March 30th, 2007


Meta Melody Note Jumperskirt Day!

I was so super-excited to receive my bustle-backed Meta Melody Note jumperskirt in the mail... until I tried to put it on! Once again, my Bewbs of Doom said, "NO MA'AM!" to a lolita brand dress. However, I decided that the print was simply too cute *not* to keep, so I made a few minor alterations and now I'm a Melody Note Superstar*!

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Calling group member!

Sorry for posting this here but it is my last choice.

I am looking for Lolita_yuuko
She was in a baby group order with me and paid for her item but not for shipping and fees which i collect after i get the items. She has been out of contact for over a month almost two now and I would really like to get her items to her.

Dinosaur comics

Monthly photo theme?

I was wondering what happened to that . . . .

Everyone really seemed to enjoy the Shoes and Socks Photo Theme, so maybe it's time for a new one.

I was thinking Loli Headgear? Like taking pictures of your headresses, bows and hairstyles to share with the rest of egl.

Or maybe sharing your Loli Wardrobe again. I really liked getting to see what was in everyones closet~!

If you agee say "Aye"~!

(edit: sorry my coding went crazy)

Of eBay and undergarments...

A few questions:

1) Most, if not all, of the eBay sellers which custom make clothing, save fan+friend, are rubbish and a waste of money, right? So much negative that it's hard to remember if any of them have real positive feedback from people who are looking for something other than cosplay!

2) I'm bigger than average (height and measurements-wise) and I'm a beginning sewer. I'm planning to buy a ton of clothing off of fan+friend in the near future, but I don't like the look of their petticoats. I'd love at least a couple petticoats and a pair of bloomers or two. Is this something I'm better off ordering or something I could put together with a quick trip to the Walmart crafts section and a couple of hours?

3) Lastly, brand socks. I LOVE them, but how do they do on us American girls? I'm sure they'd be shorter on me, since I have my longer calves and bigger feet (10" long foot and 16" long calves) but would they look silly? Maybe I'm being cheap here, but I'd hate to spend $100+ on many pairs of Angelic Pretty socks that I love only to be disappointed when they finally arrive.

Thank you all in advance for any help you give!!

FAQs on beginnings of EGL and amaloli?

I know this must be somewhere, but I'm totally exhausted and can't think straight, please forgive me!

Does anyone know of a couple good and accurate faqs about the beginnings of EGL, Gothic&Lolita and Amaloli?

Like BTSSB started in 1988, right...? but how did it start? what about Angelic Pretty, how did it start? Was there amaloli type stuff before that? I'm curious how the movement started.

please don't just respond with "OMG MANA", I want the whole story of the different parts (including amaloli, not just EGL!)

still working on my book (which will have some gothic and lolita parts to it)
the update is that it will probably be out later this year. Keep your fingers crossed!!
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Marie Antoinette!

Some of you may remember this post? Probably not but anyways, I have no money to buy fabric write now (saaad -.-), but thanks to everyone for replying! I know I should've probably just checked in the memories first. I can't wait to get started on it :)

What I really wanted to make a post about was Roccoco clothes! I was at my grandma's house over the weekened and she has this really pretty tapestry of French royalty in the 18th century. It got me thinking of the (crap) 2006 movie Marie Antointte and especially two of the dresses Kirsten Dunst wears - the one at her birthday party and the one with the strawberry print. Anyone got screen caps of that movie?

(no subject)

I just thought i should impart some advice to any of you selling used clothes, here on egl. The reason for this is because today, i received some items from a seller (who is to remain nameless) and the moment i opened the package the odor that hit me was appalling. One of the items smelt so disgusting i couldnt even bring myself to touch it, let alone ever wear it, and i was forced to throw it away. Thus i just want to say, (though this may be common sense to most of you) if you plan on selling something PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE clean it before hand! It very unhygienic not to and not to mention a waste for the person who has bought it from you! I don't know if this warrants me giving the seller bad feedback or not, so this is just a warning. Thank you! EDIT; Just to make this clear, i repeat, this is not a complaint entry this is an entry meant to give advice! Thank you!
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Jewellery Jelly

Korean Shopping Service?

I have been looking for something similar to Celga or Rinkya service, but then does korean stuff.  Does anyone know a site or someone who can order things off Korean websites for me?

Thanks in advance! ^^

(Mods: I hope this post is allowed; if not, then please delete it)

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Free Shipping Code for Delia's

I know a while ago there was a post about cute loli-esque swimsuits, and Delia's Strawberry and Gingham Line was a pretty big hit. For those that missed it, they are HERE. I am on their mailing list, and just got this month's free shipping code.  I thought I'd share it with everyone.  You have to spend over 25.00, but that is not a problem if you are using it for the swimsuits.  This is the "good" code, the one they have listed on the site is only for orders over 75.00.
The Code is: DTEW25
I'm getting the black strawberry onepiece.  (Black you say?  What a surprise!)

Lolita Lola

I emailed Lolita Lola three days ago concerning the Rocking Horse Shoes they're selling, but I haven't gotten a reply.

Should I try to email them again, or should I wait until it's been a week? How long has it taken them to get back to you? Do they always take this long with emails?

(no subject)

Hey, egl, I've got a few quick questions.

1) I'm going to be in Washington D.C., New York City, and Niagara Falls over the next week, so if there are any lolitas around feel free to wave or say hi or something? (not really a question, but I love meeting new people.)

2) I've been away from the internet for about 2 weeks, and I'm wondering if the Kinokuniya in NYC still sells BtSSB? And if so, is there like a map, or an address or something?

Thank you!

HELP! shopping commission?

i found a pretty cutsaw on a auction but i don't know how to find some one to make shopping commsion for (bad english i know)
me? i searched in egl couldn't find anything about it,  i read the faq and when i click on the memoires link it's all white in the help?