April 2nd, 2007

IW group order

Would anyone be interested in a Innocent World group order?  I've been dying for a headdress from there, but thats all I want to get. I'm also looking for someone to organize the group order since I've never done one.
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Fairy Tale Loli party

I'm thinking of putting on a Fairy-tale themed loli tea party. (Where everyone gets to dress up as their favorite fairy-tale character only lolified)

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in coming?

<3 Taicho

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Advance apologies if this is one of those horrible repeat questions, but I was wondering:

If you email meta to reserve an item, do they usually send a confirmation email, or do they just contact you when the item is in stock? I'm not really sure how this works.


I'm confused and new ^__^;;

I'm so sorry if this is out of line or something but I'm 100% new to this. My english isn't that great either. But I was wondering if anyone could help me on advice as to the HonestDragonChina ebayer? has anyone bought the black and red butterfly wa-lolita dress from her? could I see pictures? :D

I'm scared for the shipping because I have a convention to go to on the 27th and I'm ordering now! -___-;; I also don't know what accessories to buy for it either. What type of headdress should I wear? What shoes would look best? I have something in mind for shoes [and it gives me a GREAT excuse to buy them ^.^] but idk. And I don't know how to make a little link thing to make this shorter. I'm so new I'm sorry -___-;;

thank you for help!!

I'm new to this community - could anyone advise on sizes?

Hi! Now I finally have a job with a reasonable income, I can start buying clothing that makes me happy! :D However, by Japan's standards I'm tall and fat putting me firmly in the Ookii section... Can anyone advise on brands that accommodate for girls with bigger figures? My measurements are roughly 39''-20''-40''
Help muchly appreciated ^^ 

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Kodona or punk? (Your thoughts needed^^)

I'm looking to make an outfit for an upcoming anime con here. I thought of a cute design but I wasn't sure what it would be classified. Someone told me Kodona while someone else said more Punk Lolita. I decided to post it here because it may not even classify as something Lolita where as I'll just where it ^^

Forgive the really bad drawing, my scanner doesn't work and so I had to use ms paint.

Its a white collard shirt with suspenders, a tie, and a mini tophat
Then its a pair of pants cut to shorts with like a one inch gap then hooked to the rest of the pants to make leg warmers in a way. Yeah66 what can I say I was bored when thinking it up and thought it cute.

Thank you!
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Lolita Rooms?

Hi Guys,
I hope this isnt too OT, and if so, then I apologize in advance, but I need some help I know you lovely ladies can provide.
I have a project for my storyboarding class right now that requires me to draw a number of different rooms or environments. I want my own drawings to look as interesting and as challenging as possible, and I thought Lolita would be a great way to go. I know in the past some of us have posted pictures of our lolita-fied living spaces, and I remember seeing some really great ones.
So if you'd be so kind, share those pics again! Or point me out to other links where I can find Lolita inspired bedrooms.
What might also be interesting is pictures of shop interiors, but I know how difficult those can be to find sometimes (*sigh* I'd love to draw the inside of BTSSB *_*).
Any help you guys can offer is totally appreciated (and I hope my request made sense)! Thanks guys!
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Putumayo clothing care question

Hey EGL, need some help ^_^ (Sorry if this has been asked before)

I own a whole bunch of Putumayo stuff, which I love dearly. Because of this, I wear it all quite often, and have been having some concerns about how to properly wash everything.
In particular, one short sleeved parka I have worries me the most. It has a pocket in the front, that has started the get a really 'worn' feel to it. You known when the material starts to get 'fuzzy', for lack of better words @_@;.
Because it's not a long sleeved hoodie, but rather a thinner short sleeved parka, I wash it regularly when I wear it, but have been becoming increasingly worried about ruining the quality of it, and pretty much all my Putu stuff by washing it so much.

Anyone have any advice? Is there something I can do, or is it just a normal effect for anything when you wear it alot?

Thanks ^^;
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Quickie IW sizing question...

I was just wondering- are the sizes listed on the IW blouses the actual shirt measurements or are they the size you'd have to be to fit into the blouse? I am just about spot on their "L" size measurements, but if they are the actual shirt's measurements I think it may be too tight.... google translates one part as saying "Because S/M/L and size development are abundant The summons it can receive at just size." Which I assume means the shirt is larger than the listed measurement, and you order with your body measurements? I did find one post saying that the L fit someone whose measurements were, like mine, spot on the ones listed, so that makes me hopeful... but does it hold true for all of their multi-size blouses? Does anyone know? Sorry if this seems obvious, but I often find blouses very difficult to buy, even in western sizes, because I'm busty... so I don't want to order something that won't fit me (especially since IW isn't as easy to buy from as, say, Baby)

: ) Thanks!
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I Love My Mailman XD

My Closet Child package came today! =D I just felt like posting some pictures of my lovely new JSK and ask yet another coordination question. (I promise this will be my last...for this outfit at least. >.> heh) It's my first anything by BABY so excuse my giddy-ness.
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So sad, so sad, help?

So, from researching around I've found closet-child to be a pretty good source for lolita, etc. clothing (and have yet to successfully purchase anything, but that's an entirely different story), and was wondering if there was any other site/source that is recommended?

Thannnksssss muchly! <3
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Brand Fabric Quality / Bleaching Brand?

What might you guys say is the fabric quality of brands like Baby and Meta?
I ask since I want to do gurololi with an all-white brand dress, but would like to bleach it back to normal so I can enjoy it with regular shirololi after the gorefest.
What do you guys think of bleaching certain brands?
From what I can gather, Baby and Meta don't use the most expensive of fabric or lace so it wouldn't be a horrid crime if I were to intentionally stain and then carefully bleach the dress.
But then I've also heard that the quality of the fabric varies from dress to dress. (Of course I'm only thinking of bleaching things made of cotton and other durable fabrics.)
So before I do any of this, I'd like some more opinions.
What do you all think?
Yea, nay, or just-do-a-freaking-commission-made-of-low-quality-fabric?

Crinoline as a petitcoat? >D<;; (pictures)

In the interest of sharing information, I decided to put onto the community pictures of myself wearing a (slighly-to-severly edited) crinoline purchased at a local bridal/prom shop. It is more like a stiff petitcoat, as it has no boning/wood.

If you are interested in VERY poofy skirts, and are not afraid of a bit of cutting, tucking and hemming, a crinoline may be useful. (laughs) Then again, it may not... Anyway, here's my information and pictures.

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Thanks for your time,

Kim xx