April 4th, 2007

Mary Jane Feet

Meeting Baby the Stars Shine Bright

I just got home from the best vacation ever! I had done promotion for the Kamikaze Girls (Shimotsuma Monogatari) movie at San Diego Comic Con. Yesterday when the designers from Baby the Stars Shine Bright were in San Francisco they had a dinner for the movie promoters, interviewers, and some local lolitas.

Since I had also came from Los Angeles I was allowed to come early to the Viz building to meet them. I arrived during some interviews which I was allowed to sit in on. After the interviews I got to have a quick portfolio review! It was my first review so I was so nervous my hands were shaking. Even if I don't design lolita I can't think of better designers to have first review with. The jacket is a sample of my style btw.

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Also making the week my best vacation ever was the fact its my 3rd year anniversary with my boyfriend!
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Wardrobe Builder vol. 1

I've had a bit more free time this week and really don't know what to do with. LJSeek is still being strange so I can't finish the tutorial list. (I'm glad you all liked it thus far!) And now I decided to make a little wardrobe builder guide. If you guys like it enough I'll continue but for now here's the first.

little note: I in no way claim to know all about Lolita or fashion in general. I was just feeling a little creative and I had some time on my hands

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Spring Lolita

Lolita Eliteism?

Do you ever feel overprotective of your Brand Lolita clothing (or lolita stuff in general)? This past weekend, I think I did something very unloli (and polite if you ask me)., for the sake of keeping my clothing nice.

Saturday I hung out in Little Tokyo with some friends, and had a good time.  My friend and I were walking over to Little Tokyo Mall and this group of people were walking towards us. This girl was among them - dressed all in black  came walking  (briskly) towards me. She was dripping with sweat - a stain around her collar and more around her pits and was holding her arms out to me me like she was going to grab me and said, "Oh my gosh! A pretty Lolita! I must hug you." 

I kinda steered off to the left of her and said, "No, no you don't." and started to walk away. She turned to her friends and said, "Well that was mean." and I said, "Yep".

I know it was really mean, but goodness she was really sweaty! I had taken pictures with quite a few people that day and had no problem when this one little girl wanted to come hug me. But I am sorry, when you are like that and you don't even ask before you attempt to hug someone, it is rather rude (the father asked before the little girl hugged me). To top it all off, I didn't want to get the sweat on my OP.

Now that I look back on it, I realize that this contributes to the whole "loli elitist" stereotype. But is it really different from the recent story and the girl who was so overprotective of her designer jeans? Is this any different from choosing to stand because the only place to sit is really dirty and you don't want to get your lolita wear dirty?
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Corset recommendations?

I love my corsets, and usually I end up buying them off of ebay stores. I take preference to steel boning because it lasts and, unlike plastic boning, doesn't warp out of shape after 3 uses!! So, can any of you lovely ladies point me in the direction of a reputable corset store/seller online?? <3

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LA Weekly

a question about beauty care

I'm gonna justify this post being here in egl  because it has to do with keeping your face look young and healthy (plus a post a few weeks ago about shaving inspired a very big/interesting/informative thread that while not directly related to Loli, had a lot to do with it. ^_^

I'm looking for new budget face care items. I am just about to run out of my old reliable Shiseido White lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam.   I have been using this cleanser for years, but unfortunately I am not in a very strong finial situation right now and CAN'T afford to drop $30 or more.    Does anybody have any suggestions on budget cleansers that are in the $15 and under range?
any suggestions on budget moisturizer  would also be appreciated.

I have very stereo typical combonation skin. Oily trouble T zone, Dry cheeks. My big unique thing is i'm really really pink/red (i'm white).  it's my natural completion.  oh yeah, I don't have a big Acne prob. I still get them (i'm 25) but usualy only once a month. I've been very lucky w/that part of my complextion
if you have the money i highly recommend above linked Shiseido product, it's fab and I love it.

Help me with my senior project :o

I'm studying fashion design, and for my senior project I'm supposed to design a collection that fills some sort of unfilled niche in my target market. I'm thinking of doing a lolita line, but the market seems pretty well saturated already, and I can't really think of a way to make my line proposal seem like it'll be truly competitive with established brands.

I know price and size are an issue with a lot of people, but since it's senior project I can't just do a knockoff line and say that it's cheaper and comes in more sizes than most other things offered in the market. So what, design-wise, do you wish more brands sold?
Here are my ideas so far:

1) More gothic, deconstructed styles reminscent of h.Naoto and Alice Auaa -- They have the advantage of also appealing to the goth market without being a watered-down bastardization of the fashion, and are currently somewhat rare in the English-speaking market.

