I thought what better chance will I have to create my own lovely lolita bedroom?
Strawberry cupcake

Photo Post: Anime Supercon and South Florida Lolita Tea Party

This month I had an excuse to wear lolita two weekends in a row. I went to Anime Supercon and the South Florida Lolita Tea Party hosted by taichotoki  .

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I didn't think of asking permission to post other people's photos online until after I uploaded them from my camera.
Though most of the photos are of me, if I posted a photo of you and you want me to take it down, tell me and i'll do so right away.

Pint size waloli

I made a wee little waloli inspired outfit for one of my dolls.  It was supposed to be the prototype for a pattern I can use to make more to sell, but...

this is what I think of sewing, so that's never happening. XD

I'm pretty happy with how it came out though since it was made in 1 night cause I didn't want her to be nekkid and I didn't have enough of ANYTHING, but was too lazy to go out to the fabric store. >_> *really really lazy*

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Tea parties and new dresses

I'm currently back in the United States on a short vacation, and I finally got to wear my Baby jumper skirt for the first time, outside of my house. I went with my family (mother, father and sister) for tea at the Frick mansion in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For those who live in the area, I highly recommend it, as the food is delicious and the tea is awesome, and the Frick mansion is beautiful, along with the gardens and surrounding neighborhood.

I really don't post much here, so this is my scant offering.

Jumper skirt: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Long sleeve: American Apparel
Socks: some sock store along Takeshita Doori
Shoes: my sister's *hums*
Bloomers: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Petticoat: Sock Dreams
Watch: Putumayo

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Dress Up Day

Ah yes, I finally managed to get dressed up after a long time and have a fun outing with some wonderful Lolita ladies. Here are just a couple of pictures of me and then a good friend of mine! Tell me what ya think ^_^

I like Bows <3

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Cheers ~
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Fun at the Sakura Matsuri

I wanted to go the meet up at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens on Saturday...and I was...but a friend died and I had to attend his funeral.

So, after a day of feeling naucious, teary eyed and down, my my family volunteered to take me today. I'm still saving up for lolita clothing, and I know all the loli-chans were out in force yesterday, but I did find a few people who helped brighten my day!

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I have a lot of pictures, but they're not loli related, so I'm saving them for my personal journal entry. It's the little things that make me smile.
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Once Upon a Time (Okay, So, Saturday)

I had a bunch of fantastic folks over to my house for a dress rehearsal/fitting/pizza party for the upcoming ACEN lolita fashion show! But this post is not at all about them! (I wouldn't want to give away the outfits before the fashion show anyway). This post is about the newest member of my family!!! Her name is Cupcake, she is long and fuzzy, and she weighs 7 lbs. Aaaand since I was having a bunch of lolitas over I decided that she simply had to have a dress! Personally, though, I think she prefers her t-shirts and hoodies...

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