March 28th, 2007


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sorry, this is kind of spam, but quite awhile back someone posted a link to a Japanese fabric site with criminally adorable fairy-tale and kid-themed prints (like the kind ETC uses; I remember at the time they had little red riding hood, Alice, and several others). Did anyone save the link and/or know what I'm talking about? I really want to get some of it to make a birthday gift for my friend's little daughter.


Hello lolis this week i had in my mind this girl, with this kind of pink hair, green eyes and red lips, so i had to make a draw of her, is diferent of what i use to do because my draws always have big girls.

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I don't know if this is old or not, and I've never heard of this magazine before, but it looks like magazine Popjneo has an article and interviews on h. NAOTO in their March Issue from the 20th.
(scroll down)

Looks like you have to buy the actual magazine to see it. Maybe someone here reads it?

Thought it might be of some interest

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Making Necklaces

=3 I was thinking of making some pearl and swarski crystal necklaces/chokers.
And a variety of other things. Like bracelets. And I wanted to do a survey.

What I want: Measurements of neck and wrist! =3 Thank you, and look forward to seeing what I can make!
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Candy Violet question - urgent!

Hey there! It's me again.

I want to buy some tees from Candy Violet, but I'm at a loss about the shojomarch special - up to which date is the discount (I'm not sure about the term, sorry!)? And do I still get the 25% off when I order the shirts that cost less than usual?

Quick answers would be appreciated a lot! *sets a bowl of cookies onto the table and sits down to wait*

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ling lam order

Im not sure if this is appropriate to post here, but I've run out of other options.

I was wondering if anyone else was still having problems with the ling-lam order that anis_faye set up. I've emailed and called countless times and set things up so my order could be shipped only to find that it was never shipped out in the first place.

Any advice aside from 'never trust a group order again?'
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Bloomers - in stores? NO WAI!

So I went into the local store that carries the european brand ONLY and almost fell backwards when I saw them selling bloomers! Excuse my crappy cel phone pic, I had to take it when the clerk looked away. ^^;
They come in black and white and are supposed to be used as pants or some kind of shorts (depending on your length). Here's their official site to see if you have a store near you.

We be Frillin' UW style

So me and lolitallie circle_of_ashes went out today to show me how to use the bus system in Seattle. And we were all in loli. When circle_of_ashes left to go home we went to Allies house and she tried on her new dresses from Metamorphose and after fiddling with the zipper that wouldn't zip for 20 minutes we finally got it to zip and we were happy. So we had this sparadic cam whoring. picture taking session that you all need to see. :3
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