April 19th, 2007

Wonder Woman

closet Child payment question....

hey guys, I just have a quick question for you all.

I Just ordered an item from Closet Child, everything went fine and I wanted to pay through Paypal, so they gave me the adress....
so I went and sent money as I normally do. but then I noticed that they actually sent me an invoice thing through paypal for me to pay through.....which I hope that makes sense...which had everything all written out with what Item I was buying etc  (like when you use paypal for ebay)...

do you think it matters that i used the other way? should I email them and tell them?
I wouldn't know what to say 0_0

do you think it matters...? they get the money still and I wrote who I was and what item I had boughten in the message box...
I'm just not quite sure if I should tell them ot not....not sure if it would make a difference...
any help is MUCH appreciated!!

I should have checked my whole mailbox before I did anything >_<


EDIT: ok so I did email them about it. hopefully it wont make a difference and cause a problem.....
eek~ I'm just freaked out that I screwed up~
Tigger &amp; Rabbit

The Spring non-brand Challenge!

Dear lolis,
Well, we've had this little challenge before, but I thought I'd make a fresh one for spring! Even though it's still a bit cold where I am, the grass is greener and the robins are out, so everyone should get off to a fresh start! Your challenge: design an entire lolita outfit...WITHOUT using brand items. And no using replica stores or non-brand lolita stores either. The ensemble must be put together from specifically non-lolita sources...let the challenge begin!
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Beautiful Wolf
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Btssb Heartbuckle shoes?


Well, I asume most people have seen that Baby´s Heartbuckle shoes are up again. And I really like them and would like to purchase some. Just a question to you that allready have them...

Is it easy to get scratch marks on them? It seems to be that when you just look at the "heel", beacuse the leather seems to be on the heel to.

Best regards
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A Messy Dilema

So I'm in a bit of a situation right now.. I just got my F+F coat in the mail (hooray!) But it's HUUGE on me! It's suppose to reach mid-calf I think.. But it actually reaches my ankles instead (curse being so short! ;_;)! I originally bought it in hopes that I can wear it with my OPs and JSKs, but the excessive length might make the coat shape look strange with the shorter pettis. (Did that make sense?)

So, does anyone have any advice on what I should do? :(

For reference, I have THIS coat with a few minor alterations.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! <33
Thanks! :3

nocturne art

hi dear and not so dear lolita's;
im searching for art from nocturne!
i dont know how to explain; its from the girl with the kitty ears and the green background and the girl with the long grey hair sitting on a white bed!
thanks all!


Noticed at school!

Hi ladies (and bois)

I'm 32 years old and I have just gotten into wearing more of the gothic loli look. However I am a special education kindergarten/1st grade teacher so it isn't always practical to dress loli. A few weeks ago I bought a Tripp jacket with eyelet lace and a lace-up back. I was wearing it as I was walking past the cafeteria when a sixth grade girl commented loudly, "look at that great coat!"
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