2) Jackets and coats -- A coat you're going to wear almost every day of the season has to be warm enough and versatile enough, and since most Lolita fashion outside of Japan is bought and sold on the Internet it's hard to know if the coat you want to order will fulfil either criteria. On the other hand, if I did this I'd have to really concentrate on the marketing/getting my stuff into shops aspect, and that's the most boring part of fashion design in my opinion. And from what the people at the gothic boutiques in my city say, Lolita stuff never sold well when they had it.

3) More tailored styles targeted to the older side of the Lolita market -- This is purely selfish, since I'm in the older side of the Lolita market and rapidly approaching the age where I'll look silly in bows and frills. But from what I've seen, people at a certain age either wear Lolita anyways, or give it up entirely with no regrets, so I don't know how much appeal this idea really has.

4) What Hot Topic has tried to do, that is to say sillhouettes such as the A-line and the mini that appeal more to the American market at large than bell-shaped crinolines do. I think I could do this without creating things that are made of failure and tears, but would it still appeal to the Lolita market even though it wouldn't strictly follow the so-called rules of Lolita?

Any other ideas would also be very welcome. Thank you, internet!
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(no subject)

I heard there is a Kinokuniya store in Edgewater, NJ. Anyone know about this, or if it sells BTSSB stuff?

Its not gonna stop me from going to the NY one next Friday tho~ I just wanna see it. I heard its one of its biggest.

IW Group Order Update

Alright guys, due to my underestimating the interest in the group order, I'm extending the dates. I'll accept orders up until Wednesday 4/11 5PM PST. And I won't place the order until Sunday 4/15 5PM PST in order to give the non-CC paypal-ers payments time to clear.

Hope this helps!

[Missed the original post? Check it out here --> http://community.livejournal.com/egl/8533198.html]

Also, clarice pointed out that there may be savings to be had by using a different courier service so I will use the extra time to explore the thriftiest option for all of us.

(no subject)

I don't think I've posted here before, but it occured to me the other day while shopping for prom, can Lolita or Aristocrat be promwear? (I could imagine more Aristocratic dresses being formal enough, I just tend to think they all have long sleeves, so they might be too hot...) Basically, I thought it would be interesting to get input on this. (Especially from more experienced people) So, Can Lolita work for a prom dress? Have you ever seen it done? Have you ever done it? (If so, how did it go, reactions from people, general issues) Or, do you think Lolita at prom is just tacky/other negative adjective, and why?

Thanks in advance~, I'm really curious to see what your opinions will be. ^^
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Questions, Picture & Review Request: ITS Dolly Blouse

Why hello there egl!

I'm almost new. I joined quite a while ago, had been previously lurking for ages, but never posted on here before. And this is probably not the best possible first post to make, as it's pretty damn boring. sorry! I'll make sure to post more interesting stuff soon, such as pictures & drawings :]

I'm terribly sorry for being such a bother, and i perfectly know these kind of posts get terribly annoying over time, but i spent the last hour looking through the memories and using the search function with all kinds of keywords, without real success [which is weird as ITS seems to be one of the most often discussed topics on here!], so I basically had to post.

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Thanks a bunch! ♥
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jack cute

Question VM Beth

Seriously, one of the most stupid questions alive...

Does this skirt (colour doesn't matter)
http://www.victorianmaiden.com/beth/catalogue/skirt/crowntartan-sk.html come with the underskirt or not? I am really confused. Because VM suggests it with two different colored underskirts and the 

タータンチェックに王冠等の紋章プリントがブリティッシュな雰囲気のスカートです。 裾には2段に百合紋のケミカルレースを飾り、豪華に仕上がりました。アンダースカートと合わせて頂くタイプのスカートとなっておりますので、後ろからアンダースカートのフリルをたっぷりと覗かせて、可愛らしくお召し頂けます。 ピンミニ付リボンは取り外し可能となっておりますので、お好みの場所に着けてコーディネイトをお楽しみ頂けます。 お色は正統派トラッドな雰囲気のレッドと、すっきりとして上品なブルー、 シックで落ち着いた印象のグレー、お使い頂きやすい無地・ブラックの4色をご用意致しました

translated doesn't make sense. Curse you babelfish.

Probably only the top part is included, eh? ;_;

EDIT: Okay, I have to purchase the underskirt seperately! Thanks for all the answer! Maybe I'm going to get a knock-off. Hmm, hmm.