April 16th, 2007


Just an amusing observation

So, I don't really wear Lolita very often, but my friend does on a fairly regular basis, and today, while we were in Harajuku doing our weekly shopping thing, I heard something that amused me. Not once, but twice. As we walked by, I heard Japanese people commenting that lolita fashion looks so good on foreigners, but on Japanese people...no way! (loose translation)

This same friend got an almost identical comment from someone else recently. Sooo....I just wanted to put things into perspective for anyone suffering from the "omg, Japanese girls are so much cuter than me, no matter what I do" syndrome. Plenty of Japanese girls think gaijin will always be cuter than they are. So don't be self conscious in Japan. Unless you look like a total train wreck, chances are, they think you're adorable.

BTSSB Group Order

I'll be ordering acouple things from baby via email... I've never done a group order before, or have I ever participated in one! Tips and info would help me greatly!
I had one order sent in to me so far. I want to get all the orders in by Wednesday. (If there is more time needed I guess I'll be able to work that out) I'll send out the confirmation email out 10PM EST time. I'm guessing International Postal Money Order (IPMO) would be the best/easiest way to get the money to Baby? People interested and available to give me tips please email me at xxrawkerbrat666@msn.com

Information I will need would be
Name, real name please!
Address/Postal code.
Your payment method (Paypall CC and such..)
Product Name, and code.
Size if shoes.

Remember; anyone using Paypal Credit Card will pay the fees.
If I'm hit with a customs fee, I'll just divide it up.

Only feedback I have is on ebay, and thats purchasing... nekokittiemeow for those who want to check..

I look forward to this! =3
Another favorite duo--Bambi and Thumper

For those who have seen them in Japan/anyone who knows: Contacts.

Hi all! I'm thinking people who have been to Japan/live there would be best suited to answer my question...

Does anyone know of any stores that sell red contacts in Harajuku(maybe even Shibuya/Shinjuku)? Directly, no order and get it shipped to you kind of deal. I want them, and I am going to Japan this summer, so I might be able to buy them. My friend told me she got hers in "some store in Harajuku"(she forgot the name). So I'm wondering if it's some punk or gothic lolita store.

If this is inappropriate, I'll delete.

Photos, pretty in Green!!!

My aunt gave me this green polka dot piece of fabric, to do somethig lolita, i really like the shape of the milk and
Emily temple dresses, so i took my inspiration of them, I made a jumper really simple with the details of the same fabric,
because i tried lace but i didn`t like how i looked, and i don`t think it works with green lace, otherwise i think off white
or cream lace may works but i wasn`t sure because the dots are white, finnaly i added a bit of white lace and some details
with pearls and some knit.
Anyways i let it simple and took some pictures.
So tell me what you think. :)

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Quantum Lee

Evolution of an EGL

Hello my fellow lovelies! ^_^ I have been dressing in various EGL outfits at anime conventions for the past 4 years, and I thought I'd share with you the evolution of my look. I welcome comments and constructive criticism on my latest version, in particular. It's comments from you that have kept me improving every year! Click below to see them. They are shown from most recent to most ancient (from last weekend to 4 years ago).

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goosebumps nom nom nom

My prayers go out to you.

I am sorry to interupt the usual WTB and For sale posts with something sad, but I really wanted to get this out.

I don't know if there are any Virginia Tech lolis here, but I do know that quite a few of us here are college aged and/or have friends or relatives that attend college and may have been there or been affected by today's events. I just wanted to make this post to let you all know that my heart goes out for you and you'll be in my prayers.

My deepest sympathies,
Erica Johnson
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Coordination help?

So I'm contemplating buying my first brand dress because I just got a freelance opportunity and I'm going to be half sensible, blow about half of it, and save the rest. I was hoping for an opinion on a headdress. I think I'm going to get this JSK http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/jumper/130250.html in red and this headdress in white. http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/head/130816.html This seems like it would be perfect for me because I love big bows, but headbands tend to give me a headache easily. I also thought it might be too much, so I also skimmed at the smaller clip bows and didn't see anything off the bat I liked, but maybe if someone suggests a set?

Also, how forgiving is the fit of the JSK? I'm about a half an inch larger in the waist than what this JSK says the waist measurements are, but I have been dieting and plan to loose that half inch and hopefully another inch. I would like to be able to wear it right away though.

Lolita inspired makeup collection!

My favorite makeup company, Aromaleigh, is coming out with their new spring set sometime soon. Saturday night the founder posted the photoshoot of her for it along with information about the inspiration - gothic lolita! In particular, Metamorphose's Kimono Print Shirred Pinafore Dress with Corsage served as inspiration (she's also wearing this dress in the shoot).

The swatches for the set were posted last night and I'm quite looking forward to snatching this up when it's available.

Here's the set!

Just thought some people would like to see more things that lolita is inspiring.
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New Idea?

This post really got me thinking about an idea for a new community. Would anyone be interested in creating a lolita version of something a little bit like kogal_panel (but with a less elitist edge)? A place where more experienced lolitas could give advice to newer lolitas in a kind constructive way, so beginners wouldn't be so intimidated to post with questions? Maybe it could be linked to the info page the way lolita handbook is so newbies could check it out before posting something that has already been discussed on egl If any more experienced lolitas are interested in creating this community please comment. Also I would be interested in what some of the mods think.

Edit: I think it would be good if there were a variety of people (sweet lolita, classical, gothic, punk) and people with different skills (seamstresses, people with knowledge of Japan, people who organize events in the US).


Well I did a photoshoot yesterday in a gothic lolita style, and whilst the dress isn't a brand one from Japan and the boots/socks are "wrong" (eg. I know stripey socks are a no no, and the mary janes I wanted to wear didn't actually fit me :( ), I don't think I did too bad....for a boi and for my first loli shoot.

Anyway at the risk of a flaming, here's a few pics I'd like to share:

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be gentle XD
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Oh the questions^^

I had a few questions pertaining headdresses and alice bows.

1. Whats the best lace thats not over expensive, no job does prohibit your cash flow.

2. What type of ribbon do you all use on your headdresses? Silk, Satin, or something else?

And 3. To get it to stay on the fabric, do you sew the ribbon on, use hot glue, or has some sort of self stick ribbon been invented that I've never heard of? O.o

Thank you^^
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