April 6th, 2007


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Sorry for another post going "OMG WHAT'S WRONG WITH ___ WEBSITE"



No, seriously, is it working for other people? I went to show my best friend a dress I'm going to ask my local seamstress to replicate to be a recital dress, but the website isn't working...

(That said, stupid me didn't save a picture of the dress, does anyone have it? It's like a grayish mauve I think, and has embroidered flowers at the top and bottom.)

EDIT: Deleting my cookies didn't help... although thank you all for reming me to do that, it needed to be done badly. XD

Well, based on what day the site decided to crap out:

egl administrator

COMMUNITY: Changes are coming and we need artwork!

The community is about to undergo a number of large changes, and with those changes comes a change in journal layout.

The new layout will have a header graphic at the top of the journal page. There will be a logo for EGL that will not change and a space beside it for lolita artwork from members of the community that will change.

We will be featuring a new artist every 2 weeks to a month. There will be a link to the person's personal webpage or Deviant Art account or whatever they would like linked that will accompany the artwork. It would be really good exposure for people who are looking to break into commission work. It would also be bragging rights to say "My artwork was at the top of the EGL community for a month!"

I really want to go ahead and change the community over to the new format, but we desperately need art work submissions. I know that there are a number of really talented artists in this community. The submission doesn't have to be something new that you created just for the community. It can be any lolita artwork that you have done.

Please email all submissions to emiko42(at)gmail(dot)com.
emiko is in charge of the artwork for the community and the page layout. Please address any questions or concerns to her as well as submissions.

The artwork should be clearly lolita based. Your submission should not be a photograph. Art with an overall monotone color scheme is preferred, but all submissions will be considered.

Please do submit work! I know that there are so very many really talented artists in this community!

Thanks everyone! ^__^

Philly Lolita Meet up

Everyone remembers last year when Philly Lolitas did Sakura Sunday, well it's that time of the year again and Philly Lolitas shall return to Sakura Sunday!!  April 15, 2007 is the date and will be meeting up at noon at the gazebo across from the long fountain.  We can do a picnic, I encourage everyone if you can to bring a Bible for sharing and looking in for fun.  For the picnic, you can make something or you can buy something, it doesn't matter.  I'm going to make a list of who is coming and what a person is bring so we don't double up on things.  Post your RSVP at philly_lolitas and I'll add you to the list.

See you there!!

Manga Losing Neverland

I hope it's ok to post this. ^^
Have you heard about the manga Losing Neverland by Fahr Sindram. It's released in English language now and I thought it would be also interesting for lolitas, because the main character Laurie wears LOLITA clothing or at least lolita-inspired clothing.
It's a drama about a boy who is forced to prostitution. it's an anti-shotacon manga! I think it's a good idea to support this.

You can buy this here:


Vegan Loli questions =P

Well. I'm just starting out in lolita, but there's a few problems I've run into. =\ Most of the really nice shoes and such I see are made of real leather. I'm vegan, and I refuse to wear fur, leather, etc.. so, does anyone here know of some non-animal lolita shoes? Especially RH, because I've been wanting a pair for ages. I'd really appreciate any comments. @@;
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Mad Hatter Aristocrat? Outfit help needed badly D:

SO, there's a "Through the Looking Glass" themed masquerade for an upcoming con. I'm sure you can imagine the happiness when I learned this news. xD
I immediately thought of a really dramatic Red Queen himeloli type of outfit, but there's no way I could even begin to afford those that in the short amount of time I have, so I decided to go with a Mad Hatter thing since I already had the getup from a few Halloweens ago...

A Kodona/Dandy type is the most obvious, but then I remembered I had an Aristocrat skirt that I never really used and wondered if I could incorporate it...

This is where you guys come in.

I'm in a horrid rut and only have a few things available.

Under the cut is two ideas that I'm throwing around: (WARN, IMAGE-HEAVY)

Collapse )

I don't usually ask like this, but I need some creativity of the users here! I'm at a point where any idea whatsoever will be extremely helpful.

Thaaanks to anyone who reads !! Seriously.