April 18th, 2007

Urgent Rose Chocolat Question

Umm was just wondering from anyone who ordered from them. Did you receive and email when they shipped your shoes. Because i looked at my order status and it say shipment completed and it say delievery date 4/16 and i did not receive an email nor did i recevie my shoes. What shipment method do they use? Should I be worried? Thanks for any help.
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Regarding Jelly Bean:

I'm curious about the Jelly Bean JSKs that have the underbust size given instead of the waist. If anyone knows how they fit, I would be grateful (Maybe I'd have a JSK that would fit after all!).

This JSK is what I'm currently drooling over, but there are other JSKs that are similar (Giving bust and underbust sizes but not waist size.).
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Shoe-Color question (Urgent)

I`m about to send to make a pair of shoes from a design i have in my mind,
but i ain`t decided the color, i`m between brown and red,
because i`ve already have white and black, so i like how brown looks
matched with pink, but does this color match with any kind of red
because i have various pieces in red.

otherwise, i`ve seen some pictures of lolita wearing sandals with socks,
so, i wonder if you can always wear them with socks?
just because i see a really cute pair of sandals, that i would like to buy
because i don`t have pink shoes, this are so cute and very loliable.
so help me before other people buy them.
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(no subject)

Lolitas in the Austin, TX Area:
For those of you who have not heard about ACC's Asian Festival, it is tonight~ 3-5 is a showing of a Korean movie, and 5-7 is the outdoor festival, at ACC's Riverside Campus, Free Admission.
I know that there are only a few of us around here, but is anyone going to be there?

I also recieved my Moitie Skirt and Blouse Set from kero_chan42 yesterday evening, and wore the skirt from it downtown today, only to be told that my class was cancelled and to go back home. I will also be wearing it tonight at the festival, most likely lingering around the Sanrio presentation.

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(no subject)

This past Saturday some of the Philly lolitas had a meetup at the Morris Arboretum, at a supposed cherry blossom festival. We chatted, we ate food and of course took pictures by the only cherry tree in blossom we could find.

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<3 James May <3

Three Hair-Bows I made

I've found my niche, and that's bows, I seem to loving rock at making them and I really did a lot of work today and made three that I wish to show off. I'm not taking any comissions just now and I was intending to sell these but I like 'em all so much I'm gonna be greedy and keep for myself. Comissions will happen around the middle of the year when I don't have so much university stuff to do.

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