March 29th, 2007

A little help?

Hi there,
As a lot of you know I do group orders pretty often.
And well something happened with the last one I ran. 
One of the girls who order items has dropped out of contact. They have paid for their item but none of the group order fees or shipping. And well I don't know what to do about it. I have had the items for months now and I haven't heard back from here in almost all of that time. 

She has not updated her personal LJ since december.
I've thought of sending her a refund by selling the items and then take out the fees she didn't pay. 
But I don't know the right thing to do in this case.

Any ideas?
Cupcake Lolita!

Mini Lolita Display

I am having an photography exhibition with my body of work, a series of Lolita Fashion photographs, (the opening is on friday) and I was thinking of making a little 'cute' display of the lolita 'life style' or something like that. 

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I was wondering if someone had a pattern for a rectangular skirt. Sorry if that's not what it's called but I'm a noob at sewing and I have no idea what anything means. I looked in the memories but that didn't really help. And it doesn't matter if their aren't pictures, just as long as it's descriptive enough. Thanks

They're here! ♥♥♥

I know a lot of people were waiting for this... so has anyone else noticed that Baby has the Bunny-bear Bags up for reservation!? XD

They will be available in late May and they have all three colours --white, pink and black. Keep in mind these are prototypes, tho.

I've already sent in my order~ *excited* ♥♥♥

EDIT: I've already gotten confirmation from Baby, and the price goes as follows:
-Total price: 15540
-Shipping cost: 3200
-Total amount: 18,740 yen
P: Marine wife


I had recently ordered the Rococo bustier and matching bustle skirt in blue (I'm excited since these pieces are my first from VM!).

However, I'd like to get an underskirt, but VM was sold out of the off-white (and the cream color wouldn't look right to me). I was wondering where I could find a nice underskirt that would go well with the outfit. Brand or non, it doesn't matter as long as it's well-made and would coordinate well.
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Otakon and Baltimore-area Lolitas!

Since the convention season is just around the corner--or, arguably, has already begun--I was wondering if members of EGL were planning on going to Otakon.  Otakon's always had a pretty active lolita community, and I thought it might be fun to organize a meetup outside of the convention and away from the fankids before the convention actually got started (less chance of itas and otalolis showing up?)

I'm planning a tea party for Thursday afternoon, since most people get into town on Thursday and end up waiting around for badge pickup to begin.  It would be within walking distance, or at the very least a good, cheap cab fare (think maybe $5-8 or so, and we can always group up to split fares).   Here's a list of potential shops; please weigh in if you're even thinking about going, so I know that everyone who wants to go has had their say:

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Please let me know if you're thinking of joining me.  And, of course, Baltimore area lolis who aren't going to Otakon are invited, too (I wouldn't dare hold a meetup on your turf without inviting you!).

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Could I possibly get feedback on ordering from baby with a bank transfer? My mother was gonna order something for me from them, but she thinks they're going to steal her bank account, or something. :( She doesnt believe me when I say they're not going to, so I figured, maybe I'd show her that others have had a good(or bad) experience? And I really dont like money orders.


Quite a while ago, I bought a really cute dress from the thrift store. It is a bit plain and un loli-like so far but I hope to improve it with some durastic changes. Suggestions would be really helpful. (Especially on the collar)

So far, I'm thinking of making it into a jsk ,adding some lace to the bottom, and maybe a some type of ribbon around the waist.

Yes, my hair is ver unloli-like and the dress is wrinkled. This is just a picture to show what the dress looks like.

Thank you in advance!

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Ok actually this is my first attempt to make a skit (by myself so please don‘t be rude I tried my best) so maybe is not that great I just wanted to share this, I am not wearing a petticoat because I don’t have one. Of course criticism are acceptable good ones or bad ones but not mean ones no one likes that. 

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Wardrobe thread and a Angelic Pretty JSK?


Some time ago, there was a Wardrobe thread. But I can´t seem to find it again. Does anyone here have it? I would very much appreciate it.

And also..does anyone here have the official pictures on this dress:
Especially the back, and also if anyone knows the measurements? I can´t seem to find the dress when I´m using that nifty Archive wayback machine(??)

Best regards