April 28th, 2007


Bernadette by Milky Ange

It might be a bit of a silly question, but I really like the pirateloli outfit Bernadette by Milky Ange.
There's however one thing I'm wondering.
The gold trim on the edges, is it glittery or just the satin variety?
It's hard to tell from the photos so I figured I'd ask.


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Xelyna the Gothic Lolita
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Hair Experiment

My hair is currently past my waist and I can never do anything with it, so I decided to try curling it.
I used Camellia oil curling lotion and some 100-yen store foam curlers and slept in it. Now my neck hurts- those things are bulky(;_;)
But anyway, on to the results!

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Sick lolita !?

I am sitting here at work bored and very sniffily...
And I suppose this is mainly a lifestyle question but what would a lolita do if if she were sick?

I imagine her in a very frilly lace nightgown, laying in bed with a fine porcelain cup full of herbal tea, surrounded by a few plush bunnies,and when the time would arrive when she would need to sneeze, she would sneeze in a BTSSB hankerchief.

Being sick doesn't suck as much if you do it in style...
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Hello, everyone. ♥ I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the measurement "Arrival Height" (着丈) means? ^^;;

Thank you. :3


I still have an item from a BABY group order that I hosted this year. :/ I can't find the old entry, so I'm not sure who ordered it. x__x; It's packaged and everything, I just need the purchaser to send me the shipping fee. If it is yours, please email me at [audrey x @ gmail.com] telling me your name and the item you ordered. (So I know it's the right person. :D)
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Images of me *plus* Montreal shoes review *plus* DS/DT non brand

Hello. Here is kind of a big post :) I’ve put some of my recent pictures taken. Mostly with my new stuff: red tartan skirt and bustier made by me still not completed (I still need to add lace, heart pockets on skirt and ribbons). I don’t have much time lately so finishing this outfit goes slowly. Also a few pictures of my new Montreal shoes bought at Little Chii Lolita Shop on Ebay and review of them. At the end I’ve put a DS/DT of one shirt and 2 pair of shoes – all non-brands. Here it is ^_^;

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Smaller Than Average Sizes? ...WTB?

I'm having some difficulty with finding online stores or items for sale by people here that can fit small sizes well. The sizes that I have in mind are B/W/H 28"/24"/30" (71cm/61cm/76cm), and from experience I've seen that clothing just an inch bigger especially in the B/W departments would create a drab, baggy effect that ruins appearance.

What stores sell lolita clothing for that size (XXS?; not custom-made), to fit older girls?


Any Ideas?

A few months ago I found a cute sundress at my local thrift shop, and figured it had some potential for a nice Lolita outfit so I bought it. I altered the top a bit to make it a square neckline and I'm currently tweaking the straps a bit, luckily the skirt part is perfect. Anyway my question is: how to "decorate" it. You know,- lace, ribbons, etc.

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