April 21st, 2007

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Style questions! and rambling.

Okay, on those Mary Magdalene dresses... ugh >_< is that a brand or a style of dress? Well ANYWAY I THINK THEY'RE REALLY PRETTY OKAY (let's pretend caps make up for my ignorance)

So on those kinds of dresses, and cutsews that have the criss-crossing straps. Do those attach to the front and back of the collar, or do you tie it around your neck?

Also, can you wear petticoats above bloomers, or just one or the other? Sometimes I feel like a petti over bloomers looks a little trashy in the western "lolita" sense. x_x Am I the only one who feels this way? I'm not sure if it's just my way of thinking, or if it depends on each individual outfit. I get sort of a Lil' Bo Peep feel to it that way, too.

After some practice with my sewing machine, I think I'm going to make one of those dresses/cutsews... but it's gonna be cheap fabric, dammit, because I'm poor in the financial and health/shape senses AND I DON'T CARE.
And to be honest I don't know what the hell I'm even doing with my sewing machine. My mom gave it to me (was supposed to be mine anyway) and didn't give me all of the parts, so that doesn't help. ;_;

Getting a Milky Ange replica made for myself.

So. I saw a really pretty dress on Milky Ange's site and wanted to buy it. However, me and my fatty-chan self can't fit into their dresses! xD There's a buisiness near me that makes stuff like wedding dresses and my mom inquired about getting that kind of dress made. They just said, "come in with pictures and we measure you and make the dress". So that's what I'd like to do. But first, I want your opinions on it. :D
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Ann Arbor is Boomin'!

So, I just got my F+F order in the mail yesterday, so I thought it would be appropriate to take tons of photos of it while it is still nice here in Michigan (there are approximately 5 cloudless days in Michigan per year). So, pictishlass and I headed to downtown Ann Arbor with our two wonderful friends to take tons of pictures.

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And I leave you with all of that. Sorry if you were totally bored by all this. We had a really productive day though. I would like to thank our good friend Hattie for taking all the wonderful pictures, and Grace for letting us make fun of her, without her actually knowing.

Outfit rundown:
Head bow: Herself
Socks: Macys + Herself
Shoes: Montreal (ling lam)
Petticoat: ITS
Purse: F+F replica (I love it so much)
Head piece: Herself
Blouse: Herself
Skirt: Herself
Socks: Her Mommy and Herself
Shoes: An*Ten*Na
Petticoat: ITS

Thats it I guess. Sorry for so many pictures. I actually took out like 20 XD.
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Situation : Bright red nail polish on favorite black loli skirt. ;_;
Anything I can do to get it out that won't damage the fabric? I seem to recall nail polish remover and fabrics not being a good combo...
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So I just got my first pair of Lolita Lola rockinghorses, and I'm pleased, but--how do you wrap them? D: I tried the way I see it done everywhere, and either my legs are too skinny or too short (more likely the latter), because the velcro sort of... passed itself, if you know what I mean. I can wrap it around the lower part of my calf four or five times without a problem, but it's not nearly as cute. Who's got tricks for these things? Who's got this problem and solved it? :C How do I tied shoe?
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Lolita My Little Ponies and Cosplay With Lolita Flair?

I spent ages trying to make that subject title not sound totally wrong, so I apologise if it doesn't explain what I'm after...

Firstly: I'm repainting/customising a couple of My Little Ponies, which is quite a new hobby for me, so before I launched into the My Little Lazarus Brigade (Read Mortal Engines. In fact, even if you don't want to know, read Mortal Engines, it's an awesome book) I wanted to try something more simple, and lolita ponies came to mind. So my question is: How can I create a lolita look and feel that doesn't involve clothes? I'm already thinking ringlets and possibly real lace, but are there any particular simple icons/images/symbols that would scream 'lolita' when not coupled with obviously lolita clothing? I'm thinking of doing at least Gothic Lolita and Sweet Lolita, if that helps - possibly Amaloli, Punk Lolita and Waloli too, depending on how many ponies I have and how bored I get.

Secondly: What are the feelings on cosplay outfits that have been 'lolified'? I don't mean cosplaying as a lolita (Which is fine... just not for me) but cosplaying as something else but making the outfit look lolita. Like I have a half finished lolita-style Enterprise uniform somewhere (Because my tricorder needs lace, dammit!). While I really like 'traditional' lolita like the brands sell, I also think it's a very flattering silhouette and I like to combine puffed sleeves and a bell skirt with non-lolita elements, usually drawn from some form of cosplay. What are your opinions on this? Is it all good fun, or is it a bit too silly? Would it be appropriate to post pictures of these here, or are they better suited for cosplay forums/communities and I should stick to the classic style for EGL?

Thanks very much, folks!
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Stuffs for sale (Fan+Friend, Double Decker and more!!) :

Collapse )I have been cleaning out my closet and decided that a bunch of stuff must go. Come and see!! (Fan+Friend, Double Decker and more!!)
Firstly, I have one of these that I got from Retroscope in a size large:

I would like $35. for this.
here is the Retroscope size chart:

Gothic Lolita Size Chart: SIZE BUST WAIST HIPS US Size UK Size
S 34-36 inches 25-27 inches 36-38 inches 12 14
M 36-38 inches 27-29 inches 38-40 inches 14 16
L 38-40 inches 29-31 inches 40-42 inches 16 18
XL 42-44 inches 34-36 inches 44-46 inches 20 22

I also have it in black velvet in a size XL.

I would like $45. for this. Both are unworn, only tried on.

Next, I have this skirt in black with pink and white:

I would like $45. for it. also unworn, only tried on. I think it's got about a 30 inch waist but can stretch a few inches bigger.

Next I have some double decker white boots with a wooden sole:

I paid $80. for these and would like to get that back. Unworn, only tried on. The size is a bit of a mystery. there is a sticker on the inside that says "38", but i dont know what that means. I wear a US 7.5 and a EU 38 and a UK 5 but these are way too big. I'd say at least one and a half to two sizes too big. so, 9 or 9.5 US.
They are so great looking in person I hate to have to sell them but there is no way I can make them work.

I also have this custom dress for sale, worn once or twice. this was made to fit me at size 40-30-40 but can go a few inches smaller and a few inches bigger. the model is close to a US 6 with no boobs at all. I'd like $40. for this:  Sold! Thanks.

It laces up in the back.
Next I have a vintage stripey skirt. I'd say the waist is about 30 inches. I'd like $10. for this:

Another is a grey circle skirt I got at Anthropologie for too much money in a size 12. I wore this one time, I'd like $25. for this:

Next is a petticoat i got from someone on EGL. Lots of strech to fit everybody. I'd like $8. for this:  sold!  Thank you!!

this skirt is old and i've worn it a bunch of times. it's by ralph lauren and is a size 30-40" waist I'd say. I'd like $10. for this. Oh, by the way it is way more pretty in person. thise pics do not do it justice!! It's really lovely.

Let me know if you have any questions or think something is too expensive. I hope this works!! Thanks!!! -Milk Collapse )
Angry Alex mode!

Another photopost!

Hey, eveyone! I went to a lolita photoshoot/picnic down here in Jersey and I thought these pictures came out better than my crappy mirror pics.
That day, it was windy and COLD. I didn't know why I didn't get sick from running around in summer loli XD. I think my smile sucks since I don't smile well under pressure. My boyfriend also says my locket stands out in all my pictures. I didn't want to take it off because I've been overprotective of it since it fell into the drain once.

Before I forget... All photos are by tyrus! He's really amazing.

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