April 13th, 2007

NY tomorrow~

And alas. My first trip to NYC is tomorrow and I'm so excited. Because its rather chilly I won't be wearing lolita but a hot topic military dress over pants. I'll be stopping by Kinokuniya Bookstore. Gonna look at the BTSSB stuff. Hopefully gonna buy atleast one thing! If I have enough money that is T_T I have a spending limit of like 300. :Cry: I'm so disappointed in that. But thats not the only reason I'm going there! If you live in NYC and see some retarded girl in pants, dress, pigtails with an AC/DC hat on... Wave ~ Hehe... If I don't see any BTSSB thing I want I may just grab something and just sell it over here! (Gee I hope this doesn't need cutting. Longer than I expected~ Gomen~)
High Voltage

Gothic & Lolita in the Wall Street Journal

          On Friday, March 9, 2007, the Wall Street Journal ran an article in their Weekend Journal section entitled "Land of the Rising Karaoke Hot Tub," which talks about various trends in Japan. My father saved the article for me because it contains a few references to gothic & lolita.

          This certainly isn't the best article ever written on the subject, but it also isn't the worst. I think that the picture they've chosen as a representation of gothic & lolita was a very bad choice, and they do seem to lump lolita in with cosplay, but they don't equate the style with anything scandalous--mostly because that might be too much for the general readers of the Wall Street Journal. n_~

          I thought everyone else might enjoy browsing through it, so I've scanned that particular article. n_n The images are fairly large that way they can be read without too much distress, but if you have your screen set to a very large resolution you will probably need to zoom in. (If for any reason you receive an error message, just hit refresh and it should load.)

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Oh snap!

Over the past days I've been having some questions but instead of flooding the community I decided to wait and just ask them all at once.

1. Sailor Lolitas may I have your attention for this one! I want to come up with a sailor lolita outfit to wear for my brother's Naval graduation. But I'm low on ideas. :( So what's your favorite pieces or outfit?

2. Normally when it comes to floral print it's done on a JSK/One Piece or skirt but I want some CC on the idea of a [large] floral top with a solid colored skirt.
Something like this [sorry about the really bad example >.> I'm not in the best of talent right now
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3. What company is this JSK from or was it handmade?

4 Has anyone attempted Qilolita? Can you share?

5. I am in the works of my 4th wardrobe building volume [the 3rd a mini one is below] but I'm a little stuck. Does anyone want to help me co-write this one? For the most part it's done there's just some things I need a second opinion on.

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rarity stylin

H&M has some long dresses

This is partially just propaganda for my sales because I can't fit this dress, but I decided to do more than just throw it on and did my best to coordinate it, including another one of my sales items, so... here's a photo 8D It's not the floral H&M dress that popped up around christmas, it's peach with a sweet heart pattern.

Quick disclaimer: I'm feeling kind of... blehh and I just drank a liter and a half of water, so I look kind of... well, you'll see. Also, I didn't count on how bulky a Meta blouse can be.

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I swear, this started out a normal lolita picture. And then I got into the noir. I suppose you should just be glad I didn't try to find out how cabaret lolita would look.

Critique is SUPER-ENCOURAGED. You guys were super-helpful last time. It's just a quick sketch, because I need to know- Have I kept the outfit loli enough, or do I need MOAR RACE? (Also, my anatomy is shocking. I know this. I'm working on it, I promise.)

It was going to be a simple job. Walk in, get the boss, walk out. That was before I saw her, of course; She was wearing frills like i'd never seen before, and a little ribbon around her neck, and when she turned her pretty blue eyes on me, I knew I was in trouble.

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