April 15th, 2007


Save the BRANDZ!

All the lolita brand stores are going to shut down!


But don't fear, you can save one!

Which one would you save?

I'm saving Innocent World.

(actually I was torn between that and meta)

(for all the "serious business lolita" types out there, this is just for a spot of light entertainment. I'm saving the " all the brands burn, which dress do you save?"  question for next week week maybe (~.-)


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Which Top Should I Use? >

Hey guys -
So I'm going to be ordering this skirt from F+F in black. I've been looking at blouses to get with it and I've looked at so many I'm starting to get dizzy @_@
Which ones do you think would work best?
I like so many and then there are things that I don't like about some but might still be okay when in person...
What do ya'll think?

Possibilities under cut:

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Edit: Okay, so people overwhelmingly liked number three xD (with two as a close second.) Since it's hubba-bubba-HOT here in Florida, however, the short sleeves won me over.
Thank you to everyone who put forth their opinion ! ^^
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Jacon lolita meet up and free hug campaign

I know that this year there was no meet-up at Megacon, however I would like to get one for Jacon.  Any lolis attending Jacon, I would like to ask not only for a meetup but I feel we should join the Free Hugs campaign!  For those who don't know what that is, here is the YouTube video.  Be sure to read the description on the side.


and the official website


Anyone that will be attending Jacon, please drop me an email so we can plan what day and time!  I love loli meet-ups but I believe it's time that we do something besides drinking tea and chewing on sweets and candies whilst exploring a garden. 

My email - Saramoon@cfl.rr.com
<3 James May <3

A Not-so Innocent World!

Yesterday I went to Supanova Pop Culture Convetion (Brisbane, Australia) with chucks_bitch and eternity_horse but this is mostly just pics of me in my new Innocent World Dot Satin and Dot-Tulle lace JSK (via the awesome miss theosakakoneko ) Also I know that I need a better blouse but due to my nana's over zealous washing practices she shrunk my good black blouse :\ And I was not going to wear my longsleeved one cause it's just too darn hot for that! And I was going to make a proper Alice bow but I didn't have time sooo I just tied a pretty satin ribbon into a bow :3

X-posted sweetphaex , egl and oz_lolita

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AHA!!!! Loli evidence found at Charlotte Ai

ALright, yesterday I went for a tour of the Art Institute in Charlotte NC. How can this possibly be loli? Well, as we were schmoozing along we stopped at a student work board. It was displaying different sketch types, in this case different types of lines heavy and dark used in alternative ways to alter the original look of the picture when low and behold there was one of the lolita model above! I don't know the models name, but the picture on the board was of her with her hair up and she had a bow lace necklace around her neck. All in all, I was a bit taken a back, because most likely it was not some random picture taken from a stack of magazines. SO I end this with..Is there a Loli/s at the Charlotte AI?

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I just stumbled across dead_psycho's LJ store and found some really cute, possibly loli-able tops. The dresses might not work so well with petticoats because they're pretty high-waisted and the skirts are long. All her items are super-cheap too (under $30) and except for the skirts, shipping is $5 regardless of how much you buy.

Has anybody ever bought from here before?
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Who is she?!

Okay, here's a question about a model.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I know the one on the right Is Misako Aoki [Duh. I stole the picture from her blog.], but on the left?


It's bugging me, just because she was in a load of the magazines me and kyo_o were going through yesterday, and we never could work out her name.

Can someone tell me who she is, please?
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Innocent World coordinate pictures....

Does anyone have the coordinate pictures for this Innocent world dress? The pictures of the model(s) wearing it? I thought I had them but can't find them now, I think there were two or three pictures....(and they are no longer on the IW website ;_; ).
thanks for any help you guys~! I truly appreciate it~!

♥ ♥ ♥

P.S. by the way, what was that website where you can put in a URL and it brings up the older versions of the website? I cannot for the life of me remember now, and I was going to use it to find the pictures myself...but, alas! I can't remember the URL!
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Imai kira birdgcage

for those who like flats..

I know a lot of people are always looking for white mary janes, and i was looking for some on the payless store and they had some!
I have to wear flats cause my boyfriend is only 5'4 (1 inch taller than me) and im sure some other girls need to wear/like flats too.

they had a couple cute shoes.

The Mary janes
come in black gold and white

Flat white(also come in black) shoes with a ribbon through them and bow in front(which im sure can be inerchangeable

something definately a little more casual and summer friendly

The actual ballet toe shoe shape reminded me of ETC so i thought id post..

They also had this really simple purse.. i dont like the chain, but im sure you can switch it out for something cuter.

Im really bored.
I was mostly just happy about the mary janes..Cause im Piggety-Poor :P
BTW if anyone knows where i can find t-strap NON HEEL like thick and not sleek looking white mary-janes, ill kiss you.
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Doll's Garden (Germany)

Yesterday we had our 5th Doll's Garden Lolita Meet Up. Doll's Garden is just one of many GL meetings in Germany. It's organized for the south-located lolitas. I might introduce you our big lolita group and hope you enjoy the photos! On every Doll's Garden we have a theme. I'm sure you can imagine what the theme on this one was ;)

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2 questions, of shoe and parasol variety.....

First off, I bought some adorable shoes (tiny bow on toes and ankle wrap, leather lace, etc.), but they have only a 2 inch heel. I like mega high shoes, (I think they had elegance to my outfits, not to mention the "how the hey-who can she walk in that?" factor) and wonder how I can had more heel, if a local shoe fixer can do it or what..
Secondly, I love the BTTSB triple ruffle black parasol. I was wondering if and when there is another group order going out for Baby (I'm a bit terrified of the complicated process of doing it myself), or if there is a maker of parasols that recreate the basic look of the Baby parasol, but with some changes to make it my own (also so I am not ripping off the copyright).
Please help if you can, and thanks in advance!
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HUGE Brand list

***UPDATED 7/31/2009

I decided that it would be awesome if we had one huge brand list that showed all the websites and whatnot. It took me some time to compile this and it's still incomplete, some brands I couldn't find and I'm sure I overlooked some as well.

Most of this list is lolita, but there are some others here as well including punk, gothic, and gyaru.

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