April 1st, 2007

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noob lolita a.k.a first attempt

Back in October, I purchased my first lolita dress and decided to attempt it. I used it as a Halloween (my excuse to "try out the style") and purchased the dress from Rakuen because it wasn't too expensive. I don't think I pulled off "lolita" (like, all the rules and stuff like shape of skirt and proper use of a good petticoat) but I did succeed in trying out the fundamentals of the style. Is it for me? A lot of people (boyfriend, friends) loved it and my mom thought I looked cute, also. When I wore it to college on Halloween, a lot of people liked it, also, and although people don't USUALLY randomly insult you, I didn't get any negative remarks.

So, I'll point out what I think I did wrong and I'd like it if people here would tell me:

  • if the style is good for me
  • if I totally butchered the style and did everything wrong and should stop before I go buy brand clothing
  • what I did wrong/what could be improved
  • anything else
People say "dress for yourself" but I mean, I wouldn't walk out nude because I like it, but everyone else didn't. So as much as I love lolita, if everyone else thinks I don't look good in it, I wouldn't wear it (not often, anyway). I do dress for myself, but I also dress to represent myself, and I think that's true for a lot of people. You don't go to a job interview wearing something inappropriate because you're dressing for yourself. You dress for the employer unless, of course, you don't really want the job. :3
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Thanks a lot!
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FanPlusFriend question

Not a sizing question, hooray! Actually, this is a color question. Does anybody happen to own any FanPlusFriend products made with their antique white cotton? Antique white is such an odd color to photograph, I'm wondering what it actually looks like. How does it compare to Meta's antique white/mocha cotton, for example? Or any other brands? Any help would be appreciated.

Specifically, I'm asking with regards to their skirts. This, for example, appears to be very creamish, but it says white. But that one is also cotton broadcloth, while this one, which I'm considering getting, just says cotton. So is their broadcloth different from their regular cotton, or is it just inconsistency in the wording? Is their white used for the skirts actually antique white?
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encoding help

does anyone have advice on sending email that has japanese text via webmail?

i tried writing one but wanted to be sure the encoding would show up before i sent it to the site. however when i tried it in firefox the encoding showed up correctly, yet in ie it didn't work. even if i could switch the encoding (in ie) to japanese the katakana turned into kanji which is incorrect.

i have yahoo webmail and earthlink webmail. i think encoding might work in yahoo but am not completely sure. does anyone have experience with yahoo? i know i've read on here that gmail works, but since i hardly use gmail i prefer not to if i can avoid it.

any help and suggestions much appreciated.
thanks in advance

*edit* or should i write the japanese in romanji instead to be safe?
Kanoma x JILS

what do you think of smaller brands?

so what is your guys opinons of indies/smaller brands?

hm,,,, such as k-star? and etc.. im just curious ^_^

now i have a another question hehehe

what brand do you prefer for sweet lolita?

what brand for punkish style?

what brand for gothic lolita?

what brand for Aristo style?

NY Meetup?

So I remember there are a few people visiting NY over this mid-winter/Easter vacation, and I thought it'd be nice to have a nice little meet-up. The thing is though, I'm not 100% sure on where you guys want to go etc, so any suggestions on what to do would be nice.
I hosted one before, and I had a co-host but she's gone to Mexico randomly, so I guess I'd be by myself.

So basically want to know:

1. Who's interested?
2. What do you want to do?

I hope I can meet some nice people~! :D

Does any one know...

HI there,
I was wondering if anyone had ordered from  Esther Ho lately?
I have been sending her emails for the last two weeks and she has not replied and she normally would reply within a few hours. So I wondering if she changed email addresses or no longer ships shoes?
Thank you for any info!

Choosing Styles

Hi Everyone! Im pretty new to the EGL community...but Im very interested in becoming a more active member of it =) I have known about gothic lolita vaguely and just recently started looking into the lifestyle and fashion more over the past month or so. I was going through the different styles of EGL and I was trying to figure out different ones that I might look nice in. Although Ive done some research and looked at examples Im not really good at figuring out what I look nice in unless I can physically try something on...SO I wanted you guys help!!

Theres a cute little index of the styles here for those who might need a little refresh


& Heres me =)


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What kind of petticoat exactly?

I read the memories and everything so I think I'm safe in asking my question. If I'm not, I'm sorry. TT_TT
Anyway, I need a petticoat for my dress ( http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h285/euroguro/68_1.jpg. ) *couldn't figure out how to do a cut thing...* I know that it should be bell shaped and not square-dancy and all that jazz; but I'm not sure what length would work best. I haven't gotten it in yet so I don't know how long it is on me. ;_;
I was looking at In The Starlight's petticoats and I didn't know whether I should get the princess petticoat or the poof petticoat. Here's a link to a comparison of the two. http://www.inthestarlight.com/princesspetti.html
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. *bow bow*
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I know this has probably been asked before but I searched around and couldn't find anything x.x

Basically, I want to make an order with btssb but I'm in Canada. Now I know that the money orders you get from the post office aren't accepted (since they don't say international on them).. but I heard of a different method you could use to do so.

I can't really do a bank transfer right now and I don't want to pay for a shopping service.. so I am curious as to how to go about this. Thanks for any help you can give :3

Walolita Shoes?

Just asking on what kind of shoes would look nice with a Walolita dress? I am having a Miko (Red and White) Waloli dress made for me. But I have no idea on what shoes to wear :s
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AppleSugar: Artist Section Update

AppleSugar now has a Artist hosting section. We do not profit from this section at all, no listing fee, no strings. Each month we will have a guest artist added to our site. All artwork is related to gothic and lolita fashion and styles. This is created to benefit gothic and lolita artists who wants to get more exposure.

If you are interested email applesugar@pegasusmaiden.com please attach to your email 6 images that you think are your best and we will choose all 6 or 3 of them to list. Or if you have a website please link us to your gallery to choose the images we think are your best.

See Art Section under "art" at website

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Another Gothic Lolita Inspired iPod Poll. XD

Hello! It's me again! XD
Thank you to everybody who participated in my last survey. ^^
Based on the previous survey and after selected by my lecturer, now i come back with my 2 final designs! XD
Please help me my voting which one do you like as my target market. :D


The one that have the highest votes will be printed in 3D form and will next be proceed in a Flash ads. *nervous about flash because never make any* ^^;;;

Thank you for helping! ^o^
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Beautiful Wolf
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Btssb Skirt and JSK , thoughts?


Is it just me ore what..?

Because the more I look at Btssb´s "Dorothy" skirt and JSK, the more I think it´s something you could find in a sqaredancing shop (perhaps without the appliqués). So, is it just me who being dumb ore what??

Just wondering..

Best regards
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Question about Meta's Cat Print Skirt

Hi all!
Changes in my life are allowing me to have more money for me and so I thought I might treat myself to some loli clothes. :)

I have a question about Meta's cat print skirt. Does it have an elastic in the back? It seems like it might, but the description just gives one measurement.  Can anyone that has it tell me the max measurement of the waist?