April 14th, 2007

rose chocolat question

i ordered a pair of RH's and a pair of petit drawers from rose chocolat about 3 weeks ago and my order just came in the mail :)
the shoes are great.. but they didn't send the drawers :( [or any freebies like some people were getting! sad face.]

i posted a thing on their customer service board asking them to send me my drawers, should i email them also? what email should i use? i heard of someone else not having all their stuff sent also, did they ever send it or should i just go to paypal to try and get my $12 back [though i'd really rather have the drawers :s]

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Design help D:

I'm halfway done making a JSK but I think it's way too simple looking. The thing is, I'm currently broke and I can't buy any more lace... But I have more fabric for ruffles and bows. My original idea is to embrioder card suits on the bottom but isn't it a bit overdone? So if anyone can suggest something, that'll be amazing.

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Skateboarding in Style

I skateboard around for transportation. And I'm not always dressed in lolita clothes. So I usualy look like a regular girl. But today I went all Lolita-ed out. I got the head dress thigh highs and petticoat bows and frills. And I've been getting the strangest looks. People have been honking giveing me high fives and such. Once I fell over in classic anime style and gave everybody a good look at my panties. And when I usualy dress up ppl don't give me such weird looks. But I guess I'm just skateboarding or something.
How many loli's out there skateboard? Am I the only one?

Thought I'd just let you all know about my loli day. Feel free to delete if this doesn't fit in the community.

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