April 3rd, 2007

Innocent World Group Order.

There was interest, so here we go! Innocent World Group Order!

Emails with your order will be due by 5PM PST on Friday, 4/6. Please copy and paste the following order form and email it to manubrium@gmail.com.

Item name:
Item size: (if applicable)
Item color:
Item price: (in yen)
Item URL: (this can be tricky with innocent world. you can obtain it by right clicking on the item page that you want and clicking view this frame. the url that pops up for this is your item url!)
Your name:
Your paypal email address:

1) On Friday evening, I will send you an email confirming your order and giving your total charge, including paypal & celga fees. You will then have until Saturday @ 5PM PST to paypal me your total. I will accept credit and non-credit paypal. I will place the order Saturday @ 8PM PST.
2) I can afford to front the shipping charges. Once the items arrive, I will combine the initial shipping charge and the charge to your house. That way we can make this into two easy payments.
3) I will open this order up to all items as I've got a great UPS scale at work. If you order something heavy, please expect to pay your share of shipping, as it would be unfair to ask someone buying a headdress to pay equal shipping for your shoes.
4) This group order is open to international lolitas. I just ask that they be patient as my experience with worldwide shipping is somewhat limited.
5) I have a little bit of feedback on loligoth_dbs and I am a verified paypal member. To assuage fear and/or doubt, you will pay no shipping until your item is physically in my hands. Additionally, I will provide my home address, home phone number and cell phone number to those who decide to order as a sort of informational collateral.

I hope I covered all aspects, but if you have any questions feel free to comment or to email me. Happy shopping!

EDIT: I was assuming that this order would stay relatively small so I could swing making the order before the non-CC paypal payments clear. However, if it becomes large, please note that I will push back the purchase date to either Monday or Tuesday.
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Cheer Up?

My apologies if this has been asked before, but I was wondering..
When something bad happens when you're wearing lolita (someone says something mean, people snub you, etc), what do you do to cheer yourself back up? What do you do to keep the fashion up, even after something like that?

For me, I usually feel rather bummed for a while.. then I look at my nice stuff and look at everyone else here and how much everyone loves it and it makes me feel better ^^
Rilakkuma Writing

Petite Cossette Avatars

Credit chiiruchanicons
Read Rules for Using avatars here!
Request avatars here!

XD I watched a creepy lil girl in a horror anime...and made tons of avatars of her. She is creepy...but Gothic Lolitas are so good when they are creepy.

There are a few animated ones at the end. XD I worked really hard on these. @_@ I had to think of darker themed stuff...but some ended up cute anyways.

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so so so fake cut. XD
serendipity default

Question about shopping service:

How good is Celga at keeping up with currency conversions? It seems like they only update it once in awhile on the page, but I was wondering if what they have there is always what they charge? Because their site says 110yen = 1 USD right now, and checking on XE.com today, it says that nearly 119yen = 1 USD. Now, for an item that I want, that's about 20 dollars of difference. Should I follow what they say, or what a more current model says, if I am planning to purchase an item from a brand store through them?

Thanks for any input. ^_^

Possible Meetup???

If there are any lolitas in the Humble/Kingwood/Atascocita/N. Houston area, would you be interested in a possible meetup sometime? My friend and I were thinking of having a picnic and if anyone were interested in going, that would make us very glad. There's no date set for certain yet, but we were thinking sometime over a weekend, possibly a Saturday (seeing as that is when most people are usually available).
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mary magdalene picture request

I really need a picture of a past Mary Magdalene dress -- it's sleeveless (with the X-cross ties in addition to the straps), with a ruffle around the bottom and lace across the top of the bodice. The sample dress was black cordoroy with cream netting lace, but it also came in wine and a couple other colors. I believe the page is still up, but it's no longer linked from the main page and I didn't bookmark it. Any help? I really thought I'd saved the pics but heck if I can find them on my hard drive...
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n00b lolita looking 4 petticoat plz

Soo I bought this dress off ebay:

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and it hasn't come yet, but I forgot I needed a petticoat for it.  ._.  I've never done lolita before; this is my first attempt.

Does anyone have any good sellers from ebay or anywhere on the internets that sell petticoats for cheap?  I'm not really looking for quality, otherwise I'd be going for a meta one or something... something cheap that'll get here fast :X

Thank you!
What was once...


So today, after 5 weeks (damn customs...they delayed my package and gave me 80$ in fees! @_@) I received my Candy Violet skirt and petticoat to complete the rest of my loli gear. I was so excited!

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Teaser Pic...I name it "Artificial" for the wig effect^^.

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penguin by [nks]


originally a commission for someone on EGL, but posting here to share with all you ladies and gentlemen :3
alice-like, and very out-of-season since it was done during winter XD

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