April 11th, 2007


Momoko talking

Hi all!

Just a few hours ago I made an mmv of Shimotsuma Monogatari, I wanted it to show the friendship, similarities and differences between Momoko and Ichiko, but Momoko is just soooo lovely so it ended up like a Momoko amv only. I think I will make another but anyway I tought I should share it here, so If someone it's interested in it here is the link to youtube ^^


Hope you like it!
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How can something sour be so sweet?

I know, please don't kill me, this is the second picture post from me in only a handful of hours. Yet, I feel that I must share, seeing as I've never made a skirt before this!

About a month ago, someone asked what everyone's favorite styles were with lolita. Many agreed that fruit prints were win, but strawberries and cherries were a bit over done, and we never see much of anything else. Well, I got into my head to make a skirt around my favorite fruit. (I think it earned that place because it's sour enough that the sugars in it won't make me sick ^^; )

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city light company

A question for everyone.


I just wanted to get everyones opinion on this. Here's a hypothetical situation ... Say someone in America had their own brand of lolita clothing: their own designs, all professionally sewn with quality materials. Assume that the designs were great designs with alot of their own special fabric patterns and laces, and were all made at the same level of quality that you expect from the Japanese brands. What would you pay for these items ? Would you pay the same kinds of prices that you do for the Japanese name brands, or is alot of the justification for paying higher prices for lolita clothing the fact that you are purchasing "name brand" ?
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IW´s colour offwhite?


I just wonder what kind of IW´s colour offwhite am? Is it more like Baby’s offwhite, AP´s offwhite ore something totally different?

Best regards
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(no subject)

I know one of the common topics on here is how your family reacts to your wearing Lolita. Well, my sister and I are into it and we have kind of gotten my cousin interested as well. We went to a convention a while ago my sis and I dressed in Wa-Loli and my cousin in Gothic Loli. There was a photographer there and we got pictures taken. Both my parents thought the outfits are adorable, not too surprising from my mom, but sometimes my dad surprises me with his closed mindedness.

So we were sitting around after Easter dinner and the whole family was over and my dad does something unexpected. He asks my grandparents and my grandmother if they had seen pictures of the three of us when we went on our trip and says, "No? You have to see the picture." I didn't realize what he was talking about until he came back with the photograph of us in Loli and was really uncertain of how my grandparents would react. All three of them adored the pictures. Funny thing is that I wouldn't have been nearly as worried if it was sweet loli, but I'm used to being the weird artist of the family that not everybody gets. It was really neat that they liked the outfits. My grandparents are kind of set in their ways, but I guess a huge bow and ruffly skirts never hurt anybody. lol

It's amazing that I didn't stay a tomboy with the way my grandmother did my hair. She always brushed too hard and recited, "It hurts to be beautiful." Every time I got ready for school at her house, I could count on a giant ponytail on the side of my head with a gigantic single curl and a fresh cut flower in my hair. I'll have to post one of the dresses she got me. TOO MUCH (cheap) RACE! + Peach = Ick
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(no subject)

An experiential question to all my fellow lolis out there:

What's the most money that you've ever spent on ONE item of lolita clothing, and did it end up being worth it in the end? Did your enjoyment of whatever item overpower your guilt of having spent so much, etc?

Becuase I personally am considering dropping like..350 dollars on one item, and the confliction is tearing me apart right now. On the one hand, I desire it so very very much! But on the other...there are so many other things I could be doing with that money it's ridiculous. I just can't help but feel that I'll end up regretting it maybe. Especially after my parents just finished complaining to me about how expensive college is :(

I know everyone faces this in such a costly fashion, but I'm sort of hoping for someone to nudge me one way or the other with talk of their own experiences. :)
So please, tell me your gripping rollercoaster tale of joy and woe!
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Picture requests

Can I request pictures of the Alice And The Pirates BABY heart-shaped eyepatch on a person, please? It looks massive, and i'd like to see how much of my face it would eat if I were to get one.

