April 22nd, 2007

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A question

I had a quick question for someone who knows about this..
Anyways, apparently this week in Japan is Golden Week, so a big holiday. What I'm wondering is if the mail service, specifically international mail, is delayed for the week.

I have a package being sent to me via EMS from BTSSB and it is still in Shibuya. I wanted to know if I will have to wait until next week for it to go anywhere or if it will make it's way this week.

Besides that, closet child said that the lolita update next week will be delayed. This is what they wrote:
"Next lolita update is delayed on Saturday
because of golden week (big holidays in Japan) sale featuring BTSSB.
It will be at noon on April 28."

I'm not sure if this sale will be store only or will be online as well. Just thought you guys might like to know :3
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suggestions for fabric theme? (designing)

i was thinking of getting some fabric digitally printed with a lolita-style design.  but it's pretty expensive to do, so i'm scared of making a waste with a shitty design. 

so. . .looking for egl's help/suggestions for themes, motifs, anything you think should be done on fabric.  preferably sweet or classic.  but any help is appreciated. i've no clue what to do.
thank you

fabric base color is white..  will probably go with 3 or 4 yds of a sateen, broadcloth or lightweight twill (all are 100% cotton.)

cordination help

My mom and I found a dress that we both like for me to wear to prom. I want to add the little hat from Candy Violet but I'm not sure how it would go. Shoes and socks I am also COMPLETELY lost with. So, any help?
Anyone with info on customs from JP to USA would be appreciated too. :D

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Zorak in a Wig

Built-In Petticoats

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I know brandz sometimes have pettis 'built-in', has anyone tried doing this with stuff they've made? Is it needlessly complicated? Does it have less pouf then a 'regular' one? Should I not even bother? Any other suggestions?
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innocent world is LOVE. coordinate piccies

hey everyone~
well I was extremley excited to have my first chance to purchase something from Closet Child this week, and my dress arrived today!! on a Sunday! (the U.S. post doesn't usually deliver mail on sundays...)
I was extremley suprised, but extremley excited!!!! so I thought I would take some pics and share them....

the dress fits me beautifully. just perfect. I was afraid it would be too short, but the length is perfect~ *dances a happy dance*
and my dad of all people ecen exclaimed when I walked out of my bedroom about how awsome the dress was!!! I am on a happy high right now b/c both my parents LOVE the dress yaaaay~ finally a lolita dress they approve of and think is cool~
I can tell you, I think I iwll be buying more innocent world from now on! it fits great and is so pretty~

now you know you want to see pics b/c of how huge a dork I am!~

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p.s. do you know how awkard it is having your dad takes pictures of you in lolita....when he usually doesn't? um...quite a bit akward..it's hard to pose "correctley".....
and no, that is not me in my icon. that is Kana......
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Bonnet advise

 I am looking at the instructions for the Bunny Bonnet in the Gothic lolita bible. Has anyone made this pattern? For some reason it's not computing..Help ^_^ Or would I be better of drafting my own pattern ?

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All the dresses have burned! OH NOES!

Well, as promised, in a continuation of this post:
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They have all been infected by a plague of alien RORIMOTHUS who have been spreading destruction and death to your lolita wardrobe and must be burned to stop them developing into giant flesh eating monsters and spreading throughout the globe via the the er... water system or some such global disaster thing.  Convincing no?

Have none of you seen "Earth Defence Force 2017"??? 

I hand thee a vial of anti-rorimoth, but it is only enough to save one loli dress, you can choose any dress in the history of loli! and it's FOR FREE! YAY!  


Did I just say It is only enough to save one dress!  Oh yus!


(by the way as if by magic, they're all gonna fit you - hurrah!)

I'm saving this one:

So over the top, so unpractical and so only worn to burlesque parties so far >.<

(await for next weeks question... ummm...O_o)

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After waiting quite some time to gather enough pieces to form a full outfit, I finally was able to go outfit dressed in full lolita attire. {AND I got compliments} ^_^ So yeah, if anyone would like to view...

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baby JSK size question

Could anyone with this style of Baby JSK [empire waist 'baby doll' jsk] inform me what it comfortably fits in the bust? It's listed as 84 cms, but there's some shirring. (I actually already bought one on chance from YJ, but I'd like it in two colors so before I spring for another I thought I'd ask ;p)

Yay, photo post!

My JSK and blouse arrived recently, and today was the pop-culture convention, so it was a good excuse to get dressed up and go into town.
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My hair looks epic in this shot, haha. Luckily today was about the one day of the year when it wasn't too windy to wear my hair out loose without getting tangles.
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