March 23rd, 2007

Pattern help^^ (Within the next hours please^^)

Upon making a  headdress, I was suddenly in the urge to make an outfit to go with it. I have a white collared shirt but what I need is a skirt.

I was wondering if anyone had  an "A length" I think it was called, or a "Circle skirt"
 tutorial to make these skirts. I've never sewn one before but I'm pretty nifty with a needle^^

It would also help to know how many yards of fabric I'd need. I'm ordering it but the bid ends in about 11 hours.

I drew sorta what I wanted it to look like, so please do excuse my sucky drawing skills xD I was getting my hair done in the process and rushing. And please forgive the lighting. I had to use my camera to get it on since my scanner is MIA

The fabric of the skirt would light blue and white gingham fabric to match the headress^^ I thought it'd be cute.

Thanks so much <33
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NOT a WTB, more of a Want A Quote?

Okay, so this isn't a want to buy since I don't have the money to buy them right now, but if I was looking to buy the Innocent World red plaid prince pants they sold a while ago, how much might you expect for them? (This question is targeted at the ones who actually own them.)
I don't know the original cost, hence why I'm asking.

Or does anyone know where they sell replicas? xD I know I could commission, but I really want a place that has a reputation and is more legit after my last few commission experiences.

OH, and what's the size? O_O Would you say they could fit a 32" waist?

Picture of the said item under the cut.

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Image provided kindly by pour_me_coffee. ^^ If you'd like a few other shots, you can view it at the recent France photoshoot where one of the members looks adorable in the red version.
Kyo [ K ]

Question about Alice Fururun

Hi everyone!

I was browsing Celga and while I regularly buy some used stuff from Closet Child, I started checking out other 'used brands' based on that site and found this site called Alice Fururun. Does anyone here have any experience buying/ordering from this site using a shopping service? How does it work? What were your experiences, were they good or bad? I'm just considering my options since everytime Closet Child restocks I always end up wanting the ones that are already Sold Out. :(

Link for the site to those who don't know:

Thanks in advance to all those who can help. :)

when you met novala did you wear non btssb?

Hey, I can't remember... when you guys went to the tea party or events with Novala,
was it considered "perfectly fine" to wear other brands? (ie non BTSSB) like did you wear Angelic Pretty or Meta, etc...?

What if you were to meet other people from BTSSB? I'm talking if you don't have a BTSSB dress, would you wear another brand loli instead? or would you just go in a nice non-loli outfit?

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Hello ^^ I'm too much of a tomboy to dress loli but I love wearing skirts and dresses in springtime. I love Collapse )

I'm fairly good at sewing, I've made circle skirts with ruffles and things before. But this skirt just stumps me! Does anyone have a pattern for this or some tips on how to achieve that tiered look? I love how it gets shorter in the back. I'm pretty much obsessed with this skirt.

Thankk you :)

P.S!! Where can I buy a petticoat in Northern California?

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Well; Needless to say... I'm not exactly good at matching (or making up my mind!)
I need help with coordinating a BTSSB outfit! It'll be my very first Babys ; ; I'm so excited.
I'm hoping to put the order out next week and need help and opinions!!!
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Okay! Well, tell me which combinations would look best together! ^^;; Thanks!
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What to make, what to make... + YJA search term question

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And what are some search terms that one would recommend to search for nice fabric on YJA that could be made into lolita/loliable stuff? Even if they're pricey, I'd just be happy to look at them xD;. I'm not sure what the term for 'fabric' is and ゴスロリ doesn't turn up that much :(

But I'm sure there must be a lot of nice fabric out there on YJA because I also found the same kind of fabric that was used on this dress, though I didn't get that.

Thank you for any help in advance :D
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Shoe Question

Yes, yet another shoe question.
I really like these shoes:
Although they have some wear. I read the desc and it says that they are wrinkled and the soles have wear (as seen in pictures).
They look wearable and not destroyed but I'm not sure, what do you guys think?

I've been watching auction sites for more JM shoes but they don't seem to come up often and the brand doesn't have a webshop ;_;

So what do you guys think?
Still the Prettiest

(no subject)

This is just a reminder for those of you in the SoCal area that cherrydust and I and a few others will be meeting for a picnic at Balboa Park in front of the carousel around 3:00 tomorrow (we might get there a little early). If anybody's interested in coming your welcome to join us as there will be free nummies and pastries. A friend of mine recently started work at a bakery so I have my hands on some very elaborate looking sweets at the moment that I can't possibly finish off myself. :3
What was once...

Bentos for strawberry sweets lolitas

If this post is considered off-topic just tell me and I'll delete it right away ^_^.

One of the traditionnal prints of the sweet lolita consists of strawberries, often with lace and checkers. Today I found two of the cutest bentos (lunch boxes) to coordinate with this :) (or any sweet loli outfit^^). Tell me what you think!

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Schalke jersey


Hello, this is my first post and it happens to be two questions.

Ok, if someone compliments you on an outfit - Gothic/Kuro Lolita - and they say that you look very Visual Kei (but they don't mean any bad by it), should you feel disappointed or troubled by this in any way?

Also, does the music you listen to really affect your Lolita-ness? I understand that there are some genres that are considered Lolita-esque but does it really matter?

Hm... did that end up being three questions? Or four? xD

Please delete this if it is inappropriate. I try to read and comprehend rules but sometimes my logic shoots and misses.

- Thank you
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You may proceed to laugh at my noobishness now..

Ok I am very sorry for posting what will probably be the most idiotic question ever but im a total sewing newbie! I bought a pattern that I think will do to make a nice loli dress, very simple looking so thats not an issue.

The problem is.. How much fabric do I need? I mean how do you work out how much you will need? I'm a 38" bust, 32" waist if that helps at all? XD

Also if I was feeling really brave/senseless and did attempt to replicate this at a later date (my friend would be helping me) what material should I use to make that top part with the bow, so that it doesnt look flimsy?

And my final nooby question is... dun dun dun.. if I was going to make a corset (I'm far too overly ambitious considering my sewing machine has a TURN HANDLE lol antique) what type of material should I use, or just anything?

All help appreciated sorry if im asking things that are really obvious ;-;
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fairy wish

striped socks?

black and white striped socks seem to be a lolita no-no, I've read some negative comments about them, but I've also seen a few lolita photos with socks like that - so, when is it acceptable to wear striped socks? what reasons are there not to? what do you think about it?