April 24th, 2007


Of course it isn't sexual! Right?

We all know that Lolita came from Nabokov's novel, and that it is really a bad name for this fashion because it's modest, etc etc....

Something just occurred to me.
And it's not that all of my posts here are around 2AM.

I've always been pretty indifferent about the obsession with Alice in Wonderland (even though I used to pretend I could read it to my teddy bear when I was two, and later named her Alice). Perfectly innocent book, right? I don't know how many of you know about Lewis Carroll rumors. For those that don't know, there is a huge debate on whether or not he was a pedophile. He dedicated the books to a girl named Alice Liddell, and... well, I don't know this photo he took of her pretty much creeps me out - it may creep some of you out too, so be careful. Not nude or anything, just... weird. I'll place even just links under the cut.
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I don't think there's anything in the book that can be construed as sexual, but even still - he dedicated it to this girl that he was so fond of. No one can prove just how "fond" he was of her, of course, but I wonder what would happen if we say... overanalyze this and conclude that we subconsciously are obsessing over something that isn't sexual, but in reality it represents being a victimized child?

Curiouser and curiouser...

EDIT: I am in NO way saying that this is the case with all of us who dress in Lolita clothing. I'm just throwing out an idea. People are taking this too seriously.

I know I pissed a lot of people off, and I'm sorry.
I'm not sure why so many of you are taking this so personally. It's not too difficult to keep the personal attacks to yourselves. Perhaps that's too much to ask over the internet.

One of the comments did bring up a good point, and perhaps my reply to it would have been what I'd said begin with if I knew better than to expect to sound articulate while running on little sleep, feeling moody, and at 2AM.
That comment is here. http://community.livejournal.com/egl/8764012.html?thread=143056236#t143056236

Some photos of Tokyo

Just came back from a fantastic 6 days trip to Tokyo!! And I'm suffering from post-holiday depression now >_<" As well as being really, really, utterly broke. I kinda went wild and bought a Juliette et Justine dress, one Innocent World jumper dress, one Btssb cutsew, one Alice and the Pirates tote-bag, one h.Naoto blood skirt, one Mam cutsew and a Mam parasol. Oh lordy, I don't know how I'm going to survive until my next paycheck =X

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curious question

I'm just curious how many of you lolis collect pictures from websites?
I collect the ones i like from all of them e.g. btssb, AP, etc
I'm just finding myself weird collecting all these pics so i'm just curious
12 princesses

Shoe help!

I ordered shoes from Payless the other day and they showed up today. Yay! They're super cute.

The only problem is some of the glue dripped down the side of the shoe and is now stuck there
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If this was on the inside I wouldn't care so much but its on the outside of the shoe and its really bothering me. I bought these shoes for this Saturday so its not like I can send them back for a new pair. I could run down to the store and see if they have a pair in stock but at size 12 feet its very unlikely plus that's another $15+ that I don't have.

Is there anyway to get this off without damaging the shoe or will I have to live with it? Picking at it doesn't work and I've tried soap and water (sad, I know but one could hope)

someone help, please T_T
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Being called bad names?


When I have been reading some of the entries here it seems like alot of you get rude comments. I have to admit that I´m quite curious what kind of comments you have received?

I suppose it’s because I have actually never get any rude comments, just persons who says that I have pretty clothes, that I’m cute/pretty/adorable etc..

Not even in the middle of the night I have get any bad comments, oh wait I minute.. It was some older man who was quite annoying, he just wouldn’t let me be (this was at a pub (outside)). But then it was some other guys, who started to “defend” me and practically throw the other guy out ^^

I live in Sweden so I don’t know if we perhaps is a little more open minded :S Because I live in a small city and those people tend to be a little more closeminded, but like I said never a rude comment except that guy and he was quite drunk.

So do you think it depends on the country? Ore is it just my luck ^^

Best regards
little bird

Frill Mook?

I'm looking for infomation on a mook called "Frill" I saw a few scans a while back from it that included a Kyoko Fukada photoshoot and a series on the dresses used in Shimotsuma Monogatari. I'd really love to know where I can purchase the mook, or any other infomation on it such as publication date, isbn, more scans etc. I'm not even sure if there was more than one issue released.

Thanks for your help!
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Makeup on my white blouse - help?

Oooh noo..

I´ve got makeup (foundation) on my white blouse *sulking* ´What´s the best/easiest way to get it away. Because I really don´t want to wash the hole item, I´ve just used it like one time.

Sorry for posting so soon.. >_<

Dear Lolitas
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