March 24th, 2007

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Dying Shoes?

OK, I posted a little while back about a <-BABY JSK shoe coordination and I'm leaning towards dying some shoes a dusty pink to match, maybe adding a little flower or something too.

Problem now is~
A) I don't know what shoes are dye-able.
B) I remember there being posts about fixing up plain shoes but I really don't know if actually dying the cloth would be best or I saw things on spraying the shoes?...
C) Would <-these work for either spraying or dying?

So, if any of you kind ladies happen to have any experience or information on how to dye shoes I would be eternally grateful for your assistance. =D

Thanks in advance!

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Double Decker shoe care

I apologize if this has already been asked repeatedly, but I did check the memories and found nothing on this, so. . .

The pair of rockinghorses I ordered recently from Double Decker arrived today, and I figured the best place to ask about the proper care for these shoes is here. So, can anyone tell me how they have aged? I've been told they dent easily.

I am mostly concerned about the wood on the soles, which is untreated. How necessary is it to put a varnish over it? Has anyone had any problems regarding water on the wood?

Thanks for any input ~ :]
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Lolita article in BUST

Forgive me if this was already posted, but BUST  magazine has a nice article on gothic lolitas on pg 75. Its called "dark and lovely".
It has pretty pictures, and is 6 pgs long. It was well written, and they actually talked to some lolis. It also says in there (which I did not know but many of you might) that Akinori Isobe is working on an english BTSSB website! XD. That makes me a happy panda.

ps. please forgive me if this was already posted, I'm on dial up and I looked back in the entries as far as I could.

One last petti question

First thank you for all the comments on my previous post about yardage for fabric. Mahalo :)!

I think I'm the most annoying person ever with my damn petticoat questions..
but again I'm undecided.

ITS petticoat is the A choice right now

Has anyone tried Rakuen's petti with skirts that were not made by them?

THank you for the past and future help, I can't share how grateful I am for all the input, it has really helped

Reassurance or am I wrong?

I want to make a skirt like this one:

I'm guessing it's simply a rectangle skirt for the top part and then a very large ruffle? Am I right? And if so I have the basic idea of how to but if anyone has tips I'd love them.
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Rare items. Why don't they sell?

Okay so there are many items in lolita that people would probably sell a kidney over. The one I hear about the most the shirred Sleeping Beauty JSK. Now while I know people want it would anyone pay for it? From watching the community it kind of seems like people want these rare items but they don't actualy want to buy them. I see many people say they want the AP mermaid series but when people try to sell them they can't. The same with the Sweets series from Meta and the Berry Stripe series.

These items also appear on YJ! and they don't sell there. Is there a reason for this. Like is it because the items are too expensive? Mainly I want to know not if you like won the lottery or something but if someone did just list all these super wanted items would any one buy or is it more of a just want but don't want to pay for? The main reason I ask is because I've thought of selling my Sleeping Beauty JSk on and off but from what I've seen people will just express interest or tell me how much they want it but no one will buy. No I'm not saying I'm taking offers on the JSK. I more want to know if people do actually buy these rare items when they come for sale? When I say rare also I don't mean a lucky pack or something like that I mean these JSK and OP that go for 35,000-60,000 yen and up.

Shopping Service troubles

I need a little help with this, please. I placed an order with Celga yesterday morning for a bid on a Y! Japan auction. When I placed it it, the auction still had 2 days left. Now it has 17 hours. I haven't heard a thing from Celga. I wasn't sure about when you pay the deposit so I figured Celga would e-mail me with the amount then I would pay it and then they would bid. But now I'm a little scared this won't happen in time since I haven't gotten a reply.

Should I re-do it, paying before I fill out the form for a bid? Should I try Cresent instead (which to be honest confuses me just a little)? Should I just wait? Thank you for any help ^_^

ALSO! I'm looking for someone who does a shopping service, specifically for some h.Naoto.

F+F ordering without PayPal?

I'm wanting to order a dress and coat from F+F, but it says PayPal checkout (I've never ordered from them before) and I was wondering if there's another way?

It isn't that I don't have a PayPal; the problem is, I switched banks and had to reset everything in my PayPal, but when I got my new account I didn't order checks. Now I have no way to verify my bank account and I didn't want to use my debit card as CC for the account(no one ever wants to accept CC).

Now I don't know what to do.
I'm one of those girls that wanted things for ages, but now I have the money for the things I want and I can't get them!

Is there any way around this?
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