April 27th, 2007

I've always wondered....

There is waloli and qiloli but is there a style based on korean fashion? In any case I would be interested in seeing some of your ideas of what a Korean inspired Lolita would look like. (I know there are enough artists out there let's see some designs)

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Btssb in ECO

I just noticed this on the Btssb Website. It looks like there will be Btssb characters/clothing in an RPG called Emil Chronicle Online.  They seem to have the plaid jsk in red and pink, heart buckle shoes, wooden soled shoes, heart bag, parasols, the bunny bear backpack, and some headdresses/headbows.

Yeah, I know this is like my second post in... twenty minutes or something... sorry.

Alright ladies - I've got a few questions. :D

First, was that community ever created that was made to give advice on outfits? I haven't been watching as closely as normal.

and secondly, I was wondering if someone with a Baby Bunny Bear Bag would be kind enough to work with me? I'm thinking of making a replica bag over the summer, however, I'll need quite a few detailed shots, and measurements.

Any interest?
Liv Tyler

Height issues.

Okay, so I was just looking at ITS' petticoats and decided I'd go ahead with buying one. The measurements say it's 16.5 inches - around 41cm.

I got out my measuring tape and put it at my natural waist (where it narrows just before expanding down to the hip) and let it fall down 41cm... and it lands like 10cm above my knees. D:

I'm around 5'6 (168cm) or so. I knew that I'd be a few centimetres short above the knees in skirts/jsks/pettis but going from my waist down, it seems much too short! All the brand skirts and pettis I'm looking at right now seem to be between 45-50cm long... if I were to buy the ITS petti at its standard 41cm, would I run into the problem of having a too-short petti under brand things? But I can't buy a longer petti and then have it always peeking out under my skirts! I read in another entry that 19" (48cm) is the standard for knee length for most people, and 48cm long fits me fine, but I'm just worried that by extending the petti I'll end up with it showing all the time.

Am I measuring the length wrongly on myself or am I simply out of luck? Or is 10cm above the knee passable? D: Halp-!

(Seriously wishing I had short genes right now)

Actually; on this topic, what constitutes as a "short" loli skirt and a "long" one? Obviously something like a miniskirt is not appropriate, but in the acceptable range of lengths, which measurements would be the extreme? In my limited experience of buying lolita, 40cm seems short to me, 50cm seems just right, and anymore seems to be getting long/over the knee. I'm mostly wondering what the average across the whole board is.
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Shimotsuma Lolitas: put your pennies together!

The super-rare (?) famous rose embroidery jumperskirt featured in Shimotsuma Monogatari / "Kamikaze Girls" has shown up on Closet-Child!
As of this moment it isn't sold out yet, so you might be able to grab it.

That is, if you've got 52,800 yen to spare.
  [ english translated version]

Come on you guys!  I'm rooting for one of us on egl to grab it... if only to live vicariously through your photos of it.