April 26th, 2007

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One down...

Four more to go.

This is the first of five comission pieces I have less than a month to finish -_-;; They were all comissioned by a photographer for a photoshoot, five different dresses to be worn by five different models. He's going to shoot the five girls separately and then superimpose them all onto a shelf so they look like dolls ^_^

This is a really fun project for me, because I have *totally* free reign of the design of the five dresses. He's also entrusted me with hair, makeup, and accessories for the girls on the day of the shoot. *^_^* So I get to play designer, seamstress, stylist, and makeup artist all at once!

Anyway, here's the first finished dress. I chose a different color scheme for each one, and I tried to choose colors that aren't so common in lolita. The first one is lavender!

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Also, for those of you who may be interested, all of the outfits will be for sale after the photoshoot. And of course, as always, comissions are available ^_^ Im working on getting a little webshop going so I don't have to email *everybody* *everything*. XD


EDIT: I forgot to mention, for those interested in comissions-the gingham and dot fabrics shown here are also available in pink, baby blue, and mint green (that is, assuming the store still has them, which by all means it should).
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Lolita presents? Also, cute socks from Target!

Hello there lolitas.
Last week, an incredibly cute thing happened...one of the teachers at the office I work in (the night school office of my university) gave me a small button that she said reminded her of the dresses I wore. While I don't think it's quite lolita, I thought it was really nice of her to think of me ^.^ Has anyone here ever gotten an unexpected present that was inspired by lolita?
Also, I found these insanely adorable cherry knee socks from Target today!
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Alice in wonderland discussion

Hello lovely ladies,
Recently there was a big discussion on Lewis Carroll and Alice Lidell topic. The topic was not welcomed warmly, but it made me think why is the figure of Alice so important in egl fashion. So i came to some theories on connections of Alice and Lolita fashion.

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Now, what do you think of our Alice?

Ps. Because one girl in the last thread was attacked because of her English hope you understand that I am not native english speaker...sorry!


Hey guys!

First non-picture-post I've done in a while ^^;; I might fix that later but for now I have a question for you! What happend to Metamorphose's spring collection? I've been anxiously waiting to see photos of the new school jacket/skirts before I hand over the money- but it seems they haven't made it to the website yet. Now they've already moved on to the summer collection reservations and a whole list of new items coming. Now I can't even see the items listed on the spring reservation page ;-; its just blank with a timer. Anyone out there that pre-ordered spring items get them yet? Any of you in japan see the items in store yet? I hope I don't sound whiney and impatient, just hoping I didn't miss out x_x;

PS: who am I kidding, a post without pictures?
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(no subject)


Don't forget, this Saturday the 28th is the Sakura Matsuri meetup! The precise when and where have been decided. :D

I will be there at 11am to get us a spot in the grass, but please come as close as you can to that time, because one person can only hold a large space for so long before fights break out lol.

Here is an exceedingly large map
X marks the spot (and a couple of pretty arrows). I know you see the giant open field there, but last year there was a tent taking up the whole thing for Japanese theater art, and I'm sure they'll do the same this year. If anybody who's gone more than once before wants to confirm this for me, that'd be excellent.

As for food, I do not think they'll confiscate our food. Please try to bring a little something, and please don't everybody bring cookies and cupcakes! Cookies and cupcakes are perfectly welcome, but some small savory foods, like little sandwiches or something, are also just as welcome. Try to bring something that will feed many as opposed to some (i.e. cupcakes > cake). As regards to beverages, I think it would be best if everyone just brought their own bottled drink (no scotch plz), to reduce possible spills and other mishaps in a place with no tables.

Directions are here. Admission is $8, but if you show student ID, it gets knocked down to $4.

I hope to see you there! (That includes you, oshidori, lolita or not, at least for a bit!)

