April 8th, 2007

Model legs

A short post:

^.^ Yesterday we got a bunch of people together for an early Easter pot luck, and I had tried to make it as Lolita as humanly possible. Of course, only two of us dressed up but we still had a ton of fun.

And since I am SO proud of my clearance HT outfit, I thought I'd share just 2 pictures ♥

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Anyway, Happy Easter everyone!!!
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Wellington ~ NZ Lolitas!

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Any other questions, feel free to contact either me or Kiyomi23 ^-^! I'm not technically an organiser, I just like being in the centre of things ;). And I love emails, so anything’s good :).


We look forward to meeting you all there o(^-^)/!

*Cross-posted to gothloli_nz and oz_lolita

*P.S. Armageddon's website is www.pulpexpo.com - if there's anything else you want to know not on the site, feel free to ask ^^.

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Pink Hearts

Happy Easter Everybody!

Even if you don't celebrate religiously, it's a good excuse to eat chocolate, dye eggs, and wear ridiculous bunny ears :D I can't make it home for Easter this year, so those celebrating with family, please eat some ham for me!

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Cupcake Lolita!

Lolita Artwork...

Are there Lolita's that are interested and actually do purchase framed (lolita style) original artwork? What kind of work do you buy/are interested in i.e. photography, sculpture and painting etc? 

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Lolita in HongKong

My dad makes frequent trips to HK and China in general, so I asked him if maybe he could do some shopping for me.

He said yes, but the only problem is that I don't know whether certain shops are open or which ones there are and where they're located. I think I remember someone posting a map to loli shopping in HK a while ago, but I've checked the memories and haven't come up with much. Is there a map to shopping or a list of shops + addresses in HK? If so, could someone please direct me to them? That would be very helpful! <3 (sweet or classic lolita in particular would be loved)

One more question...Is the shop 'Lolita In Touch' open or not? Going through the memories, I was very confused about the answer to this. If anyone knows that would be great.
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Kera Snap!

Well, I was cavorting in Thailand for the last two weeks and managed to miss the March issue of Kera, which I may be in omg, so!:

1. Can anyone who owns the March issue tell me if the Snap! photos from the Girls' Day event at LaForet are in there?

2. Can anyone based in Tokyo or with knowledge of the city tell me where/how to get back issues?

Thanks, guys. :)