April 10th, 2007

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The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens are having their annual Sakura Matsuri at the end of the month, and to celebrate, the lolitas of NYC will be getting together Saturday, April 28th--and hopefully, so will the Philly lolitas! Details of where to meet and what time are still in the process of being planned, but mark the date on your calendar and don't forget!

Bring a sheet or picnic chair to sit on if you can (the more, the better, because nothing ruins a fun day outside like grass stains on your skirts), and comment if you'll be bringing anything like food, beverages, or plates/cups/etc. Try not to bring anything messy, i.e. cupcakes are preferable to sloppy joes, iced tea is preferable to orange soda. And remember, the trains WILL be packed and the lines WILL be long, so try to not come late. Admission and other details can be found at the garden's official site.


Kaoru_ai and Sakkakufae's shopping service notice

To everybody who emailed kaoru_ai's phone with shopping service requests,  please forward all requests to my email- 

I'm sorry for the delay, but kaoru_ai had a bit of an accident and is in the hospital right now, so I'm taking care of this week's orders.  For everyone that had already emailed her requests, I'll have them taken care of and shipped by this weekend, if you can forward them to me. 

For people who are interested but have not emailed her, I will be taking new requests and doing the shopping for them this weekend, and shipping the items at the beginning of next week.

So, for those of you who have already sent a request to Kaoru_ai, please forward the email and details to me, and I will take care of it.  If you paypaled her already, don't worry, I have her account info, so its fine.

I'm sorry for the confusion this week, unexpected bad luck has set us back.  So email me at corinne.elysse@gmail.com and I will take care of the requests promptly!  Thank you!

Funny English

Last night, my flatmate was staring at this tote I had left lying on the couch after coming in, and she suddenly realised that it had quite a funny misprint. "Baby The The Stars Shine Bright". Now, I've had this tote hanging on my wall for at least a month without noticing it, but now every time I look at it I crack up.
I know there were some other mistakes, like Red Riding/Ridding Hood, but what other funny print mistakes have you noticed in your clothes? Post pictures if you can be bothered!~
Pitufina in Pigtails

Recently completed dress commission.

EDIT: The fabric is 100% silk dupioni. Please do not confuse this with cheap satin. It is very highly reflective in photography I guess, but quite matte, with a deep sheen in real life... Its expensive, crisp quality material with a nice hand, and you could buy 10 meters of cotton broadcloth with what you pay for one of this fabric.

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Sexy smokin Zerick !
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Coordination = love ! ( I've resized my images XD XD XD )

Hi hi !! ^_^ ((( I'm reposting, sorry for earlier my images where too big and it made my home server EXPLODE lol ! Can you actually see the pics now ?? )))

I don't know if you remember a long time ago I made a post with pictures of possible coordinating with mix of brand and random store clothings? Well today I've decided to do some wardrobe cleaning and had to take off all my clothes from there lol, and realized that it would be fun to make another one of these posts since the previous one months ago seemed to be very appreciated XD ! ^_^ Now I've sold lots of my previous clothes but got tons more LOL XP So I took tons of pics of my collection, 98% from Metamorphose except a lovely Putumayo skirt, Baby headdress and random blouses from boring stores which is always nice for different coordinations ... ^.^ ! So this is what I have from only 1 year in purchasing brand items! ( it became one of my main hobby I must say ^.^; ) And beware, IMAGE HEAVY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

! My bed is possessed by cute clothes !!!! O__________O

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Please give my your answers

I am make first Lithuania site about fashion who dominate in Harajuku so I want to give you some questions. Please give my answers I be really grateful. 

1.What style you wear?
2.What is your name?
3.That old you are?
4.How long you are in this style?
5.That you thing about others Harajuku styles?
6.Why you dressed like this?
7.If you can give my your picture.

Please send this in hiyo.kawaii@gmail.com
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Anyone Making BTSSB Order?

Hey! I'm just wondering if anyone is making a BTSSB order in Canada or US, and wouldn't mind letting me tag along. I want to order a ring and headdress, and I'm trying to save on IPMO and shipping fees. Hopefully, the order will be made within the next few days. I can pay by cc through paypal. Please let me know! Thanks! ^^

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Am I the only one that feels as if....lolita is declining, in a way? I was looking through some old GLBs and a lot of the stuff is so much nicer than what brands are releasing lately. Looking through a lot of brand websites, I dont find myself attracted to as many items. A lot of it is just unappealing, or a remake. There's a few nice things out there, just...not as much as there used to be. I dont think I've grown out of the fashion, It's just...I cant find anything anymore? I dunno.

Does anyone else feel like this, or is it just me?

Gothic lolita soccer team! Win!

Gothic Sports

Wry hasn't anyone posted about this new manga series from Tokyopop yet? It looks adorable! A Gothic lolita soccer team, genius! Geez, I want to be a gothic lolita cheerleader now!

For extra fun, here are the gothic aristocrat football player and gothic lolita team manager from one of my favorite sports manga series, Eyeshield 21. Seriously, this is genius. I wish I'd thought of it.

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