April 23rd, 2007

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oh no moar btssb questions- chaos ensues

Rly though- I haven't seen this discussed in a very long time, if ever (if it has been and I have failed to adequately press my F5 key, please to be posting a link).

How do empire waisted jsk's such as this one work on people taller than 5'6"/168cm? I am also somewhat concerned that this will make me look preggos. I'm 5'8"/173cm with measurements of 32"/25"/33" (81/63/84cm).


Other tall skinny people: can you rock empire-waisted dresses like this or does it look ridic? PLEASE ADVISE!
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custom lolita flats?

so I guess fanplusfriend isn't making shoes right now, right...? Does anyone know when they might start up again?

rosechocolat.com <--- they will do larger shoes too.
1. Are there any reviews in EGL of their quality?
2. If you ordered from them, would you mind telling me the size you ordered from them and what the cm length of your foot is?

any other suggestions for lolita shoe places that have larger sizes (or will do them?)

--- above all that, has anyone found a place that will do larger sizes, and also has FLATS (non-heel)?
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Help a fellow Lolita out...take my survey about shopping!

Hello all,

I know this isn't technically Lolita-related but, I have some homework to do for my Apparel Evaluation class and after surveying some of the general population I wanted to survey some Lolitas. Since many of you sew or at least have some basic knowledge of sewing and many of you are technically couture shoppers, I think your ideas of what "bad qaulity" is are more refined then the general public.

I wanted to see what would happen to my data if I introduce some Lolitas information into the mix. So if you could please take the few minutes to fill out the survey that would be awesome. It's not long - it's a total of 5 questions and 3 of them are one worded answers. It would help me out a lot!

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I had a question concerning material~

I love the soft and thick material that brand stores use for their cutsews. I was wondering if there were any stores in the USA that made shirts using similar fabric?

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AP doll house

request pics

Does anyone have recent BTSSB novelty pics that could share?
I want the ones from middle of last year till now.
The one i most wanted at the moment is the novelty gift from yuki no namida

It would be great if someone can give me the pics...prefer official pics from site, if not, any other ones would be fine


angelic pretty prints

1st post [Photo-post!!]

Hello~ I'm not new at all here but that's the 1st time I post something^^

Yesterday I went to the XXV Salón del Cómic in Barcelona in my AP jsk so I took some picts in the Caixa Forum, it's a cool (alike) futurist place and I though it looks really contrasted with my loli look

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(no subject)

I know that there was a post a long while back for lj lolita layouts, but the pictures had been taken down from photo bucket, and the codes were in French. Does anyone have any lolita layouts (preferably in pink but other colours are nice as well) in the sweet genre that they wouldn’t mind sharing?

I haven’t been as active as I used to, checking as diligently as I should, and that being said, if I missed an entry concerning this, please point me in the right direction.
misuzu, air

Weight fluctuations

How well do most lolita clothes respond to weight fluctuations?

I go through periods of being depressed and gaining weight, and periods of hyper-activity so my weight fluctuates often about 20lbs a year, and I'm 5'5" so that's a lot for my height, and I'm worried about wasting a lot of money on expensive clothes that won't even fit me half the time. I know a lot is made with elastic and shirring and corsetry-type lacing, but I figured I would ask before I spend the rest of my money on expensive clothes.

I'm in need of an updated wardrobe anyway XD But still. What are your experiences, if any?

Shopping Service

Hey, I'm taking orders for this upcoming weekend!  Please email me at corinne.elysse@gmail.com with any questions or orders!
I also want to emphasize that I'm planning on doing this for quite a while, so if you want things and don't have the funds now, I'll be doing this service pretty permanently while I'm living here, so don't worry, you can always request something later!  Eventually I'll make a website for it :)
Here is the link with the details:

Since it is now only me handling the service, I'm not taking any orders for Kigurumis or checking Closet Child for anyone, at the moment.  Also, please be sure to email me at corinne.elysse@gmail.com, not the emails on the link. 
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Strong Opinions

I was just thinking about something. We have all gotten (or at least heard about) others receiving very strong opinions about lolita fashion. Some are positive, but some are extremely negative.

I was wondering what you guys thought it is about lolita fashion that provokes such strong opinions, either good or bad?

I think some of it might be the fact that it's so outrageous.. but at the same time I don't think that's the whole story. I've seen plenty of crazy fashions that don't get knocked as hard as lolita does.

So, what do you guys think?
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Blouse..? o -o

Some of you may recall that I was in need of a blouse before next Saturday B:
Anyway, I found a decent blouse at Target, but I'd like opinions on it and whether I should add something to it :]

I also have a quick question about petticoats o -o;

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