March 26th, 2007

Shattered Glass Designs

(Obviously, delete if this is a repost)
After I picked up the issue of Bust magazine with the lolita article in it, I flipped through the rest of the magazine only to find an ad for '' which promoted (among other things) non other than this website.  There was a picture and a tag reading "sweet lolita dress" so I had to check it out.  You can take a look at the rest of the dresses here.

Interesting, no?  What do you guys think?
I don't subscribe to Bust so I don't know if they normally run this ad, but it didn't exactly seem placed because of the article... the photo and writing are the same size as the 19 other features this website put in their ad. Ah well,  Intriguing nonetheless.

(Yes, I suppose this is another, "Oh hay, mainstream-audience lolita reference" post)
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Advice on Lolita ball gown

Ball season is almost coming and one needs to prepare their ball gowns!  This year, the ball is themed 'Chateau Fantaisie", so a Lolita themed ball gown will be perfect for the occasion!  My initial thought is just to make something like MM, but then lengthen the skirt bit so that it is a proper gown.

But will it work?  I just want people's opinions on long lolita dresses because I don't see them very often.  Will it turn out as some sort of Victorian nightgown (this is what I associate long dresses with - night gowns... o_o)?  Does anyone have pictures of Lolita ball gowns?

Thanks! ^^

parasol/umbrella question

On Baby's website, it says that their parsols can be used as umbrellas (when you run it thorugh a translator), and I was wondering if this was correct, and if anyone has used one of their parasols as an umbrella. I just would rather know, instead of running outside in the rain with it, and getting it ruined. Thanks!

plaid lolis!

I've recently gotten some plaid for dress and skirt making, but I'm not positive what I want to do with it. Apart from baby's typical tartan JSKs and skirts, does anyone have any pictures of plaid designs I could use for inspiration? (Not-100%-loli designs by ETC or Jane Marple, etc, would be great, too.) I'm thinking of doing some things with combining pieces cut on the grain and bias, but I want to see more tartan in action (what looks too busy, what I like, plaid check size, etc) before I draft my patterns. Any assistance is much appreciated ^^
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it's gettin' hot out hurrr

Well North Hemisphere lolis-
it's getting around that time of year when people will start posting about the hot weather and how to solve the equation of layers+hot weather =/= sweat. I AM NOT HERE TO ASK THAT QUESTION. what i am here to ask is that you post your personal tips so that this entry can be used for reference for future lolitas who will inevitably make a 'HOW I NOT SWEAT IN SUMMER?' post.


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Stores in China?


In October, me and some friends are going to travel in Asia. Unfortunately were not going to stop at Japan :/ But anyway, all I was wondering if there are any good stores to visit when were at China (the bigger cities will be Peking, Shanghai and Hong Kong)?

Best regards

Gothic and Lolita in San Fran?

I go visit my friends in NorCal everyonce in a while, and I was wondering, are there any shops that sell lolita (or even just "lolita-able" items, or stuff you like style-wise?) Obviously there is no Laforet in San Fran, but where do you San Fran loli's go to shop?

Similarly, are there any particular places you like to go when you have a free day to get decked out in loli? (like perhaps a particular tea house or your favorite park or museum?)


(PS, I'm aware that there MIGHT be a Baby store eventually in San Fran or somewhere in CA, but I'm asking for other existing interesting stores and hangouts. :) )
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Coordination MM?

Yes, another please help me coordinate. I was lucky enough to be able to reserve a Mary Magdalene dress through Celga. I'm going to wear it for a wedding, prom and of course some Lolita meetings/photoshoots. Three problems I have to face:

a) Waiting for it
b) Looking at my empty wallet

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Just a question

Haven't been on lj in long, long time but I could use some help. I'm looking to do some photo shoots but I'm having a difficult time finding any styles of clothing to work with. I'm currently having a pair of pants I designed made (hopefully done soon) but aside from that I'm lost...and poor. hah. But here is my question, anyone know of any state-side companies that would have clothing such as this?

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Sorry for the size, the picture was actually smaller than what it is here, I resized it.

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Hiyos! Me again! I know I've been quite active lately. Yay for me!
Anyway. I pick up this CUTE fabric today and well.. I just don't know what to do with it!
Well, heres a sneak peak of it! And I'm looking forward to the ideas you guys can think up! =3

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A princess sash for a hime loli

Dear lolitas,

Well, I'm going to try my hand at hime loli in a few months...I already have my outfit, now I just need to go about getting accessories. Besides the crown, however...I was thinking of getting/making a princess sash. The question is, what do you all think? Would a princess sash be over the top, or would it be a good fit?
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3 Things... Pictures, Parody, and a Problem~

OK so I'm cramming a bunch of stuff into one entry in hopes of being less annoying. =]

1) Collapse ) ^.^ I was bored. The dress isn't new or exciting or anything. It was finally nice outside...even though the pictures are indoors. <.< The spring smell was oozing from my window at least.

2) Collapse ) We were studying Hamlet and we had to write a parody of the "To Be or Not To Be" speech so naturally I tried to lolify it. Some parts kinda...don't make sense I think but for the most part, it's understandable. I just didn't want to comprimise the general structure and whatnot. So enjoy or something to that extent~

3) What is wrong with the Candy Violet website? I really want to buy some shirts with the sale and all that but there keeps being some kind of "merchant error"? o_O Anyone...? NVM! My computer's just a meanie.

Thanks so much everybody. =3
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Looking for...

I'm looking forbelittle_yrself  /kirakira_shop  . She ran a shopping service while she was in Japan for fukubukuro, but wasn't able to get me mine. While she was in Japan, she had problems with her paypal account, and said she would write back to me when she reached the UK. Since then, I've heard from her only once, over a month ago, though I've written to her repeatedly. Does anyone know how to contact her/where she is/something? I'd appreciate it a lot!

I wasn't sure if this type of post is allowed, so please tell me if it isn't, I'll delete it immediately!