April 25th, 2007

Tigger & Rabbit

Lolitas Under Pressure!!

Dear lolitas,

Ever been put in a potentially embarrassing situation in front of a lot of people...while you're wearing lolita (and not in a gathering/convention setting)? It happened to me today, as a matter of fact! I'm vice president of my university's sci-fi club (we're geeks, we know!) and our club formed two teams and signed up to take part in a Superhero trivia gameshow. My team (an all-girl team, might I add!) was tied for a spot in the final round with one other team. The solution? A sudden death round, with only one person from each team answering the question! So my team sent me up in my white BABY JSK. I'm sure people were confused about my clothes, and probably even more confused I knew anything about comics ^.^ Anyways, I answered the question correctly, whoo-hoo! I jumped up and down, and I'm sure everyone saw my bloomers^^ The question was: "What is Bathound's real name?" Answer: "Ace". My team came in 3rd place though...those questions were hard...

Anyway, have you lolis ever been put in a stressful, "ah lots of people!" situation? Share your lolita under pressure stories here!
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Ridiculous coordination challenge

Coordinate this. Its lolitaness or lack thereof is not up for debate; the challenge is to coordinate it into a casual outfit. Some notes:

1) It is not as long as it seems on the damn mannequin; if you think it's still too long, there is the easy option of re-hemming it shorter, so don't take the length into account.

2) The site frequently messes up colors--the actual colors of this shirt are PALE RED ON CREAM, not pink on white.

3) Say basic things, like, "black skirt," or "white boots," rather than point to very specific items, unless you're doing it to show an example of what kind of shoes or bag or whatever you mean.

That said, GO!
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Has anyone used this website before sucessfully, and if so what is the quality like and are they reliable? I'm ever suspicious of things that take just longer than the paypal limit to arrive having been ripped off by another seller before (although that was with a wig) so I just wanted to see if others had used this site! Hope thats ok to post about :3
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Fais attention au hale!

As a very fair-skinned Lolita who appreciates the Victorian beauty ideal of fair skin, I have the usual problem: summer sunlight. This has been the first few days we have had any kind of sun for months, and I greatfully spent it in our garden. However, my blue-white skin has started to look golden-tan! I am not so worried about my arms or legs, but my neck and face I would like to keep a lighter shade. I use to have a link to a forum post on this very topic from Lolitasnap, but Lolitasnap is pretty dead :(

For the Lolitas who prefer lighter skin (and this is by no means everyone, some people don't like lighter skin as a Lolita beauty ideal), what do you do with summer? I've heard exfoliating works, and naturally hats and parasols and keeping covered. But are there any other ideas/tips/products that people like to use?

Thank you for your help!

(no subject)

I just came across this picture and im wondering if its recent or not. I know the cupcake dress is from last year or more but the table cloth fabric is the same as the country sweets series? O.o

If this is from an old issue that seems rather interesting.

Question for Baby skirts (antoinette)

ok: i just decided i wanted to save up for a Baby purse + skirt (matching) and wanted the Marie Antoinette set... and it only goes up to 64cm i hear... Can anyone tell me if this is the absolute max? or if there is a Baby skirt that can go to about 70-73cm?

thank you all,

*EDIT* i mean to say, if there is a Baby skirt w/ a matching bag that will go to 70cm+ cause i wnat it to have same pattern, not just plain color.. thanx ^^;;

Swimsuit Fabric

After seeing Meta's new bikini, I've fallen in love with the cut. But, Meta's not going to let it go for cheap, and I'm saddened that they don't offer it in saks blue with red cherries.
Anyway though, has anyone seen any cute swimsuit fabric around, especially fruit and/or border prints?
I've already checked ebay and browsed through google. Maybe some Japanese sites would hold some treasures?
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Meta - Berries

Help w/ tying a bow on a jumperskirt

A while ago I purchased a really nice Angelic Pretty jsk from kuramew... but the problem is that it's supposed to have two bows on the sides, and they were undone (presumably from after dry cleaning) and I have no idea how to tie them back. I tried myself, but it looked terrible. I googled but most of the stuff I found related to tying those bows for presents.

It should look like this: http://www.angelicpretty.com/shopping/jsk/72j-2243.html

Can anyone help or link to a tutorial? Please and thanks! :):)

A Question~

To all you wise lolita,

I'm writing a paper for my Humanities class on the Rococo period, and I wanted to dedicate a few paragraphs to its influence on today's art / architecture / fashion. So, I was hoping that you could provide me with some information or links to websites with information on how the Lolita fashion is linked to the Rococo period? I believe Takemoto Nobara has linked the two in the past. I've checked the memories, and I found nothing!

Thank you in advance, 


Ok, I'm thinking about this IW group order, and I was wondering, could people who have tested a Celga group order tell me about their experience? How much more did you end up paying than the price of the items? (I know it depends on how much you've bought, just give me a %) How much time did it take for you to get the items? How's communication with Celga? 
I would much appreciate your comments since I'm a newbie and if I find no one in France who is familiar with Celga, I'll have to organize the order myself so I must be prepared ^^.


Another lame question about Japan and Lolita

Ok. I have looked through the memories pretty extensively these past few weeks, but if I happen to have missed this, feel free to link me to it, then delete the post (or just tell me to delete it :P and I shall!).

I know it's been said that staff at Lolita shops in Japan will probably give you better service if you happen to be dressed in an item from their brand - but what if you're dressed in another brand? Even worse (potentially?) what if you're dressed in a knock-off of their brand?

I ask because honestly, my loli wardrobe is pretty limited at this point - and I don't want to walk around Tokyo, diving in to Lolita stores, looking like a tard. But at the same time, I'm not sure I want to walk in dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, since I've heard that you'll probably just get treated like a tourist? (Then again, the pro of jeans/tshirt on similar combination is that they'll be easier to change in/out of rapidly).

Basically the only items I actually own, at this point, are one putumayo cutsew, a F+F skirt (pretty much a putu knock-off), and some meta socks and bloomers. Which basically equates to one outfit, of dubious quality.

Were you in my shoes (literally, in this case! har) what would you do?