Also, can I request for pictures of an old Meta dress, the pinafore one that came with a pearl belt? I can't remember what it was exactly called, and sadly, I don't have pictures, either. And I loved that dress. ;o;.

I used LJseek, but, yeah. Didn't come up with too much.
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Clothing Problems

hello!  im new here.  my name is deidra and i have a bit of a...problem.  i like to go to clubs alot in my lolita clothing and whenever i dance my dress sometimes go...upwards.  it's very embrassing!  does this happen to anyone else when they dance or anything else  how would i solve this problem?  thanks!


stain help...? OTL

hello---i am in need of advice/help (>---< )
i wore a dark red velevt jsk on top of an antique white blouse at scon and got caught in the rain when going home.
therefore, the red color bled onto my blouse (near the side and sleeves) making a light pink stain (T----T )
the blouse is antique white (cream color) with lots of gorgeous delicate lace, so i am not sure what to do...(brand is innocent world btw)

does anyone know how to get stains like this out?? (ToT )

(the jsk that bled is from babyssb...i was okay with other garments from baby, such as pink and black even in velvet, but it was my first time wearing something red and velvet...please be careful--!)

(no subject)

I'm so excited! I'm going to the city (San Fran!) on Wednesday to see a play, and then I'm going to look around the shops. In October, I'm taking my first trip to NYC ever! =D I'm staying for four days and seeing two Broadway shows! Whoot! Anyways, that's not important. I was wondering if there are any Stores in Frisco or New York City that sell Loli clothing. I was going to go to Paris for a school trip next year, but my parents are too worried about terrorism and want me to travel in the states. ;__; (So no BTSSB for me...)

Oh, and are the rumors true? Is Baby, The Stars Shine Bright really planning to open a store in Frisco? O__O If so, I'm super excited! I only live 30 minutes away from the city. And yes, I did look at the memories. But I am still unsure whether or not there is a store. (I have heard that there is a Japanese book store located in NYC that sells Loli clothes, hmmm.)

I would ask if they had a Loli store in Reno (I'm going there this weekend...Yes, I travel wayyy too much) But I think I'm pushing it.

Oh, and I got these adorable white boots at the party store today! Yes, a party store. XD They are so adorable, white and lacy. I think they'd really look good with a sweet loli outfit. (Once I get my stupid credit card, I'll go buy something. >.<)


I made an arts. Well, design sketches. One day I'll make them all. Or at least have them made for me! I'm amazed how good a grasp I actually had on the different styles. Especially since 90% of what I wore was... erm... not so awsomeness.

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Sizing for Dresses

Hi everyone! I'm planning to make some lolita dresses to sell here :) But I'm thinking more like making some generic sized dresses rather than custom so it's easier for me to make (S, M, L) What measurements do you gals think would be a good sizing for waist, hips, length, etc for S, M, and L? Thanks!
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More Reviews on "Momo's Handicrafts Store"?

I'm really in a bind for money, and right now my best chance is ordering from Momo's Handicrafts Store. I didn't ever give the place much thought since it used pictures from brand websites and the prices were really cheap. But someone recently gave it a nice review, and I'd like to order from it if I can...

The only thing is, I really can't find many other reviews on Momo, even with the help of the search engine. In the only post I know of reviewing it, she said she had problems getting it come in a decent time limit... So I was wondering if anyone else had had any experience with them. Time isn't too much of a problem - I have three weeks until I absolutely have to have the item with me. Has anyone else had problems with getting their orders in a reasonable time limit? Do you think this is enough time? :/
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Rose Chocolat Shipping Question & WTB

1) I want to buy the classic mary janes from Rose Chocolat but I need them by May 18th. I looked at reviews and such but I'm still a little unsure if I ordered them now that they would come in by that time. So anyone who has ordered from them, did they take a long time to ship and whatnot?

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Thanks in advance everyone. ^_^
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