March 31st, 2007

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Looking for tutorial for gathered skirt

Before anything: YES, I searched in the memories and also used the community search and I didn't find it.

Like a month or a little more (?) someone made a gathered skirt (I think it was tian_shi but i'm not sure!). She gave the radius she used to make the three pieces of the skirt, I remember the first one was 1.3 but I don't remember about the others.

I know there's one tutorial for a gathered skirt in the memories, but I already tried it and it didn't came like I wanted. The other tutorial looked very well and the shape was perfect, that's why I want that tutorial.

I hope someone have the link :(

Thank you!

And sorry about my english, I just can't type english today.


Words request

I am working on a little project and would like to know what words or actions you associate with lolita? (verbs, adjectives, nouns, etc) Some examples might be: sweet, innocent, childlike, elegant, frilly, lacy..also things like drinking tea, sewing, etc would be good too but I guess there must be something in the memories about lolita activities. I didn't think there was one for general words though.

I would appreciate any help. ^^
Of course if this is off topic feel free to delete~
Spring Lolita

Coordination Help!

I am going to an event and am going to wear my Meta Sweets Pink OP, and really want to bring my bunny bag with me. Would it be tacky to wear the bunny bag and bring the tote along as well (because the bunny won't hold everything I need to bring) or should I just leave the bunny in the car?

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devon aoki

(no subject)

I'm going to make my first lolita dress/jumperskirt (instead of loli-inspired ones). I know I have to use a lot of fabric, but I don't know how much fabric to buy.
So here's my question: how much fabric do you usually use?

I'm 5"9 ft tall and quite heavilly built (not fat though).

Question about closet-child


I was wondering if there was a certain time around when closet-child updates with new arrivals? I'm constantly looking around, but always seem to miss the time when the new arrivals are just posted, and so everything that I would consider buying is already sold out >___<;;

white lolita

Volks/Btssb LUNA!

I just managed to order LUNA on the Volks afther event!!!!!
She is so pretty!! I cannot wait to get her here!!!!!!

I got soooo lucky!!!!

And I am so happy that I wanted to place a post here ^^

Are there more people from here who got Luna or one of the two Btssb sets?!

Here are some pictures:

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The Big One, A list of tutorials

Because recently a lot of people have been asking for tutorials and a lot of them are not in the memories I made a list. So using Ljseek and going through egl. I came up with the list. For the most part I linked the entry and then there was either the tut, a link or one found in the comments. Anything that looked dead [links weren't working, pictures were down, ect I didn't add] If I missed one please tell me or have ones from sew_loli [nothing came up with ljseeker because it's not working right now].

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Is there an english version-ness of closet-child (like, a link to the site in english?) @___@ i'm trying to buy something but my kanji reading skillz are 0. ::must do it on the sly so parents aren't angry::