April 7th, 2007


Budget loli picture post!

My roommate and I happened upon some dresses today.
From... *gasp* FOREVER 21.

YES, I know, we need petticoats, better/an existence of tights, and my hair looks blah... but we were far too excited about these dresses!

So we ran around the Peabody Conservatory and took funny pictures.

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Yes, again, we KNOW these are unfinished outfits... but we were very excited! ^_^

Can you imagine a lolita doing Tae-Kwon-Do? XD

It's so random, but it just poped into my head!
I'm really into lolita, sweet lolita, but I'm also really into Tae-Kwon-Do. :3
Is that a weird combo?
(I don't mean that I would quit Tae-Kwon-Do or anything, I just think it'd be funny to beat up a grown man while wearing loli or something!)

But this also makes me curious! Does anyone else do a martial art?
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Rivet Shoes

I was wondering has anyone here ordered any shoes from Rivethead. Do the sizes run small/large, or are they true to size?
I also noticed they only sell in whole sizes not half so...yeah. Was wondering about that. :)
Thank you to anyone that helps! :)
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I need your input on a business plan ♥

Me and my mother own a tiny lolita business (registered and all) the original point of it was to start our own line of clothing but we found it difficult to find machinists here in Aust, to do the sewing, so we are thinking of restructuring it and stocking known-brand lolita! :D We would be stocking Angelic Pretty and Mary Magdalene to start off with and then go from there. ^-^

So my question is:

Would you be willing to pay a slightly inflated price for AP and MM that we pre-reserve when it comes out?

(Inflated price = shipping + duties)

(So if AP sells out fast we might still have it. o: Too bad Sweets Country has been and gone.)

Thankyou very much! ♫

(Sorry EGL if I can't put this in here. >.o)

Sizing Question

I'm sorry to fill the community with such boring things, but...

Are the bust measurements of this Meta JSK really accurate? The bust doesn't even go one inch larger than the waist!


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Pink Jellyfish!

Name this dress.

Ok I have to ask, I am absolutely in love with this dress and I would love to get my hands on it, just, who is it by, what brand? I'm dying to know, this picture has been circulating the net for quite a while now and it is driving me insane. If someone has mentioned it before I am so sorry but I totaly missed it and so please forgive me I need help. ^_^

Thankyou. And sorry about my hopelessness. >_

Rose Chocolat Question

Yes yes I know another rose chocolat question i'm sorry but i searched and couldn't find the answer. My question is how do you go about paying for the shoes using paypal. I read the bill guide instructions but it seems the layout of the site may have changed because when i paided it didn't see a button to take me to the paypal page to login and verfiy the payment. I also haven't seen the amount taken from my paypal credit account. Yet my order status on rosechocolat says order received. How do i know that they received the payment? Sorry if this is confusing. But but i would be thankful for any help you can give.