April 17th, 2007

Sakkakufae's Shopping Service

Hey guys, I'm caught up from the weekend, so I'm taking more orders for this coming weekend!  Just mail me at corinne.elysse@gmail.com with your request!  

Here is the link with the instructions:

The only changes are, I'm not taking orders for Kigurumis right now (because that was kaoru_ai's department, I don't know where to get them), and I'm not going to be able to look at closet child for anyone at the present time, sorry!

Spring Lolita

Las Vegas Lolis?

Next week (April 23 I arrive and April 27th I leave) I will be in Las Vegas for a trade show. The show is weds/thurs and I am done by 5 pm. 

I know that LV is full of stuff to do, but anything loli? Or would any lolis like to hang out with a lonely loli? My last few experiences in LV by myself were not the best (everyone thought I was a hooker) and I wanted to avoid that and still hang out with some people if possible.

Anyone know someplace that is a loli-tolerant hang out? Or does anyone want to hang out?


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Curiousty killed the cat but...

Hello everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself as a new member. I have been intersted in Gothic Lolita for a year or so now and was finally able to coax myself to be confidente enough to make a journal and join here. I look forward to all the loevly dresses and posts made here :)

Now, onto something I was just curious about.

I have been reading about both on a few live journals and even on information sites about Gothic Lolita and I've noticed a very strange and it seems rather common remark about how more often than not new members are flamed/snapped at/etc. by older members.

Was just wondering if this was some sort fo misconception or that it dose indeed happen, and if so, what tends to trigger it off and how can it be avoided for those newer members (with the exceptions of following the rules which I think aer a given)

Sorry fi this is considered off-topic, I was just rather surprised hearing about this as I jsut can't imagine people getting funny at smoeone without a justifyable reason.


P.S. - if this is considered off-topic please just let me know and I will remove it. Thanks!
Beautiful Wolf
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ETC style - "Gothic Lolita Bible"


I just wondering if there is a magazine in the same ”category” as Gothic Lolita Bible, but with more ETC, Shirley Temple etc.. I love that kind of clothes and it would be great to have magazines with that style. GLB dosen´t seem to have that (not what I have seen..)

Best regards
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Picture Post O'Doom

Hey egl!

This past weekend was Tekkoshocon, a local convention here in Pittsburgh, and I thought I'd share some pictures of the outfits I made for myself and my friends. Be warned, they are quite numerous

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Imai kira birdgcage

Picture Request

Im looking for a picture/pictures of an outfit that im pretty sure was heart E and I lost it.

Its, I believe, a red with white polka dots empire waisted JSK with white bloomers that go underneath. It has white lace around the collar too, i think.

Thanks ahead of time!