April 5th, 2007


Measurement Request

I wonder if anyone can help me out with the waist measurements of the marie jsk?
I seen that the skirt has a waist measurement of 64cm, what about the jsk?
It says:


Does that means that the waist is the same size with the bust? Or because it has shirring so it will be full stretchable?

Thank you!


post them inks!

Hello there. In this next coming week I am going to be getting my first tattoo and I thought it would be interesting/spectacular for other lolis in this community to post pictures of themselves looking spiffy with thier tattoos ^_^ So post away!
Jewellery Jelly

Some (silly) shirring questions

I am planning to make myself a JSK and might try out shirring.  After searching through previous posts, it appears that it is quite easy to do (even for a beginner like me, but if you want to do a tutorial, I'll be very grateful), but I'd like to clarify a couple of points before starting.

1. There seems to be TWO ways of doing shirring: using elastic and pull it while sewing, OR using elastic threads in the bobbin.  Which way is better?  (clearly I think elastic threads is the easier way, but is the result better too?)

2. If using the elastic threads way, I put the fabric down with the RIGHT side facing UP, correct?  And the fabric will shir automatically?

3. How much fabric would I need for shirring, in the case of complete shirring all around (like http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/jumper/130247.html) and of partial shirring (i.e. just the bust part, like http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/jumper/130243.html)?  My measurements are 34" bust, 26/27" waist.

4. Any other tips?

Thanks for your help! ^^

a find at Ross

Just to let you all who have a Ross department store around know.As I was scanning through the shirts isle I spotted some half waist, long sleeved hoodies: black with white crowns or white with black and some pink sparkly things, perfect for a cute cover up with a nice outfit.
Zorak in a Wig

A 2-for-the-price-of-one Photo Post

I wore my pink easter JSK that I recently made to school today. Here are 11 pictures.

Collapse )
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Thanks to everyone who helped me with deciding on what to put on my head. I think I've lost the hat, I tore my room up looking for it and it didn't turn up. :(

EDIT: For those of oyu who were wondering, the mean lady at college didn't show up to class.
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For Church going lolis.....are you dressing up for Easter?

Hey I was just thinking a little bit ago, I tend to always wear lolita to church on Easter b/c it's my nicest clothing, and I feel ok wearing it to church then (for some reason I feel uncomfortable wearing it any other sunday, weird I know).

and so I was just wondering, for the church going lolitas, what will YOU be wearing on Easter this sunday?
sadly I can't take a picture of my outfit b/c my camera wont work *cries*

shows pictures if possible!

just thought that this would be a fun picture post people might enjoy~!!

well the only drawback I can see to wearing full lolita to church on Easter sunday is Easter sunday is always the most crowded sunday for any church, and so last year I was dying b/c it was SO hot and I was squished in so tight, which didn't help any of my anxiety problems let me tell you...
well anyways, I digress, so....

what will you be wearing this sunday? ^________^

 p.s. I'm surprised no one else brought this up yet......

sorry, hope this doesn't offend non-church going lolis......but if you were going to go, what would you wear?
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