March 25th, 2007

Joint custom shoe order

Hi! This is my first post on the egl community on live journal. I would like to say that im happy to finally be a member of this community, ive been kind of looking around a little while. I love this community.

I was wondering if there are any group custom shoe orders going on atm? i have large feet. size 12-13 US. I was wondering if anyone is doing a group shoe order, or could recommend any sites that would be able to do such an order. Im looking for rocking horse shoes, or any sort of lolita style shoes.

Thanks ^_^
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Suspenders + Kodona?

Suspenders could work well with kodona, right? o.O I don't think I've ever seen it done, but I imagine it could work.

Only, I want to also wear a vest with the outfit. Would suspenders look okay over a vest? ><

I just can't tell if they would look weird or if I should shed them all together. I'm going for a more punky Visual Kei cross with Kodona, so I really wanted to incorporate some braces (a.k.a. really thin suspenders) in.
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lace in japan

Are there any sites similar to that is located in Japan? I need to buy alot of lace, and bulk is cheaper. : D I need alot of lace, rather quickly too since I'm on a time limit. (FAST SHIPPING!)

Also, what dye is good for dying said lace?


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besides the Kera ones for like.. 100$ -_-;;(im determined to find something cheaper)  and the white version doesn't need to be shiny. it can be... uuhh leather? shiny or leather.
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Comment from the public about lolita

 I was wondering what is the wierdest comment you have had while wear lolita? 

I live in texas and work in a Lush store.Yesterday seemed to be the day of comments of my dress style. Most people asked to take pictures with me( One little girl told me she thought I needed a teddy bear. Her and her mom came back to the store later with a build a bear gift card for I can make my teddy.! Wasn't that sweet?). The whole staff laughed really hard when several women told my boss "she shouldn't have to work atfer attending a funeral".   Several of older women wanted to buy my headress  to wear to church..a very wierd day.

Anyway just wondering how people respond to other loli's or was my day a wierd time warp bubble?

Asking for shopping service urgently

I'm SO sorry to be posting another 10545132756th entry about shopping service (and over a non-lolita item as well =X)!! But I'll be going to Tokyo in less than a month's time and I want to visit the Studio Ghibli Museum while I'm there. So I need a quick and reliable shopping service to help me buy tickets through Lawson's and mail them to me asap >_<"

I originally thought of using bakacherry or aurorajasmine but both are on hiatus. I also tried mukunoki but for some reason, the front page never loads for me. Crescent charges fees that are simply too high while SMJ doesn't do any shopping other than on Y!J auctions I think.

So if anyone can help, please let me know?? Thank you T_T
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Sugar Bits!

Not sure if this has been mentioned, and I'm not sure how many lolis here are familiar with Bleedman, but it appears that he's making a new comic called Sugar Bits with a main character who seems to have a bit of a lolita edge (even if it's in his simplified cartoony way of drawing). Heh, her weapon is an over-sized lollipop! Everything takes place in a world called Harmonia in a kingdom called Confectionaria.

Should I also mention that there will be a rabbit girl? =:3
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website ( is in serious need of an update.


I have had to focus on college work for the last few months so havent had time to look at whats been going on in the world of gosu loli. So I need your help are there any new stores on/offline, books, mooks, seamstress, communities etc. that I've missed out on in the last few months that need to be on my site. I would be really grateful if anyone out there could help me it would be sad if the site fell by the way side.

Wonder Woman

new Innocent World "Doll House" series~!

not sure if this has been talked about yet. I was out of town for about a  week and a half and that is a  LOT of entries to go not sure if this has been mentioned yet (let me know if it has...).

is anyone else dying to reserve anything from the new Doll House print series from Innocent World?
I am in LOVE with the jumper in off white~!
not so much a fan of the dress....but I love the jumper, the skirts are nice also.

what do you guys think of the new print?

also, with an off white jumper is it best to wear an off white blouse as apposed to a white blouse? I have 2 white blouses and would hate to get the jumper and not have a good blouse...... I like one of the new blouses for resevation also, but am not sure which color is "off white"....same with the jumper, when I ran it through google translator the colors are "Off", "formation", and "clo"

is clo the off white for the jumper....? or is is formation? b/c I see formation is aleady sold out.....

and what would off white be for the blouse? is it "off"?

any help on that is much appreaciated.
and I am assuming from reading the translation right that these are for reservation right now?

thanks guys~
♥ Biscuit

EDIT: seems the off white for the jumper has sold out already *sigh* too bad, b/c man is that cute~!!!
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By me!

(no subject)

Hello everyone!
I don't know if there are any My Chemical Romance fans in the comm, but chances are if you went to see them in Manchester last night, then you probably saw me in my first sweet lolita outfit.

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Swimmer again. D:

I'm sorry for the possibly stupid question but is there any way to contact the company Swimmer? Their products are sold in this community sometimes, so I figured someone here might know. An e-mail address or a mailing address would both be fine. I just need a way to connect with them. I have searched posts here and tried to Google the company, and came up with nothing relevant. Apparently they're more obscure than I thought. Anyway, any help would be wonderful. Thank you!
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Long Beach Tea Party~~

Please excuse the lack of banner! ^o^; If anyone wants to make one, or has a good picture I could use, please let me know!
Here is the official information on a Long Beach Tea Party meet up I spoke of a while ago on la_loligoth~~

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lawl sleepover.

Howdy lolis! How is everyone?
SO, I went to this very fantastic sleepover hosted by the fantastic dykestar yesterday/early today. We did typical sleepover stuff. Movie watching, making food, eating pizza, and of course, making total fools of ourselves. We even played dress up! I have a few pictures of me in brand stuffs (which aren't mine), since the other pictures involve bad lighting and architecture.
Anyway, on we go!

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Ay Dios mio, those were some fun times.
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Coordination problem

Hey there!

I'm just having quite a bit of trouble with some coordinates and I'd like to hear your opinions on it.

I don't have any white shoes for loli and I doubt I'll get some soon - I have really large feet (size 12 and I hate it ;____; you barely get any nice shoes, not just lolita!) and such. So I only have black mary janes. I'd like to wear coordinates without black, though - what color combinations would still work with black shoes, you think?

This really is bothering me because wearing all black when it's going to be 40°C in the summer is so not funny.

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