April 12th, 2007

Tigger & Rabbit

For college-going lolis....more at home or school?

Dear lolitas,

I went home for Easter break and it suddenly occurred to me that I wear lolita way more in college than I do when I'm at home. Part of that reason might be because I live in a small town, and other than go to my friends' houses or to the mall, there's really not much else to do other than hang around in my house! It's weird, but I don't feel a...need to wear loli at home. It's almost as if I'd rather wear my outfits when I'm going to classes or out to NYC. Anyone else feel this way when they come home from college? This is sort of a little opinion post, I guess.

Under the cherryblossom tree

Yesterday some friends and I went out to look at the cherryblossoms. I thought this was a great opportunity to show of my new dress ;) this is my first ever picture post but there's no need to hold back on the constructive criticism ^_^'

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Size question

Hey there everyone, I would really like to know the max bust/waist on this jacket? (Well its in the Jacket/coat section) So anyone who can go to a baby store or even has this lovely baby could you please tell me.
The jacket in question
I saw this on Novala in GLB 24 and fell in love with it. But now that it's on the website I need it. So please help me out if you can

Thank you and have a great day!!!
gothic lolita

Baby Bunka Doll

Just a quickie, is this the same doll everyone was talking about that was a Kera collaboration?


I'm just curious since I never saw the original but it apparently disappeared from the internet for a few months, so I was curious if this is the same doll or a newer design. She's pretty cute! : ) Though I have to say, I don't know why Baby releases their own doll or Super Dollfie clothing after the human-size items they're based on are all sold out! Are they waiting to see what was popular, or just taking too long to get the small-scale versions produced? XD
suisei seki

Heel = Hell ?

Not sure if someone else noticed it, but I was looking through Rosechocolat shoes, particularly this one, and noticed that it says "Hell" instead of "Heel" ?

Edit: I suppose some people won't be able to get it. Just that I'm not a heel person, so i thought that was mildly amusing that's all. :D