April 9th, 2007

headdress replacements...

I really like the Gothic Lolita look but I really hate headdresses, I don't know why I just feel very strange when wearing one lol. And I don't really want to wear a tophat either, so I was thinking about bows.

Does anyone wear bows in their hair? Are there any good lj-users who custom make them?

I'm mainly looking for two bows to wear at the edge of my pigtails, not on the top of my head as well...(like bows on clips not headbands)

P.S. Yes I used LJ seek but what I found was too simple, just ribbon or fabric, I'm looking for something with Hello Kitty, skulls, lollipops, some sort of decoration/plastic charm in the middle or something.

Thank you and sorry if this is asked a lot but I did look around first :)

LJseeker friend not foe

So the memories don't have anything to do with the question you want to ask. Well that doesn't mean it hasn't been asked a 1,000,000 times before. On the profile/info page of the community there is a little box powered by the site LJseeker.com. Use it! You'll be amazed on how easy it is.

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Camden Market

I have been looking at lolita for a long time but I have never had any clothes in the style.I'm planning to go to Camden Market because I heard that there were some lolita stores there so that I could finally get some lolita clothes. What stores are these and where abouts are they?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey guys!

I'm currently doing an essay "new journalism" style about a subculture and I chose the Lolitas! (yay!)

I hope you don't mind answering a few questions. (and sorry if these questions have been asked many times before ><)

1. How do you feel wearing Lolita clothes? (i.e. Do you feel like a precious baby-doll, or an innocent maiden, or a complete and utter fool?  Are you a girl who's hiding a wounded soul behind layers and layers of beautiful clothing?)
2. Do you ever imagine yourself in the past eras and love to emerse yourself in a Victorian-ish atmosphere; is Lolita ever a true escape for you?  Or just something fun?
3. How do you think others who don't know the style view you and why?
4. What did you first think of Lolita and what do you think of it now?  If your thoughts about it have changed, why?
5. When you wear Lolita are you making a statement about yourself?  Or do you just wear it because you think the clothes are pretty?

A short picture post!

I've never made a picture post here before! Wow!
Everyone is posting Easter pictures, so I will post a few of mine, though we didn't really celebrate Easter. But there are lots of beautiful pink sakura flowers, which are nice for spring!

I finished my first jumperskirt on Saturday night, so I wore it on Sunday! So here are a few photos!

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