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(no subject)

So I'm really getting into the Lolita look. Reading the KERA magazine daily kinda did that to me in a way since before I detested Lolita :) Yet I have a problem with this cute fashion style and would like to pose a question to experienced Lolita's. What do you think about darker skinned people who wear lolita fashion? I'm not sure if this question has ever been posed, but I'd really like to know. I have dark skin but I think it would overrall clash since paler skin looks better with Lolita. I've seen a few other darker skinned Lolita's and I've yet to see someone that actually looked GOOD in it. Is this a style for me?

2 pictures of me under the cut in different lighting.

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I guess you could understand y'see since I don't want to look ridiculous. Some styles don't look right on people, and I just think it would clash with my skin color. And sorry if this has ever been asked, but this community has new posts alot; I looked back a little bit but didn't see anything.

Btw, Some Favorite brands: Angelic Pretty, Emily Temple cute, Baby,the stars shine bright, Innocent World, 6% DOKIDOKI, Alice and the Pirates, ALGONQUINS, Victorian maiden
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Just for fun..

So, to totally gank the idea from asa_chan in the "which dress would you save post?" I was intrigued by the notion of "which brand would you sacrifice to save all other brands?" So...how 'bout it? If you were given the ultimatum, which brand would you destroy if it meant saving all of the other brands?

I personally am torn between destroying Meta or Moite. Cheap race or all black...not really my things ^_^


ps- if this actually was posted on its own at one point, and I missed it, just tell me and I'll delete.:)

What Makes You 'Tick'? - A Discussion

Curious and ever more curious….

A friend and I were sitting around the tea shop the other day and started debating exactly what makes us want to wear the Lolita fashion, wither it be punk, EGA, EGL or one of the many others.

1. At what age did you find yourself drawn to Lolita fashion?
2. When did you actually start wearing it?
3. WHY did you want to wear the fashion?
4. What makes you identify with Lolita?

And I'm not meaning like “well I wear it because it’s cute”. I'm trying to get at the subconscious part of WHY you want to wear it. Is it freedom of expression? Rebelling again the current fashion trends? A return to vintage dressing “values”? Or is it something else entirely different?

Just what makes you ‘tick’ for Lolita? Please post what style you prefer to wear when replying so I can see where your coming from. =)
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First photo-post!

Not a great photo by any means- taken at a silly off-angle by my brother, not even a full-length shot, goofy squint look because I was trying to keep an eye on one of my rats- but none the less, I wanted to show off my new Innocent World gear!

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Convergence 13- A dark victorian dream

If this is off topic please let me know...

But I was wondering if anyone here was going to convergence 13 in Portland later next month? The theme is "a dark Victorian dream" and but I thought...wow this would be the perfect place for me and perhaps others to dress in Victorian inspired loli?


And the best part is they are throwing a Mad Hatters tea party in a Victorian mansion!!!

The bad news, tickets to the tea party are sold out and I waited too long to purchase tickets so if there are any Lolita’s out there that would like to host a tea party of our own at convergence please let me know! I have a room of my own at the Hilton, but perhaps if someone knew a better place that maybe had high tea that would be wonderful.
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What should I make?

Some people at my school were giving away fabric today so I grabbed some, but now I have no clue what to make. They compliment each other really irl well so I'd like to use them both in at least one outfit depending on how much I'm able to make out of them. The pictures from my cell arereally crappy repensentations of the color, so I mspainted in what's closer to the correct shade.

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Each of the pieces of fabric are 64" wide, the brown is ~5 yds long and the lavender is about 4.25 yds. Also, I'm about intermediate sewing level for the record.


Fashion Show at AFO!

Fashion designers, listen up! Anime Festival Orlando is offering you the chance to showcase your talent and let the world see your unique designs. The Streets of Harajuku is a fashion show for upcoming and established designers to take Japanese fashion themes and turn them into their own. Draw your inspiration from the alternative fashion districts in Tokyo: take the styles of Gothic & Lolita, Fruits, Visual Kei and even traditional items such as kimono and create your own designs for a demanding public.

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